29 Nov 2008


Usually I say that when I see a beautiful woman I realise God’s perfection. To tell you the truth it is not only when I see a beautiful one, but just a woman who takes care of herself, who is nice, charming, sensual and above all feminine.


It’s so pleasant to feel your smoothness skin on my hands, to touch the tidy hair with my fingers, to fondle your neck slowly without thinking anything but giving pleasure..., your so marvellous and natural scent...
To look at her curvy body and feel as though it was the best collyrium ever made for men... To feel your face with the dorsum of my hand it’s indescribable! The lips..., what a wonderful delineate! To kiss them, is like to feel myself leisurely flying away!
And looking at inside your eyes and feel your soul - is unique!


The breasts...
To feel and kiss their nipples is one of the best pleasures the men could have...
To touch smothly your belly is almost a magic feeling... and going down till find out your sex... there’s no word to say what we feel!
To hold your legs and massage them is as pleasant as getting a massage!
To kiss your feet is a pleasure to our mouth...
To put my arms around you and feel the warmth of your body is like feeling a magnetic attraction...


There’s so many words to describe you! I could spend the whole day only talking about you...

Thank you, God, for having made this wonderful creature!

19 Nov 2008

What's next ?

The world is sinking into a financial crisis with no end in sight!

What's next ?

Now we have to wait for the worst: recession, dismissals, starvation, increase of suicides, despair, heart attacks, worries and so forth.

Why did it happen?
Because the American banks, by willing to earn more than they already have earned, started all this mess (you know this, it isn't necessary explaining).
It has just demonstrated how fragile American economy was - and nobody had noticed!
So, we must swallow all this trouble and try to digest as best as we can.

God help us!

16 Nov 2008

Does it exist ?

"I have a dream, I have a dream" (I'm not Martin Luther King), I have a dream of seeing an UFO. What? Yes, an UFO. Could someone say if there are any UFOs surrounding us?

In August, a Thursday, this year, around 06:00 A.M. at dawn I was looking at the sky (as usual). Suddenly I spotted something bright risking the sky. It wasn't a plane, neither a chopper nor a bird. I thought I was seeing a satellite but... is it possible? Maybe or... I'm quite sure it was one. People always consider everything that move on skies as being airplanes. Bullshit! Our mind is too little to be able to understand the complexity of our Universe. We almost do not understand even ourselves what's more what pass over our heads!
Ok, ok. Am I getting crazy? No..., I'm just thinking.

However, I still have perfectly in my mind a strange recollection of "something" that I saw when was a child. I remember that I was playing with something in the yard when suddenly I look to the sky and saw that, on or near the Moon. I called on my mom and pointed that out but she didn't see. I kept saying what I was seeing, almost yelling out, very excited and a little bit afraid of, but she wasn't able to see that.
She recalls it.
Sometimes I think about it and try to discover what it was. I have this image recorded and untouchable in my mind but it is a mystery. I would like to know what it was and why only I could see that. I wonder if one day I'll know what it was... I hope so. I would like to find it out before passing away.
Before writing it here, I have never talked about it to anyone. I'm not going to say what I saw but I'm just registering it just in case of something happens...

In other case, about 14 years ago, I also saw a weird "thing" in the sky. At that time I had a friend with me. He wanted run away and I don't; he was afraid and I was just impressed.
I'm not a brave guy, but I stayed firm by looking at that beautiful and shimmering image. I so far have a strong impression that that "thing" knew that I was observing it... I'm almost sure of that.
Next day we watched bewildered a reportage of something that had happened over São Paulo's skies! At that time I was not the only person who saw that! I felt relieved. Even so, I didn't talk about it to anyone but my family.

Yeah... I decided to put those words here, today. Why? I don't know. I have kept it with me too long! I won't detail those cases because people in the whole do not take it serious and I do not want people poking fun at me! That's it.

If I believe in UFO or life in other planet? I don't know. I only can assure that what I saw was really impressive.
I hope I can have an answer to that "sight" I got when was a child...

Good night.

15 Nov 2008

Just a human being

The most I try to understand human being the most I get confused. It’s valid for me, of course.
We are so complicated!

We, sometimes, bruise people for so little and, what is worse, sometimes we do not realise it. Things that I think is pretty common to me might be horrible for others. If I smile for someone this one might interpret as he/she wants. That’s to say, this one can think that I’m jeering at him/her or that I’m only being nice or I’m fancying her; it is complicated, isn’t?
I do not like hurting anyone, but unfortunately this happens (at last I’m also a human being).
I guess that the world would be better if nobody thought and we proceeded just like animals, in other words, act without thinking of any consequence.

12 Nov 2008

Lula x Barack Obama

Some Brazilian news have been comparing Barack Obama with President Lula. However it has got absolutely nothing to do! The only similarity is that people have chosen them because could not see anything better and looked at them as a hope to change how their country has been lead.
Obama is black and Lula has no studies, period.

There’s a huge difference between both.

Obama thinks in enhacing his own country, by bringing back the US to the top of the world. Lula thinks in helping Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba and others African countries forgetting that he is president of Brazil and that we - Brazilians - need help more than ever.

Obama sees the economy plunging fast in his country and in the world as a consequence; Lula said that this financial crisis will not hit our economy (and we have been seeing our economy sinking at high speed!).

So, in a nutshell: Obama sees clearly and Lula is blind.

9 Nov 2008

Life is hard!

Guys, I'm just pondering on how hard is to live!
We struggle everyday to keep ourselves alive! We are like a light: we are "turned on" and suddenly we can get "turned off". It isn't easy...

People don't like when I say that "The only certainty of LIFE is the DEATH" but it is real. Tell me if you know your future! What will you do tomorrow? What are going to happen to you from here to 1 year or 1 minute? You do not have answers to these questions. Maybe you can tell me what you are planning to do in the future but you cannot assure that it will happen. So, what is the only thing you know that will happen to you in the end? Yes, it's what you are thinking now.

Life is hard, mate.

6 Nov 2008

Only pleasure today !

Let's forget worries, politics and so far!! We had plenty of this during this week!

Let's stare at this sculpture ("what" and "if" she is singing I don't care a damn!)

5 Nov 2008

Well then, Obama?

Well, Obama has won!

It's nice to see that American people has overcome racism to elect a man they think will make efforts to take their country off from this mess. However I'm afraid of a paranoiac racist trying to kill him (not a terrorist but a American racist).

Now Barack Obama has lots of problems to solve, however, if he is capable of solving at least 1/3 of the problems that America has made around the world (and damaging US reputation with this current administration), he has a great probability of having success.

He has a tough job ahead...

4 Nov 2008

Today, the 'D'- Day to Americans

Today American people went to the polls to choose his president and the whole world is looking carefully to see who will be 'the lucky guy' which will take this mess George Bush has left as legacy.

I hope they choose the best one...

it's not my place to point someone out but I have hopes in Barack Obama (I' wish I'm not wrong).

Whoever is this coming president, he'll have to see not only America but the entire world!

I wish luck to the world!

2 Nov 2008


Do you remember WTC 7? It was 47-storey skyscraper which tumbled down for no apparent reason. It stood in the block north of the block which contained the rest of WTC complex.

If you do not remember that, you may right. Since its collapse, nobody talks about it, including the media - it’s like an agreement to keep mouths shut.
Everyone speaks about Twin Towers but there’s no mention of this separated tower that had NOT been hit by any aircraft and came down for no reason.
There was only small fires lighting up at the first storeys and it was not even possible to see too many broken windows, however, I repeat, this building collapsed.

Why I think it is weird: nobody (I mean the media) speaks of it; the entire construction dropped such a controlled explosion and - the most controversial and enigmatic matter - the then-Mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani had a bunker in the building.
Why did he have a bunker on the 23rd floor? I didn’t find an answer, yet.

There’s someone concealing something from us... There's still something that has happened to the World Trade Center that has been not clearly explained...

WAR - it's always stupidity

I had been thinking of why men make wars; this stupidity without precedents.

Ones say it’s in name of freedom, others say it is to protect themselves against ‘possible’ attacks from ‘possible’ foes and there’s some which would say that is to ‘bring’ democracy to some countries.
Assessing those cases above, we can see that neither one of those quoted is an excuse to make war. The real reason that leads a government to declare war against another country is: pride and money.

Pride and money? You may ask. Why?

Think about the Iraq war.

Do you remember the excuse was given to convince American people - and all the world - that it was necessary to attack Iraq to get rid of Al-Qeda? “Saddam Hussein was an Al-Qeda sympathizer and had weapons of mass destruction”. Even with conclusive proof provided by UN inspectors that it was untrue, the US and allies invaded that country without even consider its allies of Security Council which were against these foolishness.
However, at that time, the US had passed time of crisis with 9/11 attacks and “needed to find” an enemy to attack; they needed some prey to unload their anger. So, somebody in the White House had the “brilliant” idea of attacking and overthrowing Saddam Hussein, making up maps to show them off to the world saying that they had located hundreds of areas where Iraqi army had supplies of those horrible weapons, and (do you remember?) Collin Powel, a respected general, presented to the news a map where was told that was a satellite photo of lorries carrying WMD - which was another lie! This picture was just a work of an student to conclude his course at University.
Well, all these lies were used in despair to show to American people that they (government) were in control and were taking care of the country and nobody could attack America without a tough response. The pride of the world's most powerful nation had been hurt.

At that time, George Bush and his aides had almost 80% of approval for having took this decision ( It’s understanding since the blood was still running hot in the veins ) but the rest of the world, excluding the UK (it’s better to say Tony Blair), knew that making a war in such circumstances was a big mistake, but the US didn’t listen to the world and preferred to go ahead with its decision; again, the pride of America was more important than what the world thought about it.

Nowadays, the words ‘weapons of mass destruction’ or WMD were eradicated from White House, military forces and News. Instead, the tone has changed to ‘War on Terror’ and people were learnt to forget WMD.
If they had insisted on WMD, probably George Bush and his aides could pay a high price for its lies in the International Court of Justice, in Haia - despite we knowing that this Tribunal is just to countries and leaders with less or no influence in the globe.

Ok, it is about pride, right? But what has got money to do with all this?

Well, do you think that one country really ‘help’ another one because it’s a ‘good mate’ and has intention to stretch his hand out to get one out of problems? Of course not! If it was on this way, everybody that had conditions would help Africa put a end on starvation!
Why do you think George Bush has chosen Iraq to put his troops on? First of all Iraq had no armaments and, of course, the main aim it’s its reserves of oil! The US oil consumption is the bigger in the world and Iraq has one of the most important natural reserves (and resources) of this raw material. So, why do not invade this country? He could do what his father could not - to oust Saddam Hussein - and get the oil as many as America needs. Or do you still believe that Bush did it to bring ‘freedom’ to Iraqis? They (Iraqis) never asked for this!

Only to prove what I’m saying, let’s have a look at North Korea.
This country has threatened the USA several times - including with atomic weapons - and what did America do? Nothing! Why? There’s no oil in NK and despite being a poor country its armed forces are very strong, then, it’s not worth it an invasion.