12 Oct 2008

Brazil - we also have nice things...

I'm receiving some emails of people asking me to say what we, Brazilians, have of interesting.

Well, before I say anything, I would like to tell you that we have LOTS of nice things to do around here. I know that I've been criticizing our politics and also have been explaining the difference between First Word and we - Third Word (who are Second ones?) - but through those lines, I'm just trying to prepare you to get not surprised when you first tread here.

When a foreigner think of Brazil, the first thing that come to his mind is: women, beaches and beer. If you are only thinking on these you are very poor informed.
Each part of Brazil has a local history, a different culture (talking of it visit the MASP - picture above - when you get in São Paulo), a wide range of dishes, and above all, wonderful and simple people doing everything to treat everyone with attention and kindness.
Telling about this, I would like to say that would be hard to find another people so pleasant as Brazilians!
We are also looking for making friends, smiling despite the problems, believing that one day everything will change and the coming days will always be better than the past ones.

Do not think I'm telling this to boast ourselves; it's just the true.
I had the opportunity to travel abroad and in the countries I was visiting, I didn't see any people so friendly like Brazilians. No, I'm not intending to say that people there were rude or something like that, I'm just saying that they're different, perhaps "cold".
This makes difference in our world. Despite having so many problems to deal with, we still have a smile on our faces to greet and meet you (considering that exceptions exist).

See you!
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