14 Oct 2007

WE ARE our problems!

Help me understand what’s happening to the world!

Wars, diseases, conflicts, destruction, deaths, poverty, starvation, hate and so many adjectives which make us live as though we are not human beings but only “beings” living in a world that's not Earth. So, what’s up?

I always think about it as I switch on my TV and watch the news that almost always speak only over bad things. Sometimes there are a little bit of good news however 90% or more of the news are about bad things taking place in our planet. Who is guilty for that, the viewer or the journalists? I guess neither viewer nor journalists since these ones just show us the reality of our world. We live it; we are like this. Well, you can think, perhaps the TV might show us good news, after all we also have wonderful events happening all the time on Earth. That’s right! But, conceiving that we - human being - tend to absorb bad news and sometimes with joy (haven’t you ever wondered why you smile when watching “amazing videos”?) so it’s not weird to know that inside our minds we feel good when looking at people’s misfortune. Is it an excuse for being so (i)rrational? No, it’s not. Neither Freud could explain this absurd of human race! We act like this and period.

I wish I could change it, change the world. I wish I could live in a peaceful world without conflicts, starvation or hate but this is a utopia; it is impossible.

We live in a world where people kill in name of God - forgetting that God is Peace and Life. Moreover, lack of respect for cultures makes us act as if only WE are correct and our way of living is the best to the world. We do not understand even ours neighbours and want to change the planet!

Why my culture is best than yours? Why my pattern of democracy is best than your pattern of monarchy? Why I consider that killing “evil” people I’m not an assassin? Why my concept of freedom must be “imposed” in all cultures? Why this mania for playing of being God? Why human beings are so dirty? Yep, there are so many “why” without answers and we keep doing these things without thinking in consequences…

Rather than plan to eradicate hunger we spend money buying guns to attack (or defend) ours interests. In spite of assisting our close, we prefer to take advantage of his misery sucking everything he gets. This happens in Africa, in South America and in a huge part of the world. I’m not intending to say that richest countries are guilty for world’s problem; on the contrary. I’m just saying that there are some countries so concentrated on making money and profit that end up running over others imposing its wishes. This is regrettable.

All countries should respect human beings whatever culture they belong to. It should not have so many discrimination against poor and rich, black and white, Latinos, Orientals, religions and so forth. When we die, we’ll become dust; no one is better or especial.

Having so many problems, the adjectives I have used on the first paragraph to start this text, are related to the main context. Don’t you think that if we were more “human” than “beingwe could change a bit of it? Of course we cannot transform the world, but we could make it a little bit better if we, at least, respected each other. It would be a little step but an important one. When there’s respect also there’s confidence and so things work and become better.

Is there a solution for all this problems that have been raging the world? I don’t think so; there’s no magic solution. Make your role respecting your close and probably we are going to get a better world.

To finish: Am I getting pessimistic or I'm only being realistic?

I hope I'm not getting crazy...

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