14 Oct 2007

Who am I?

Hello people!

Introducing myself:

I'm J.Falcão, a Brazilian guy, 34 yo (for the time being :-), and such as 97% of the people in the world I consider myself just a ordinary guy (despite making crazy things, sometimes ;-).
I love women (the best invention God created to us, men), nature, go hiking, photography, aviation, international politics, writing, reading, etc; that's to say, lots of things that make me feel good (of course!).

Here, I intend to put into words my thoughts and views of the world (perhaps I'm also a visionary) and my daily basis. It does not matter whether I'm going to talk about war or love, it'll be very nice of you to read or discuss MY POINT OF VIEW. It's a free space.

Thanks for reading and welcome.
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