2 Nov 2008


Do you remember WTC 7? It was 47-storey skyscraper which tumbled down for no apparent reason. It stood in the block north of the block which contained the rest of WTC complex.

If you do not remember that, you may right. Since its collapse, nobody talks about it, including the media - it’s like an agreement to keep mouths shut.
Everyone speaks about Twin Towers but there’s no mention of this separated tower that had NOT been hit by any aircraft and came down for no reason.
There was only small fires lighting up at the first storeys and it was not even possible to see too many broken windows, however, I repeat, this building collapsed.

Why I think it is weird: nobody (I mean the media) speaks of it; the entire construction dropped such a controlled explosion and - the most controversial and enigmatic matter - the then-Mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani had a bunker in the building.
Why did he have a bunker on the 23rd floor? I didn’t find an answer, yet.

There’s someone concealing something from us... There's still something that has happened to the World Trade Center that has been not clearly explained...
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