12 Nov 2008

Lula x Barack Obama

Some Brazilian news have been comparing Barack Obama with President Lula. However it has got absolutely nothing to do! The only similarity is that people have chosen them because could not see anything better and looked at them as a hope to change how their country has been lead.
Obama is black and Lula has no studies, period.

There’s a huge difference between both.

Obama thinks in enhacing his own country, by bringing back the US to the top of the world. Lula thinks in helping Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba and others African countries forgetting that he is president of Brazil and that we - Brazilians - need help more than ever.

Obama sees the economy plunging fast in his country and in the world as a consequence; Lula said that this financial crisis will not hit our economy (and we have been seeing our economy sinking at high speed!).

So, in a nutshell: Obama sees clearly and Lula is blind.
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