19 Oct 2008

Women, a wonderful creature

Today I'd like to talk about this theme: women. I'm not a pundit on this matter but I wanna just talk about this wonderful creation of God.

Yes, they're a wonderful creatures but very complicated to us - men - understand.

I cannot imagine a world without women, can you? I guess not.

Let's draw a parallel with men:
Usually men are ugly by nature. Yeah, our skin is uneven, we have hair all over the body, our nature make us behave sometimes in a wild manner (we have to shout, to say bad words) etc, that's is, almost everything opposite to women.
Women have a wonderful body (usually :-p) - with curves that drive us crazy -, marvellous skin (their skin are so cute!), terrific hair, fantastic faces, besides having such a different behavior (usually so understanding)! Those qualities and differences make ask myself "how can they like men?"
Well, thank God it happens!

However there are also things that I'll never understand, I think.
For example: Why do women make lots of questions and seldom stay quiet? Why do they always think we have other woman when we get home later than usual after a tiring day? Why do they not understand that we have friends, including other women? Why do they love spending money rather than save them to spend with useful things? Why do we always have to perceive when they changed their hair colors/cut (sometimes almost imperceptible) and do not understand why we do not notice? Why do we always have to start talking about sex if they also enjoy it? Why do they not understand that we love her even without saying "I love you" ?

Well, those are just a feel examples of questions that is pouring into my brain to try to understand this marvellous human being.

Despite this, I don't care about; I just love women!

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