21 Dec 2008

Poor little girl...

If you are used to reading my Blog you’ll see that I have been worked up with human beings. It perhaps doesn’t make sense since I’m one of this species but after reading a piece of (bad) news I’ve got angry than ever with these kind of specimen.

Yesterday, I went to the barber’s to have my hair cut and as I was waiting for my time, I took a newspaper to leaf through. Usually I only browse through the sports and financial sections to avoid read crimes and other kinds of bad news. However, unfortunately, a headline took my attention.

It was about a murder.

I’m not intending to describe the whole history but only to you understand my feeling, the subject was about a optician 41 old man who shot to death a 29 year old woman, mother of a little 5 years old girl.
Well, you can think, there’s lots of murder in Brazil! I agree with you, haplessly. But what left me shocked is that this woman had a little girl, aged only 5 years old! The assassin who shot this tax inspector with three bullets on her back, run away and is still at large - this f... coward!

I cannot stop thinking about her little girl... It’s Christmas eve and this poor girl will never see her mother again only because of a man whom money was more important than a life, killed her mother! It’s hard to hold my tears! I have never seen this little girl as well as her mother but I feel a pain in my heart in learning that this little girl will have to manage and live without the support of whom fed up and loved her. I’m just thinking it...; it’s sad... too much upsetting.

The bestiality of human being is so terrible that we only think in ourselves!
This bastard man has committed this murder because he just thought of himself. This damned selfshness!

These days, since I read it, I’m praying for this little girl who will grows up without her mother, without MOTHER’s LOVE! I believe in GOD and I’m begging Him to look after this poor little girl and to send His Angels to comfort her and to hold her hands during her period of existence here in the Earth. I also hope her mother had faith enough in God to rest in peace...

If you read this and believe in God, pray to Him for this girl. I have not told her name and her mother (and her assassin) on purpose. It’s not my intention to cite names. I just wanna show you how human being is disgusting quite often and ask you to pray for this broken family.

My heart is broken... and it's almost Christmas Day...

God bless this girl...
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