31 Dec 2008

Good Bye 2008 !

It's almost 2009!

I thank God for this 2008 and beg him for a wonderful 2009 - to all of us!

Let's think carefully about what we wish to this coming year...

Have a Happy New Year!

30 Dec 2008

Press, Media - Power!

One of the world’s most powerful instruments of persuasion is the press.

The media may create heroes or evils, they may put someone in power of something as well as overthrow governments. That’s to say, they show us what they want with THEIR views and impressions. So, it’s quite common we leave ourselves compelled to absorb all THEIR information without stopping and thinking carefully about the given news.

I’m not intending to cast doubts on press around the world but only to taking your attention to what we hear and watch.

I think that the most influential and reliable press around the world are: CNN and BBC.
However, this week, what drew my attention to this, is the fact that they really show us and inform us what they actually want!

I’ll explain.
Everybody has been watching this “new” conflict that has been ocurring in the Middle East, especifically in Gaza (have you ever seen this film earlier?); Israel x Hamas.
On the BBC website at http://www.bbc.co.uk there’s an interesting forum debate entitled “Have Your Say” where one can argument about fresh news that are of interest of the world or interest of some specific places. In this case, I’m talking about Israeli strikes on Gaza.

Reading the posted comments I could realise that there are more comments in favour of Israel than Palestinian! Ok, it - one may argue - is not against any rules! I agree. However it is well known that it is not true (my father has Jew’s roots and I know that); Jews are always guilty of disgraces around the world, then should have more comments in favour of Palestinian people than Israelis!

So, thinking of it, I made some tests.

First, since the first strike, I have sent a bundle of comments talking of Israel, by saying that what she is doing is genocide, is wrong, that rather than fighting they should seek for peace, etc, etc. As it was seen to come, my comments are rejected for breaking house’s rules. That’s to say, It wasn’t allowed to speak of Israel in this manner.
Well, then I changed my tone, and wrote some texts saying that Israel is correct to launch those strikes on Gaza strip and although Palestinian have been suffering, they chose it to themselves. Then - bingo! They published my comments in a few minutes after sending them!

By doing this, I learnt the lesson that even the BBC that I though was unbiased - it is not!

Around two or three years ago, I did something similar to CNN International.
There was an e-mail (called “Open Forum”) of which we could express our feelings and views through the words about the news we had watched.
So, I sent a message which talked about George Bush’s mistake on invading Iraq.
What a surprise!
One day, I was comfortably in my home, sit on sofa and watching TV (CNN at this time) and I got nonplussed! I couldn’t believe what was I looking at: CNN not only accepted my comments but also put them on screen! Yep, they exposed to the entire world what a “viewer from Sao Paulo” thought of Bush towards Iraq war. Since then, CNN for me is the most reliable press in the world!
Well, you may argue, “you’re saying that only because you had a comment posted on TV by CNN”. If you are thinking on this, you’re wrong. I’m telling this because I was talking to an American TV, speaking of an American president and talking about one delicate subject as a war! I think if I did it here in Brazil, the press would never publish something like that!

In my point of view, CNN showed herself totally impartial even when dealing with delicate issues.
They also have moderators but on opposite of BBC, they are neutral.

It’s time to take lessons of all this!
Do not believe in everything you hear/watch if you seem that the source is not impartial. If so, you’ll probably tend to digest things that perhaps is true, but it's far from being altogether real.

29 Dec 2008

Sensual Dance 2

Only to give a break to those bad news, let's enjoy this wonderful belly dance!

There are so many nice things to do in the world and men only think in fighting!

Ethinic cleasing ?

I hope I'm wrong..., but it looks like an ethinic cleasing this kind of attitude Israel has been portraying towards Palestinian. I would not like to think in this way!

I hope the real intention of Israel is just to annihilate Hamas - and not civilians.

28 Dec 2008

UN, Hamas, the US, Israel... fair?

Let’s draw our attention today to the role of the United Nations in world affairs.

I felt myself compelled to talk about this, after reading and watching so many news about Israeli attacks on Gaza strip during these last days.

Just to keep you abreast of what has been taking place out there (if it is necessary), Israel has been bombing Palestinian people during two days incessantly, killing till now almost 300 people. It has alleged that Hamas has been firing rockets in South Israel almost on a daily basis (of course, Hamas is the culprit for this onslaught since it’s started this).

But, let’s have a look at those facts: Israel is one of the most powerful military army in the world and Hamas has nothing but some handmade rockets capable of frightening only (and perhaps cause some casualties, ok).

Now, who is paying for this all? Palestinian people.
Israel turned their lives in a hell! They cannot work properly, they don’t have basic services to live, they don’t have dignity, they don’t have even a country, a State! Is it fair? I don’t think so. You know that who believes that it’s fair is only Israel itself and the US which fuels Israel with weapons and support to its killings.

Ok, you might think. Hamas* has chosen it to its people.
I partially agree. However I don’t think that all Palestinian people must pay for this. There’s also another note: it’s been a long time since Palestinian people live like animals.
Why leave them living in ghettoes? Why do make them suffer so much?

Why UN doesn’t care about?

*I wanna make clear that I’m not defending this terrorist group which has been inflicting suffering to its own people besides Israelis. I’m only trying to understand the role of the UN in all this mess.

Let’s have a look at other case (also well-known by the entire wolrd): the Iraq war.

The US alleged that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and ties with - the nowadays famous - Al-Qeda. So, they made out maps, sattelites pictures and a bundle of “information from reliable sources” and the CIA, to prove that they are correct.
As it was seen to come, the world didn’t take the bait and so the US had to convince the Security Council about its fakes proof. Once again, the Security Council wasn’t convinced of those lies and didn’t want a war - which had already been carefully prepared by the US. Only the UK (unfortunately) cast her vote on this.

So, I ask: Where were the United Nation’s voice on this case? Why did she not punish the US for their lies? Why UN exists? Who control UN? Is UN only a puppet of someone? Her existence is only to protect a handful of countries? Why does she allow Palestinian suffering? Why does she allow so many injustice?

Why UN do not close its doors? It wouldn’t make any difference to the world.

27 Dec 2008

Israel x Palestinians, The Endless Conflict

I’m just trying to understand why Israel do not seek peace with Palestinians.

This nation has support of the whole world, is well-armed and has the world’s most powerful intelligence service, capable of annihilating anyone anywhere in the world.
I like this country and am sympathetic to her problems on terrorism. However I think that by attacking all the Palestinian people, is not the best way to deal with this kind of cancer which has been dominating the world.

What Israel will get doing this? She will get attention of the entire world and hatred of the Arab World.
Hamas has been launching continuous attacks on Israelis, by firing missiles. Israel respond to this by killing hundreds of Palestinians, among them civilians. Is that the best way to cope with this? Perhaps to Israelis is (moreover if we consider that they hate Palestinians and vice versa) but looking from outside, we can notice that is the worst way to manage with this problem.

Why do not use her powerful inteligence service - the Mossad - to put an end to those launches? Why do not attack only who is launching those cowards attacks on Israel? By making indiscriminate killings of Palestinians as a revenge, Israel will only succeed in bringing the attention of the world to this kind of mass destruction.

The main problem on all this struggle is that none wishes to give the first step towards peace! The result of this everybody knows: the most killings the most revenge, without a halt. So, what’s next? Maybe a path to a war.

I would like to see Israel behave in a different way: rather than killing civilians and put them to live like animals, she could use her strenght to manage with this by using her Mossad. Quite often, using brain is better than using force.

26 Dec 2008

Catholicism x JESUS

I woke up today thinking about Catholicism... To tell you the truth, since yesterday night I’m thinking about this; perhaps, because it’s Christmas.

First of all, I wanna make it clear that I’m not opposed to any religion and respect all of them. What has taken my attention is that Catholicism is one of the most important religion in the world, mainly in the West.

Well, I haven’t known yet, a Catholic person who read the Bible. In my point of view, if a Catholic read the Bible, he would give up Catholicism!

Let’s see it calmly.

Everybody knows Jesus Christ, right? The Son of The Creator God, who was born like a human and has died for love to save us.
He was humble and taught to everyone on the Earth to follow His steps, by forgiving, being humble, helping whoever needs support and by loving the neighbour.
If you are up to date of a little bit of His history, you know that when He entered Jerusalem, He was riding on a donkey (see at Matthew 21:1-17, the Triumphal Entry). I think this is one of the most important symbol of humility He ever did!

Now, let’s draw an analogy between what the Catholicism preach and what Jesus told, by remembering that Jesus received a Crown of Thorn and the Pope has a crown studded with gems.

The Pope has been chosen by men to lead others men, that’s to say, a sinner chose by others sinners. Jesus was chosen by His Father, God.

Take heed of what the Bible says about idols (conceding that the Bible I’m reading is the same of that which Catholic use):

Exodus 20:3-5 - The Ten Commandments

“ 1 And God spoke all these words, saying:

2 “I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.
3 “You shall have no other gods before Me.
4 “You shall not make for yourself a carved image—any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; 5 you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, 6 but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments. “

Let’s see more at Leviticus 19:4 - Moral and Ceremonial Laws :

4 ‘Do not turn to idols, nor make for yourselves molded gods: I am the LORD your God.
5 ‘And if you offer a sacrifice of a peace offering to the LORD, you shall offer it of your own free will.

Well, there’s lots of more examples but I think this is enough to show you that despite saying that Catholicism follows what Jesus says, it’s a lie! Everybody knows that above all they adore hundreds (or even thousands) of idols, and even the Pope!
I respect their king, the Pope, but I do not consider him a saint!
First of all, he is not humble. How could a man be humble if he doesn’t give even a handful of his gold to the poor people in Africa that have been suffering starvation for so long? Jesus was used to sharing what He had to anyone who needed!

I’m not intending to put onto here lots of disparity I have found in Catholicism; I’m not a preacher and do not believe that there’s only a right religion. This is only a small example of what they say and what they do.
I also do not believe that religion is correct. I thing that rather than religion, people could read the Bible by themselves and learn by themselves, and doing so, would avoid being mislead by people who says is representing Jesus on Earth.
The only way to achieve salvation is by believing that Jesus Christ died for us and period; there’s no secret.

Well, after reading it, you will learn why I have said that in the 3rd paragraph!

Have a nice end of year!

PS.: I have no religion but I like to study everything by my own rather than believing in what people says.

25 Dec 2008

Flying 2

It's just to show you the feeling of flying!

Enjoy this F16 making a low pass!

Suri Cruise, The Cute Girl

Folks, since I have seen this cute girl called Suri Cruise (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter), it has aroused me the desire of being father! What a lovely little girl!!
I wanna one like her!! (Would you mind being the mother? ;-)

23 Dec 2008



There’s nothing better than flying...
To Cross the clouds and winds...
Look down and see the ground far away...

Everything is peaceful!

To have the sun or the moon as loyals companies during this time is almost speechless!
To listen to the roaring engine of an airplane is such as music to my ears...

I’d like to be a bird and be free to fly around with my own wings!

I have already experienced this feeling of flying with my own wings... and it’s indescribable!

No, I’m not getting crazy. It’s just hard to explain...

Am I a human? Sometimes not...

21 Dec 2008

G. Bush's Legacy

Guys, I’m just thinking about Bush’s legacy.
Have you ever imagined this? I suppose he is the most awkward and crazier president the US have ever had!

He transformed the world in a mess!

Have a look:

There’s no peace in Iraq; Afghanistan is a quagmire to the coalition; since the “end” of the war in 2003 the world became more vulnerable than ever to terrorist attacks; he changed his speech from Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD, do you remember?) to War on Terror; he hasn’t found Usama Bin Laden, yet; he turned Al-Qeda well-known in the entire planet (now, any blast anywhere in the world is related to this group); he almost started another war with North Korea; he didn’t sign Kyoto Protocol to avert Global Warming; he is still looking for trouble with Russia in these last days as president of the US; despite genocide in some African countries he didn’t manage to put his troops out there (when it’s necessary!); he wasn’t able to keep his American economy on the path and in reason of this the whole world in plunging into a recession.

Huuuh! There’s lots more but I just listed the most important.

What a legacy, huh? This guy is a hazard to the planet!
I feel pity for Barack Obama! He will have to work a lot to amend these mess! :-)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (if it’s possible) !

Poor little girl...

If you are used to reading my Blog you’ll see that I have been worked up with human beings. It perhaps doesn’t make sense since I’m one of this species but after reading a piece of (bad) news I’ve got angry than ever with these kind of specimen.

Yesterday, I went to the barber’s to have my hair cut and as I was waiting for my time, I took a newspaper to leaf through. Usually I only browse through the sports and financial sections to avoid read crimes and other kinds of bad news. However, unfortunately, a headline took my attention.

It was about a murder.

I’m not intending to describe the whole history but only to you understand my feeling, the subject was about a optician 41 old man who shot to death a 29 year old woman, mother of a little 5 years old girl.
Well, you can think, there’s lots of murder in Brazil! I agree with you, haplessly. But what left me shocked is that this woman had a little girl, aged only 5 years old! The assassin who shot this tax inspector with three bullets on her back, run away and is still at large - this f... coward!

I cannot stop thinking about her little girl... It’s Christmas eve and this poor girl will never see her mother again only because of a man whom money was more important than a life, killed her mother! It’s hard to hold my tears! I have never seen this little girl as well as her mother but I feel a pain in my heart in learning that this little girl will have to manage and live without the support of whom fed up and loved her. I’m just thinking it...; it’s sad... too much upsetting.

The bestiality of human being is so terrible that we only think in ourselves!
This bastard man has committed this murder because he just thought of himself. This damned selfshness!

These days, since I read it, I’m praying for this little girl who will grows up without her mother, without MOTHER’s LOVE! I believe in GOD and I’m begging Him to look after this poor little girl and to send His Angels to comfort her and to hold her hands during her period of existence here in the Earth. I also hope her mother had faith enough in God to rest in peace...

If you read this and believe in God, pray to Him for this girl. I have not told her name and her mother (and her assassin) on purpose. It’s not my intention to cite names. I just wanna show you how human being is disgusting quite often and ask you to pray for this broken family.

My heart is broken... and it's almost Christmas Day...

God bless this girl...

20 Dec 2008

2008 is going away...

More one year is going away, and thank God 2008 will finalise with great victory to me.

Now it’s time of making promises - everybody does it and rarely someone carry them out. It’s also time of thinking about what we can do to get a better life in 2009. It isn’t a easy task, despite sounding the contrary.
Is making promise a waste of time? Not really. If you think you are able to keep them up then make your promises come true! If you do so, you’ll notice how satisfying is achieve a goal! However I’m realistic and I tell what I see! It’s to no avail to say that the next year will be better only because we fancy it; we must manage to remain focused on our hopes to achieve them!

Let’s ponder about what we did this year to improve our lives and consider what we can do to make the next year better than now.

Have a nice end of year!

16 Dec 2008

Hurling shoes at Bush

Hi folks!

Have you seen journalist Muntather Zaidi hurling shoes at George Bush this week? It was very funny!
I think that it represents the wishes of 90% of the world! :-)

I agree that it isn't gentle but at least is a new way of protesting! Let's fling our shoes at Bush!

7 Dec 2008

Sensual dance

It doesn't need any word!
It's only to appreciate! (Hey, c'mon, today is Sunday!)
Wonderful, huh ?!

If I just find out a girl who dances like her... ;->

An awkward guy!

Guys, I always thought that I'm a little bit awkward. However, since I watched this video, I've changed my mind; I'm just a little clumsy!


5 Dec 2008

General Romeo Dallaire

I'm not intending to write today; I just wanna you to follow this link. It's a hidden history of what we, perhaps, have figured out but we had never had sure of that.
This link will take you to CNN International website.

It's worth it to have a look at.