27 Dec 2008

Israel x Palestinians, The Endless Conflict

I’m just trying to understand why Israel do not seek peace with Palestinians.

This nation has support of the whole world, is well-armed and has the world’s most powerful intelligence service, capable of annihilating anyone anywhere in the world.
I like this country and am sympathetic to her problems on terrorism. However I think that by attacking all the Palestinian people, is not the best way to deal with this kind of cancer which has been dominating the world.

What Israel will get doing this? She will get attention of the entire world and hatred of the Arab World.
Hamas has been launching continuous attacks on Israelis, by firing missiles. Israel respond to this by killing hundreds of Palestinians, among them civilians. Is that the best way to cope with this? Perhaps to Israelis is (moreover if we consider that they hate Palestinians and vice versa) but looking from outside, we can notice that is the worst way to manage with this problem.

Why do not use her powerful inteligence service - the Mossad - to put an end to those launches? Why do not attack only who is launching those cowards attacks on Israel? By making indiscriminate killings of Palestinians as a revenge, Israel will only succeed in bringing the attention of the world to this kind of mass destruction.

The main problem on all this struggle is that none wishes to give the first step towards peace! The result of this everybody knows: the most killings the most revenge, without a halt. So, what’s next? Maybe a path to a war.

I would like to see Israel behave in a different way: rather than killing civilians and put them to live like animals, she could use her strenght to manage with this by using her Mossad. Quite often, using brain is better than using force.
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