28 Dec 2008

UN, Hamas, the US, Israel... fair?

Let’s draw our attention today to the role of the United Nations in world affairs.

I felt myself compelled to talk about this, after reading and watching so many news about Israeli attacks on Gaza strip during these last days.

Just to keep you abreast of what has been taking place out there (if it is necessary), Israel has been bombing Palestinian people during two days incessantly, killing till now almost 300 people. It has alleged that Hamas has been firing rockets in South Israel almost on a daily basis (of course, Hamas is the culprit for this onslaught since it’s started this).

But, let’s have a look at those facts: Israel is one of the most powerful military army in the world and Hamas has nothing but some handmade rockets capable of frightening only (and perhaps cause some casualties, ok).

Now, who is paying for this all? Palestinian people.
Israel turned their lives in a hell! They cannot work properly, they don’t have basic services to live, they don’t have dignity, they don’t have even a country, a State! Is it fair? I don’t think so. You know that who believes that it’s fair is only Israel itself and the US which fuels Israel with weapons and support to its killings.

Ok, you might think. Hamas* has chosen it to its people.
I partially agree. However I don’t think that all Palestinian people must pay for this. There’s also another note: it’s been a long time since Palestinian people live like animals.
Why leave them living in ghettoes? Why do make them suffer so much?

Why UN doesn’t care about?

*I wanna make clear that I’m not defending this terrorist group which has been inflicting suffering to its own people besides Israelis. I’m only trying to understand the role of the UN in all this mess.

Let’s have a look at other case (also well-known by the entire wolrd): the Iraq war.

The US alleged that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and ties with - the nowadays famous - Al-Qeda. So, they made out maps, sattelites pictures and a bundle of “information from reliable sources” and the CIA, to prove that they are correct.
As it was seen to come, the world didn’t take the bait and so the US had to convince the Security Council about its fakes proof. Once again, the Security Council wasn’t convinced of those lies and didn’t want a war - which had already been carefully prepared by the US. Only the UK (unfortunately) cast her vote on this.

So, I ask: Where were the United Nation’s voice on this case? Why did she not punish the US for their lies? Why UN exists? Who control UN? Is UN only a puppet of someone? Her existence is only to protect a handful of countries? Why does she allow Palestinian suffering? Why does she allow so many injustice?

Why UN do not close its doors? It wouldn’t make any difference to the world.

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