13 Jul 2008

A little pray to God...

I just wanna thank you God, for my health, family, friends, job, and for - despite being so 'wrong' - having given your Son to die for me. I'm a wrong guy but I don't forget you. Thanks!

Let's have another wonderful week! :-)

9 Jul 2008

I wanna live in another world!

Why is it so rare to read or to watch good news?
It's always the same! Wars, conflicts, homicides, poverty, famine and so forth.
I'm almost accepting what my boss said some time ago - that human being is a misguided project!

I ought to live in another world; no conflicts nor hatred.

Well..., let's change channel! No news for a while. Now only comedy is allowed!
Let's laugh! :-)

6 Jul 2008

I'm getting old...

More one year has passed in my life..., thank God (hmmm... 04 July is my birthday! :-)
Nice things have happened to me this year! I'm happy! :-p