2 Nov 2008

WAR - it's always stupidity

I had been thinking of why men make wars; this stupidity without precedents.

Ones say it’s in name of freedom, others say it is to protect themselves against ‘possible’ attacks from ‘possible’ foes and there’s some which would say that is to ‘bring’ democracy to some countries.
Assessing those cases above, we can see that neither one of those quoted is an excuse to make war. The real reason that leads a government to declare war against another country is: pride and money.

Pride and money? You may ask. Why?

Think about the Iraq war.

Do you remember the excuse was given to convince American people - and all the world - that it was necessary to attack Iraq to get rid of Al-Qeda? “Saddam Hussein was an Al-Qeda sympathizer and had weapons of mass destruction”. Even with conclusive proof provided by UN inspectors that it was untrue, the US and allies invaded that country without even consider its allies of Security Council which were against these foolishness.
However, at that time, the US had passed time of crisis with 9/11 attacks and “needed to find” an enemy to attack; they needed some prey to unload their anger. So, somebody in the White House had the “brilliant” idea of attacking and overthrowing Saddam Hussein, making up maps to show them off to the world saying that they had located hundreds of areas where Iraqi army had supplies of those horrible weapons, and (do you remember?) Collin Powel, a respected general, presented to the news a map where was told that was a satellite photo of lorries carrying WMD - which was another lie! This picture was just a work of an student to conclude his course at University.
Well, all these lies were used in despair to show to American people that they (government) were in control and were taking care of the country and nobody could attack America without a tough response. The pride of the world's most powerful nation had been hurt.

At that time, George Bush and his aides had almost 80% of approval for having took this decision ( It’s understanding since the blood was still running hot in the veins ) but the rest of the world, excluding the UK (it’s better to say Tony Blair), knew that making a war in such circumstances was a big mistake, but the US didn’t listen to the world and preferred to go ahead with its decision; again, the pride of America was more important than what the world thought about it.

Nowadays, the words ‘weapons of mass destruction’ or WMD were eradicated from White House, military forces and News. Instead, the tone has changed to ‘War on Terror’ and people were learnt to forget WMD.
If they had insisted on WMD, probably George Bush and his aides could pay a high price for its lies in the International Court of Justice, in Haia - despite we knowing that this Tribunal is just to countries and leaders with less or no influence in the globe.

Ok, it is about pride, right? But what has got money to do with all this?

Well, do you think that one country really ‘help’ another one because it’s a ‘good mate’ and has intention to stretch his hand out to get one out of problems? Of course not! If it was on this way, everybody that had conditions would help Africa put a end on starvation!
Why do you think George Bush has chosen Iraq to put his troops on? First of all Iraq had no armaments and, of course, the main aim it’s its reserves of oil! The US oil consumption is the bigger in the world and Iraq has one of the most important natural reserves (and resources) of this raw material. So, why do not invade this country? He could do what his father could not - to oust Saddam Hussein - and get the oil as many as America needs. Or do you still believe that Bush did it to bring ‘freedom’ to Iraqis? They (Iraqis) never asked for this!

Only to prove what I’m saying, let’s have a look at North Korea.
This country has threatened the USA several times - including with atomic weapons - and what did America do? Nothing! Why? There’s no oil in NK and despite being a poor country its armed forces are very strong, then, it’s not worth it an invasion.
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