21 Dec 2008

G. Bush's Legacy

Guys, I’m just thinking about Bush’s legacy.
Have you ever imagined this? I suppose he is the most awkward and crazier president the US have ever had!

He transformed the world in a mess!

Have a look:

There’s no peace in Iraq; Afghanistan is a quagmire to the coalition; since the “end” of the war in 2003 the world became more vulnerable than ever to terrorist attacks; he changed his speech from Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD, do you remember?) to War on Terror; he hasn’t found Usama Bin Laden, yet; he turned Al-Qeda well-known in the entire planet (now, any blast anywhere in the world is related to this group); he almost started another war with North Korea; he didn’t sign Kyoto Protocol to avert Global Warming; he is still looking for trouble with Russia in these last days as president of the US; despite genocide in some African countries he didn’t manage to put his troops out there (when it’s necessary!); he wasn’t able to keep his American economy on the path and in reason of this the whole world in plunging into a recession.

Huuuh! There’s lots more but I just listed the most important.

What a legacy, huh? This guy is a hazard to the planet!
I feel pity for Barack Obama! He will have to work a lot to amend these mess! :-)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (if it’s possible) !

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