28 Oct 2008

Barack Obama x McCain - Who's better ?

I'm really concerned about this presidential election in the US.
My concerning is about Mr. McCain as president having Mrs. Sarah Palin as VP (I see like G. Bush and his chief adviser, Dick Cheney) and I feel they will win - I hope I am thoroughly wrong.

Well, what do I have against them? Fear!
Fear of more war, fear of seeing they plunge their own country - and the world as consequence - into an abyss of conflicts, fear of more disrespect for other countries (such this present government has being doing) and fear of a looming frail economy.

I don't know if Obama and his running VP - Mr. Bider - is better them McCain and Sarah Palin but at least they think in dialogue rather than war - and this is really important!

It's up to American people make their choice.

Good luck, world!
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