16 Nov 2008

Does it exist ?

"I have a dream, I have a dream" (I'm not Martin Luther King), I have a dream of seeing an UFO. What? Yes, an UFO. Could someone say if there are any UFOs surrounding us?

In August, a Thursday, this year, around 06:00 A.M. at dawn I was looking at the sky (as usual). Suddenly I spotted something bright risking the sky. It wasn't a plane, neither a chopper nor a bird. I thought I was seeing a satellite but... is it possible? Maybe or... I'm quite sure it was one. People always consider everything that move on skies as being airplanes. Bullshit! Our mind is too little to be able to understand the complexity of our Universe. We almost do not understand even ourselves what's more what pass over our heads!
Ok, ok. Am I getting crazy? No..., I'm just thinking.

However, I still have perfectly in my mind a strange recollection of "something" that I saw when was a child. I remember that I was playing with something in the yard when suddenly I look to the sky and saw that, on or near the Moon. I called on my mom and pointed that out but she didn't see. I kept saying what I was seeing, almost yelling out, very excited and a little bit afraid of, but she wasn't able to see that.
She recalls it.
Sometimes I think about it and try to discover what it was. I have this image recorded and untouchable in my mind but it is a mystery. I would like to know what it was and why only I could see that. I wonder if one day I'll know what it was... I hope so. I would like to find it out before passing away.
Before writing it here, I have never talked about it to anyone. I'm not going to say what I saw but I'm just registering it just in case of something happens...

In other case, about 14 years ago, I also saw a weird "thing" in the sky. At that time I had a friend with me. He wanted run away and I don't; he was afraid and I was just impressed.
I'm not a brave guy, but I stayed firm by looking at that beautiful and shimmering image. I so far have a strong impression that that "thing" knew that I was observing it... I'm almost sure of that.
Next day we watched bewildered a reportage of something that had happened over São Paulo's skies! At that time I was not the only person who saw that! I felt relieved. Even so, I didn't talk about it to anyone but my family.

Yeah... I decided to put those words here, today. Why? I don't know. I have kept it with me too long! I won't detail those cases because people in the whole do not take it serious and I do not want people poking fun at me! That's it.

If I believe in UFO or life in other planet? I don't know. I only can assure that what I saw was really impressive.
I hope I can have an answer to that "sight" I got when was a child...

Good night.
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