31 Dec 2009

Al-Qeda: Are Terrorists Winning This War?

Nowadays, looking at what is going on in the world, I’m almost thinking that Osama Bin-Laden is winning this so called “War on Terror” - a rhetorical legacy of former US President George Bush and his British counterpart Tony Blair.

Let’s leave our emotional side aside and think reasonably.

Since 9/11, the world has changed - for the worse, of course. We have no FREEDOM anymore. We live under all sorts of alerts and we are always awaiting for the next attack that “Mr. Osama” will make on us.

Who’s to blame? Osama Bin-Laden and his minions or G. Bush and his sycophants? How it all began? Is this War on Terror worth it? Hmmm... when this war started, it had another aim...; if I’m not mistaken, it’s to find Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq, right? And there was nothing! So, to justify a “non-justified” war before the UN, softly G. Bush and Tony Blair changed theirs speeches and the “new aim” became to overthrow the “perilous” Saddam Hussein from power. They managed it; score to the allies!

One thing I’m totally aware: Islam is ALWAYS behind all those atrocities and because THIS religion that the world is enduring such a mess!

Ok, but my purpose here is not to write about something that everybody knows (though this war based on lies always leaves me annoyed) but to speak WHY I believe Al-Qeda is getting what they want, that’s to say, to turn our peaceful lives in a hell.

This week we could see that another attempt to take an airplane down was made by a Nigerian guy called Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab. His try resulted in a foiled attack because some passengers and crew members managed to act fast and held this insane man. Just as well, at this time, the only injured was the “terrorist” himself.

Thinking carefully about all this, I was led to believe that airplanes ARE NOT the main aim of Al-Qeda as the all the world have been assuming. Looking at this guy, I see nothing but a deceived guy, brainwashed to carry this act out. He isn’t that sort of terrorist we have pictured in ours minds, as being from a organised group. He seems more a puppet used by extremists than a “real” extremist. Now, as he chose this road to trail, he will pay for it.

Well, is exactly this that leaves me worried.

I don’t think terrorists are so stupids that will carry out the same attacks as they did in 2001. I believe what they are doing is just drawing our attention away from theirs real aim! I mean, while every one is concerned about having a safe fly, they are just plotting to do something bad underground or at sea.

But, till now it does not mean they are winning anything! You are right, in parts.
If we look carefully, we will realise we don’t have peace anymore, at least with regards to travel to/from the US. It looks like a paranoia but we are all terrorists till proven innocent! Yeah, it’s just like this! Apart from having to get a long queue at the airports, we are pad-downed, have our lives scrutinised and furthermore, agents will see our full body through scanners!

We cannot forget as well, that we have a limited freedom aboard.
First, carrying a simple bottle of water is not allowed. Second, if someone has a stomach ache and stay at the loo longer than usual, automatically this person is a “suspect”. Third, discussing aboard (even if it’s about a bad provided service) could be interpreted as a riot.

Up to this point, Al-Qeda got what they did: get rid of our ordinaries lives and turning them in a nightmare.

Now, looking economically, they are also succeeding in getting what they want.

Since 9/11, how much has the world been spending on security system and wars? Trillions of dollars! As example, I mention the United States. This country is stuck in two wars with no ending in sight! According to “The National Priorities Project” (http://costofwar.com/) the government has spent, to date, almost 1 trillion dollars! Crazy, isn’t? And we all could watch this very country tumbling economically one year ago! The money used to go to war, could have been used better to AVOID this economic crisis.

Analysing those facts, Osama Bin-Laden is really managing to get what he wants: to hit the US economically!

The US, by being a (very) capitalist State, revolves around money - and Bin-Laden, or his strategists, are aware of it. There’s the likelihood of him doing it (those terrorists attempts), only to destroy the country economically. If so, he is achieving his dream.

Of course, if we study it closely, causing deaths is the best way of bringing world’s attention to him. In reason of this, we must be always alert to do not allow it happen as in the past - and so, our fears are raised again!

Well, one can say, this money must be spent for our own security!
I agree!
However, it isn’t the bottom line. I want to bring your attention to WHY we started to pay for this! All began because those Islamists! And for them, we have been paying with our money, freedom and peace.

Till now, terrorists are achieving what they want, but I hope to have revenge.

I wish you all (except terrorists) a great 2010!

Thanks for supporting me more this year!

See you next year!

27 Dec 2009

Terror Attacks - Again!

This last week we could see one more case of “terrorism” on the air. A Nigerian man called Abdulmutallab, set off firecrackers inside an airplane as it was flying from Amsterdam to Detroit. The man was subdued by passengers and flight crew members and thank to those attitudes he did not manage to get the plane down.

As a result of it, security in the airports is getting tighter than ever, to prevent such things from taking place again.

But I’m talking about it just to bring your attention to one thing: Are the terrorists getting what they want? I think so, and will explain.

Let’s go back to the days before 9/11:

We had no problems traveling abroad by air; we were FREE to carry with us our bottles of water inside airplanes; any passengers with Arab name meant nothing for us; Muslims were nothing but religious people; our lives were not combed before taking visas, and so forth.

Nowadays, everything has changed. We are prisoners of our security system! All of us are potential suspects before embarking a plane and even naive children are frisked at the airports! Crazy, isn’t? We are all terrorists till proven innocent!

Things like that leave me thinking: Are we behaving EXACTLY as the terrorists want? Did they get what they were aiming at, that’s to say, making us LOSE our freedom? Is this “war on terror” created by former President George Bush worth it? Who is actually winning this war? Is this the better way to put an end to Al-Qaeda? How many years will it last? Two, three, decades? Will it have a winner? What’s for the future? More attacks by both sides? Civilians dying in both sides? What good the United Nations if they only watch and do nothing to help?

Yes, the world is changing; is getting worse every day.

I remember Newton’s Third Law: "To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." If he is still right (and I do believe it), this mess will never stop. I mean, if to every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction, Al-Qaeda will attack and the US will fight back and vice versa. It means that to reach peace one day is only a hypothetic thought!

Good lucky to us, survivors.

28 Nov 2009

Cocaine, LSD, Methamphetamine, Ecstasy, Heroin, Marijuana and so forth

Let’s talk about an issue that everyone says is prohibited and makes people unhealthy but that's very rare to see any advertising against it: DRUGS.

Tell me something: who did tell you that drugs make your body sick and is considered illegal? In the school? Your parents? When talking to your friends? Probably one of those. Have you ever noticed that is VERY RARE to watch on television or cinema any propaganda against drugs? It should be one of the most efficient ways of telling people about the power of destruction of drugs. However they do not do it.

It’s left me thinking about it.

By watching TV, I noticed that at some intervals, journalists say some reportages about cases of drugs. It is related to artists, players, businesswomen/men, politicians and all sorts of people from high society. We know that drugs is part of luxury.

We all could see that Andre Agassi, a former World No. 1 professional American tennis player who won eight Grand Slam singles tournaments and an Olympic gold medal in singles, wrote a book in what he confesses he made use of crystal methamphetamine.

It is only one case among so many others.

How many artists have you heard about that use or have used drugs? It is almost like part of any artistic party! I’m not going to cite names anymore; it isn’t my intention on this text. I just want to take your attention to this because who make drug cartels working are the high society! Cocaine, for example, means luxury.

How many films have you ever watched where “drug addicted” are shown inhaling cocaine, smoking marijuana and all kinds of drugs? As we see, there’s only propaganda in behalf of using drugs. So, if it is just like this, it’s absolutely understandable why the US never won the war on drugs inside Colombia.

It isn’t easy to fight against a market which moves on more than $70 billions only in the US, exceeding revenues by corporations such as Starbucks! Perhaps, it is a reason why there’s no advertises telling people that drugs like heroin, LSD, cocaine, marijuana, crack, methamphetamine, ecstasy, mandrax, dagga, barbiturates, etc, are harmful to our bodies and minds. The value and interest behind those drugs are higher than we can even imagine.

Thinking on this and looking at Rio de Janeiro, I feel sorrow for people who suffer with this (just to comment on an isolated example).

Let me explain.

For a long time Rio’s police have been fighting on drug traffickers and cartels that took over hills and shantytowns along all the city. I see it as an endless fighting.
The criminals use all types of weapons, ranging from grenades to antitank rockets. They fight not only the police but also rival gangs. Everyday lots of innocents, that are taken aback for street fighters, die in reason of those battles.

Why do those many people die?

Yes. These innocents die everyday to give way to drugs arrive in middle and high classes society. Those combats take place to make an artist party more lively and enjoyable. It happens because there are politicians and even some police officers who win a high amount of money to leave drug cartels make theirs “business” without being bothered. They die to give place to lives of orgy and luxury.

There are too much money involved in.

Well, looking all over it, we can see that the high and middle class are somewhat sponsors of all those deaths. So what? It’s fine to be a famous addicted, isn’t? It’s chic!
Deaths? Well, it doesn’t matter! What matter is to have lively parties and enjoy life (even if this joy is just an illusion)!

Welcome to hell, my old chap!

15 Nov 2009

Making a Wish - there are still great people in the world!

You, that usually visit and read my Blog, knows that I’m of the mind that human beings are more prone to bad things than to make nice ones. As usual, I still think like this.

However, last week, I could see that there are wonderful people with great hearts doing everything they can, to help others.

Perhaps you have already heard about “Make a Wish Foundation” (If not, it is a Organisation that do everything possible to make children wishes who have some kind of terminal (or very serious) diseases, come true).

This Foundation, contacted the company I work for, to ask for help to make a boy’s wish come true. This boy, called Vinicius, 11yo., has a dream of becoming airplane’s pilot (by the way, I work for “GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes”) and after everything adjusted, it was agreed that GOL would do all possible to make this boy happy.

I was just impressed by all team who worked a lot to make this boy pleased!
Starting with the two girls who are volunteers to Make a Wish Foundation, passing by the Captain who contacted the headship of the company to get authorisation to put it forward and finishing with the special chosen Flight Attendant who rendered all assistance and kindness to Vinicius and his parents, besides all people involved in this task, it was actually, a lesson of compassion!

For sure, this boy will never forget the gifts he received from GOL, the visit to Congonhas’ Tower Control (with support of all Air Force staff), the flight to Rio de Janeiro with Captain Corano, Co-Pilot Migueis and Flight Attendant Sandra, as well as his relatives and Make a Wish personnel.

Those actions, just show us that despite our world looking upside down, there are still terrific people doing amazing things for another human being, without thinking in taking advantage of, or getting something in exchange.

It must be registered.

Congratulations to all!

18 Oct 2009

Olympic Games 2016: No. We Are Not Prepared!

In the last post, I was asking ourselves if we were prepared to receive such an event. But, after looking at what has been occurring in Rio, for sure, I can affirm that Rio de Janeiro is not ready to host such important event.

Have a look at this:

Twelve people, including two police officers, were killed Saturday in a gun battle between two rival drug gangs in a slum in northern Rio de Janeiro.

The officers died when their helicopter was shot down over the neighborhood known as "Morro dos Macacos" (Monkeys' Hill). Residents set eight buses on fire during the clashes in an attempt to divert the attention of police. Usually, drug traffickers oblige them to do it or sometimes they do it by their own, to show support to drug gangs.

The violence comes two weeks after Rio, Brazil's second largest city, celebrated winning the 2016 Olympic Games.

Tarso Genro, a spokesman for the Ministry of Justice Nelson Jobim, told Record TV that the government would make resources available to "continue this fight."

Sergio Cabral, governor of Rio de Janeiro state, where Rio is located, told the network he was "very sad" over the deaths of the police officers.

So, how can a city surrounded by shantytowns and killing more people annually than Iraq War host an event such an Olympic Games?

I'm afraid of the result of all this!

4 Oct 2009

Olympics Games 2016: Are we prepared?

In the bid to host the Olympics, Rio de Janeiro was chosen to stage the 2016 Games. By being a Brazilian guy, it sounds nice and bad. It’s nice because finally the world is becoming really globalised and so, it isn’t only in the hands of the same ones of erstwhile.

Some time ago, it was almost impossible to conceive that a South American country might host a World Cup and Olympics Games. Now, we can see it is possible.

For us, Brazilians, it will be a hard challenge. We will need to proof to ourselves that we are able to cope with all kinds of hard tasks that will be risen in front of us as well as to show to the rest of the word that, in spite of being called as 3rd World, we are citizens of respect and capable of managing with such a challenge with creativity and will. The bad part is that we will pay a huge price for this.

First of all, we do not have national hospitals working properly, we do not have a National Health Care System, almost all Federal motorways are in bad conditions, the government does not invest in airports to deal with the internal and external demand for better runways, Air Traffic Control, flights and so forth (on the contrary, it charges all air companies with exorbitant taxes and gives nothing in return), our public transportation is chaotic, etc. In a nutshell, we do not have infrastructure enough to support such an event. Now, in less than six years, we will have to fix all this to the world. How? The government will charge us more than do today to spend this money on World Cup and Olympics Games.

Will it change? I don’t think so. If I well know Brazilian governments, they will only make up and conceal all those failures to foreigners eyes. After those events, “our world” will be back to our normal life.

Thinking regionally, Rio de Janeiro will have to work hard to hide its problems. Yes, I said “hide” since it’s almost impossible to put and end to so many problems that city has in reason of its abandonment and years of corruption and disregard since some decades ago, till now.

Is Rio de Janeiro beautiful? No. I’m sorry for the “cariocas” (people who was born in Rio) but Rio is a mess. There are wonderful places to go, it’s true, but more than 60% of this city is an thorough chaos.

If we look up, we will see slums areas everywhere; if we look down we will notice how dirty the city is. However, there are some nice beaches and places to visit such as “Praia da Barra” and “Ilha de Paquetá”. Ipanema and Copacabana unfortunately aren't like in the old days. Those famous beaches are nice but it are not so clean as they were used to being earlier. Ipanema is also the most sought place by high level prostitutes (or “garotas de programa”, as they like to be called). When I’m walking on the beach, I don’t know if that beautiful girl who is laying down and sunbathing is just a lonely girl enjoying the day or a prostitute awaiting for a client.

Rio, is surrounded by shantytowns where drugs traffic control everything, including the Police. It’s weird to see police officers carrying heavy weapons over theirs shoulders in a common daily basis but if they don’t, there’s a huge probability of being killed by bandits.
Welcome to Rio!

Nonetheless, Rio is not only about bad things and violence. Cariocas, usually, are nice people. They know the problems they have to tackle with, and I hope the government may give them all needed support to make this Olympics one of the most remarkable in the history.

This international competition is a big chance to Rio to go back to the earlier days and to become the “Marvellous City” as it was in the earlier 1960’s.

I hope it happens one day, but we will pay high taxes and bills for this forthcoming event.

27 Sep 2009

I'm From Other Planet

Perhaps you’ve already read on my earlier posts about my resentment at human beings. Well..., of course, unfortunately I’m also one of this specimen and I can do nothing to change it.
Ok, let’s keep in this way and thank God for allowing me to be one human.

I was observing two more human behaviours:

1) hypocrite
2) hazardous

The first one is, for sure, that kind of all of us “use” almost all days.

We pretend we are puritans to others but inside a room we show who we actually are; we say to stop violence but all films about violence we make the point of watching; we say that alcohol is a bad thing to our brains but at any party if we don’t drink even a “wee” we feel ourselves “out of the circle”; every adults (and nowadays a huge part os teenagers) make sex but no one talk about it and if someone is looking at a “adult picture” , most of people surrounding this one, will feel embarrassed; we are used to saying that love is beautiful but if we see a couple snogging we think “they should do it in another place”.

As you can see above, I have good reasons to think in this way...

As for the number 2, It’s not novelty that we are dangerous not only to our specimen but also to animals and to the entire planet. But, some time ago, I noticed that even without any hatred in our hearts towards a little bird, it’s almost impossible to get close to one, except pigeons.

I see that a small sparrow lay quiet on a wild and ferocious rhino while other kinds of birds enter into a crocodile mouth to eat from their teeth. There’s also so many birds among lions and others beasts! But... why do they run away from us? Even an innocent toddler who is just learning to walk and so it would be almost impossible to harm someone, do not get close enough even to a big egret!

So, I ask: who is wild? We, or animals?

I think WE are wild!

We destroy other humans to superimpose our own interests; we kill animals to use their skins as coats or ornaments; we spend billions of dollars to find a better weapon to destroy our “enemies” and give only a small amount to put an end to starvation in the world; we build wonderful buildings, avenues, motorways and bridges, by destroying all natural resources to construct them; we prefer to believe that our world was made as result of an explosion than to have conceived by creation of Someone - given that I have never seen any good thing coming out of any explosion till now! We may get married to someone for long years and it’s quite possible to do not know who this person is for decades! We have wild behaviours such as making noise to express our feelings (by yelling, clapping, hooting, etc).
We are strangers even to ourselves!

There’s so many accounts that it would be almost impossible to describe here. However I believe that with those few behaviours related above, you may think that I’m right.
Think about it and try to avoid being a human.

Thanks for reading.

J. Falcao, from another planet.

11 Sep 2009

9/11 - Eight years on, and nothing about building #7

It's quite hard to believe that eight years have passed since the deadly 9/11 attacks. It's hard to believe that it's also been eight years since the collapse of WTC building 7 that fell apart without apparent reason in this sad day. What's more interesting is that NO ONE talks about it and we see nothing related to this either on TV or books.

Why does this building collapsed if it was not hit by any airplane?

23 Aug 2009

Only a question:

Does the reason of so many conflicts, is our incapacity of understanding ourselves and our neighbours?

It's a difficult question...

15 Aug 2009

The Empire of Sarneys

The Appeals Court Judge Dácio Vieira, friend of Senator José Sarney, censored one of the most important newspaper of Brazil “O Estado de São Paulo" (The Sao Paulo State), because this one was going to publish information about Mr. Sarney’s son, a well off businessman, and his implication with politics and shady deals.

Mr. José Sarney, a kind of “colonel” from ancient days, has been using his power to conceal dubious methods of illicit enrichment since long time ago.

In 2002, in the firm of Mr. Sarney’s daughter,
Roseana Sarney (pictured), the Brazilian Federal Police found out about US$ 740.000,00 in cash in her private safety.
Ok, it’s not forbidden to have money in any house but at that time the Federal Police was investigating Mrs. Sarney for embezzlement.

Mrs. Roseana gave eight versions to police to describe why and where did that money come from. Even so, nothing happened and today she is (again) governor of State of Maranhão.

Looking at those few examples, one can have an idea of Sarney family influence in all spheres of Brazilian “corrupt” government.

They are sheriffs and every politician eat on their hands.

Brazil - Symbol of Corruption 2

It’s not a surprise!

Senator Paulo Duque, friend of Jose Sarney and “President of Counsel of Ethic” of Brazilian Senate, acquitted this latter of all denunciation of corruption. Mr. Duque who is member of the same political party of Mr. Sarney (PMDB), archived all process against Senator Sarney because, as he said, “The public opinion is voluble; it changes quickly, to be fair or unfair”.

Those politicians are proof that thieves govern us and are free to do what they want without fear of justice!

This is Brazilian politics.

25 Jul 2009

Brazil - a symbol of corruption!

I was just planning to write about my (unfortunately) corrupt country and make a list of the amount of news I have that talk about corruption. I could see that, it is impossible.

Bribery and dishonest advantages are common part of a daily basis in Brasilia, Capital of Brasil. Politicians are nothing but corrupts only thinking of making profits upon the common citizen who pay its taxes and bills to live in a better country.

Mr. President Lula, a man of whom the world learned to respect, is only one more blighter in this endless career of “crookery”. It’s been ages since I stopped thinking he is a good man. Now, it isn’t any surprise, he is supporting Mr. José Sarney, Senate President.

Only to you have an idea, I extracted this excerpt from BBC:

“At the heart of what is only the latest of many controversies has been the revelation of more than 600 "secret acts" which were signed over recent years and which were not officially approved by the Senate. These previously undisclosed measures included providing jobs for family members and friends of senators, as well as paying extra hours and giving pay rises to members of staff.

Some of those hired never turned up to do the work for which they were employed. The federal police have now been asked to carry out an investigation, and the "secret acts" have been annulled.”

“One of the best known names in Brazilian politics has been at the heart of this political storm - the current president of the Senate, Jose Sarney, who despite his position, claimed to know nothing of the "secret acts".

“He has also admitted that he did not declare a large home he owns in Brasilia to the federal electoral authorities, but says it was on his tax statement. He has also been accused of nepotism in relation to unpublished or "secret" appointments.”

You can read more at BBC News, by clicking here.

Look, sometimes I would like to be born in another country. I love Brazil, but I’m tired of so many gold-fathers taking advantages of public power to enrich themselves more and more. We work so much (and hard) to get something good to our lives!

While a Brazilian worker earn the minimum wage of ONLY US$232,50 (yes, it’s a shame but it’s true!) people like José Sarney and other Senators and Congressmen, are withdrawing US$2.000.000,00 dollars in cash, from the bank.

I would be very happy if Talebans blasted out of Brasilia all politicians!

19 Jul 2009

Captured US Soldier and Taliban

A still "unnamed" American soldier who was captured by Taliban last month finally appeared on a footage released by its captors. The soldier, who went missing on 30 June in Paktika province, eastern Afghanistan, said in the video he was captured as he lagged behind while on a patrol.

US military spokesman in Kabul, Capt Jon Stock, condemned the use of the video, of course. I also think that such an action is deplorable since any group or army using captives as propaganda is one of the most shames of human beings.

He adds that "The use of the soldier for propaganda purposes we view as against international law.”

Well, here lies a trap.
As everybody knows, American themselves do not respect international law. As example, we can see what is going on in Iraq and in Guantanamo Bay. The invasion of Iraq occurred against international law, right? The UN condemned this aggression and notwithstanding the US invaded Iraq to find “weapons of mass destruction”.

As for Guantanamo Bay, besides being a prison thoroughly against any international law, they - American - released lots of images of inmates. So, I wonder, why to condemn Taliban for showing such stupid act if they do the same? Of course I do not support neither what American military still does nor what Taliban has been doing. Both are totally wrong. However it’s easy to realise that this unfortunate American soldier has been used as a revenge for those American attitudes.

I wish this soldier good luck and hope he can come out of this situation alive and return to his family. But we must be aware that what is going on there is just a retribution to American policies towards Guantanamo and so many others injustice they have been doing around the world.

Video Showing Captured American Soldier in Afghanistan

12 Jul 2009

Two things

Next year, 2010, I’m waiting for two important events:
  • the creation of a Palestinian State;
  • the earthquake which will play havoc in Los Angeles.
Let’s wait and see if I'm wrong.

2 Jul 2009

Air France Fligh AF447 (3)

French investigators say they believe that the Airbus A330, AirFrance Flight 447, broke up on contact with water, not in the air.

As for my view, this is a cool method of shifting the blame onto pilots or to appease Airbus owners and travelers.

It's impossible to determine the cause of this accident in only 30 days, even more if we deem that the "black box" was not found, yet. So, based upon what did they conclude it? Wreckage?

Only a few pieces were recovered from the sea and I do not believe with only those portion they can say that the Airplane didn't explode in the air! It's baseless.

I really hope the French Navy may find the black-box. It will be nice to all people that use this kind of airplane to know the REAL cause of this sad accident.

1 Jul 2009


I will start this thread with a question: What is Islam?

I have been following this ongoing manifestations that’s been occurring in Iran after presidential election results. As we all know, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were declared winner of this election and so an outbreak of riots took place in this country. Ok, let’s consider it normal. However, after people clashing with police forces, some prisons and dead have been coming about; this rises concerns, since we know that Iran has Islamic laws and use them to punish any one who disobey their laws.

But, what does Islam mean?

I also could see that a beautiful young girl called Neda Agha-Sultan (pictured above) was killed by a sniper who apparently shot her on a “shoot-to-kill basis”. It was not clear is she was taking part in the protest while accompanied with her father or was just walking and looking what was going on. The case is that her dead brought Iran to the eyes of the world.

Is this the way Iran cope with manifestations?

To make manifestations on the streets, is necessary to get a special permission of the Iranian “Council of Guardians”, a kind of constitutional court that examines all legislation and confirm if it conforms to Islamic rules before passing to people.

Well, all this have got to do with Islam, right? We could see that the country is ruled by Islamic laws. But, let’s go a little bit further.

Neda Agha-Sultan was quick helped by an Iranian doctor, Mr. Arash Hejazi, who tried to give her first aid at the scene of the crime and struggled to save her, without success. The case is that Mr. Hejazi is considered a criminal “for creating confusion, since he was an eyewitness of what occurred. The killing of Neda had nothing to do with the manifestation” as declared General Ismail Ahmadi Moghadam, police chief of Iran.

Who will believe him?

Everybody knows that this doctor has been sought for saying that the girl was shot by Iranian forces. Even worse, he said it when arrived in London! I bet, Iranian Police has issued a writ to Interpol to find this doctor, not because he only “caused confusion” but they deem him as a traitor.

The international press are forbidden of reporting from Iran
to people around the world. By doing it they try to hide the confusion and repression that’s occurring out there. So, imagine how angry they are with this doctor who showed to the world what they are doing to Iranian people! Is this doctor a criminal? No, of course. But to the Islamic eyes of Iran he is.

As you can notice, I have more questions than answers. I still don’t know what a heck Islam means! Ok, it’s a religion. However what type of god do they have? I cannot understand a religion where its god only “punishes” people besides killing so many! In spite of respecting all religions, I’m compelled to believe that this one, in particular, is the most dangerous to humanity.


Rest in Peace, Neda.

28 Jun 2009

Ahmadinejad and Michael Jackson

Well, the President of Iran, Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has got nothing to do with Michael Jackson. However, I suppose, he is very happy with all this coverage on Michael's death. The reason? The international media stopped covering the Iranian protests for almost two days and, in this meantime, he can beat, arrest and coerce demonstrators freely!

Wake up media!

24 Jun 2009

Iraq to Iraqis, finally!

In the next 30 June 2009, American troops deployed in Iraq will withdrawal from that country gradually till mid of 2011. They are prepared to hand over Iraq to Iraqis.

The coalition, at that time - the US and the UK - “invaded” that country on March, 2003, by alleging that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and posed as a threat to their security and their allies. United Nations weapons inspectors found no evidence of WMD and the coalition criticised UN for being ‘bamboozled’ by Saddam Hussein. So, besides accusing Saddam of having WMD they also suggested that this dictator was looking for Al-Qeda’s support to combat the US. Thus, the coalition forged documents (I believe you remember this) to justify a war on Iraq.

We cannot forget that ex-President George W. Bush had to show to its country (and to the world) a real response to September, 11 attacks. A war was “needed” at that time, and he chose his father’s old enemy to struggle against. We also must recall that Mr. Bush had a strong public opinion of its American citizens in favour of this war.

Nowadays the Iraq war is still in progress but words like “weapons of mass destruction” were substituted for “war on terror” - a way of making people forget the reason of this war. There's also expression such as “insurgency” to shift blame to “Al-Qeda in Iraq” and not to Iraqis themselves, hostile to coalition.

According to Iraq Body Count (IBC) almost 100,000 Iraqis have lost their lives since 2003 due to this conflict, however, Opinion Research Business (ORB) an independent polling agency located in London, estimates that the total war casualties in Iraq are over 1 million deaths and it's still growing. As for the coalition, they have lost almost 5,000 personnel up to now, according to Iraq Coalition Casualty Count (http://icasualties.org/Iraq/index.aspx). And I’m not talking about thousands of wounded people.

Looking at all this I wonder if this endless conflict was worthwhile. This war has commenced with lies and there’s no justification when one uses lies to achieve an aim.

But this is MY opinion.

23 Jun 2009

Paedophilia and the Catholic Church (2)

I’m writing here again, to protest against the Pope and the Catholic Church.

In Rio do Sul, a city localised in the State of Santa Catarina, Brasil, a friar from the Order of Capuchin, was caught red-handed for indecent assault on a 13yo girl.

According to the Police, during the investigations they found thousands of pictures of semi-nude children in his computer. He also gave a mobile to that little girl as a “gift” and talked to her several times a day - but only to give her “spiritual orientation.”

In accordance with friar’s statement, he's never had any sexual relationship with this girl.

Do you believe him? What a tale!

Once more, a case of paedophilia within the Catholic Church and the Pope remains quiet! I wonder myself: WHY?
Is he concealing something? Does he approve of such attitudes? I don’t think so! However, if he does not address to his subordinates to put an end to this, perhaps he doesn’t mind about this issue.

What a shame, Pope!

15 Jun 2009

Presidents of Iran and Brazil

I have been following Iranian presidential elections and and actually found some kind of similarities with Brazilian presidential elections which took place some years ago. Not for those rallies we have been watching in Iran but for the presidents themselves.

President of Iran, Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, resembles a lot Mr. Lula, the Brazilian President, with regards to its ideology. Both of them, talk about what most of people want to hear, or to be more specific, they are that ones called “populists”.
Perhaps this is the chief association between them.

Mr. Lula as well as Mr. Ahmadinejad, promise everything to that ones called poor or to that ones shunned by society. They vow to struggle against nations that subjugate other countries (of course when they talk about this they are referring to ONE country - the US) and make alliances with countries potentially seen as partners. They also give the impression that they are the only solution to solve all problems.

Well, they are shrewd politicians.

Mr. Lula, despite his government having been implicated in all kinds of corruption, was able to win a second term due to his ability of managing difficult matters such as economy. He also succeed in getting a huge numbers of votes in reason of being wise and knowing how to hide corruption from voters. Rather than talk about embezzlement he only talked about the growth of economy. As well as Mr. Lula, the President of Iran, Mr. Ahmadinejad, utilised the same rhetoric. In their points of view, economy is more important than corruption, so, why speak about it?

Now, Mr. Ahmadinejad won another term to run his country. His opponent, Mr. Mousavi, has been telling that this election was a fraud. However, I don’t think so.
That ones who voted for Mr. Ahmadinejad are the sorts of people who see in him a representative of the Iranian people. As a whole, Iranians love when he says he want to see Israel wiped out of the map or when he confronts the US. This kind of defiance is seen as a relief by its people. The same occurred when Mr. Lula said that he would take from the rich and give to the poor. When the masses listen to this type of speech, they feel themselves delighted for having a leader who "really" cares about them. Nonetheless, it’s nothing but only a speech because what actually interest them is the power.

Next year we will have presidential elections. The group of Mr. President Lula, has been managing to find a way to allow him to run a third term. However he says that he is not intending to run one more term (I don’t believe that) and pointed out his Ministry of Civil House, Mrs. Dilma Rousseff, as his potential candidate to 2010. Likewise, she is also populist and - what’s worse - she was a left-wing guerrilla who took part in armed fighting in earlier 60’s! She described herself as a subversive person engaged in subversives activities.

What a future holds me!

12 Jun 2009

Air France - Flight AF447 (2)

Browsing through a wide range of news media sites, I noticed that all of them talk about “pitot tube” as the main suspect of bringing the Airbus A330 down. Nevertheless, this simple (and important) device, in my opinion, isn’t the culprit of this sad event.

It’s too early to say that, I know, but I still believe that an explosion took place on board
of that doomed flight or the plane just disintegrated in mid-ar . In my humble view, I guess that the petrol pump inside the wing suffered a short circuit, and as a result, did send everything out to the air.

Let’s wait for the outcome of investigation.

7 Jun 2009

Air France - Flight AF447

Unfortunately last week we have watched more one air disaster. An Airbus A330 went missing when flying from Rio to Paris. The reason to this crash is still unknown.

The missing aircraft, registered under the number F-GZCP, was MSN (Manufacturer Serial Number) 660, delivered to Air France from the production line in April 2005. The aircraft had accumulated approximately 18,800 flight hours in some 2,500 flights. It was powered by CF6-80E1 engines. (This paragraph is a excerpt from Airbus site at http://www.airbus.com/crisis/aircraftdesc.html).

I’ve never trusted in Airbus.
Despite being a very comfortable airplane, I don’t like it because automatic controls used in this brand, have total control of the plane by surpassing pilot’s control. In my point of view, it could never happen! If you look back 20 years, you’ll find out that 19 air disasters happened in reason of technical failures on Airbus. So, I would rather fly other brands like Boeing, Embraer, McDonnell Douglas and so forth. At least all those brands are built by giving the pilot total control over the machine.

I hope all families can have the bodies of their beloved ones. I pray for them.

It’s also praiseworthy the ongoing work our Brazilian Navy and Air Force have been doing on the ocean. I wish them good luck in such hard tasks.

Finally, I wish our Minister of Defence Nelson Jobim, stops saying lots of nonsense in a so critical situation.

23 May 2009

The Pope remains in silence about child abuse

I cannot admit the Pope to remain in silence before so many cases of child abuse inside the Catholic Church! Why? Is he concealing it? Does he agree with it? I don't think so! So, why do not say anything about those lots of paedophilia cases within the Church?

Have a look at this text I extracted from CNN.com :

"Thousands of children suffered sexual abuse, beatings, malnutrition and emotional abuse for decades in the Irish institutions where they were raised, an Irish government commission said Wednesday.
Sean Ryan, chairman of the commission appointed by the Irish government, announces his findings Wednesday.

Sean Ryan, chairman of the commission appointed by the Irish government, announces his findings Wednesday.

Catholic clergy ran the vast majority of the reformatories and orphanages where the abuse allegedly took place, it said.

There were institutions where sexual abuse was a "chronic problem" and where "floggings" that "should not have been tolerated in any institution" were "inflicted for even minor transgressions," the commission's wide-ranging report says.

The report details the case of one "serial sexual and physical abuser" who "physically terrorized and sexually abused children in his classroom" in six schools over a period of 40 years -- and was "persistently protected" by church and educational authorities. The man, identified only by a pseudonym, was finally convicted of sexual abuse in the 1980s, the report says.

Adults were not the only ones inflicting abuse, the report charges -- in some schools older boys harmed younger ones.

Children with special needs were among the victims, the report says.

Boys were far more likely to be sexually abused than girls, the report says. About half of all witnesses who testified to the commission's confidential committee said they were sexually abused. More than nine out of 10 said they were physically abused. Video Watch abuse survivor speak about what happened »

The Irish Catholic Bishops' Conference declined to comment on the report. The report will not lead to prosecutions, which has prompted anger from some people who say they were victims of abuse.

The five-volume report is the result of a nine-year inquiry into allegations of child abuse at the institutions from 1936 to the present. Most testimony focused on the years between 1936 and 1970.
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* Report: Special-needs kids abused in schools
* Scottish court convicts 8 men over child sex abuse
* Suit claims abuse, filth at juvenile detention center

The institutions included reformatories, hospitals, orphanages, children's homes and industrial schools. Industrial schools were homes to orphans, children accused of petty crimes and teenage mothers, and existed in Ireland until the 1980s.

Tens of thousands of Irish youngsters went through these institutions, with some of them later saying they suffered horrible abuse. The issue was known in Ireland for decades but little was said publicly because many of the schools were linked to religious orders through the Roman Catholic Church.

The report concluded that sexual abuse of boys at one of the Christian Brothers' schools, in Artane, was a "chronic problem."

"Complaints were not handled properly and the steps taken by the congregation to avoid scandal and publicity protected perpetrators of abuse," the report says. "The safety of children was not a priority at any time during the relevant period."

Another of the order's schools, in Letterfrack, was an "inhospitable, bleak, isolated institution" where sexual abuse also was a chronic problem, the report says. Video Watch how commission has reported on abuse »

"Physical punishment was severe, excessive and pervasive and, by being administered in public or within earshot of other children, it was used as a means of engendering fear and ensuring control," the report said.

The Department of Education comes under harsh criticism in the report, which calls the government agency "deferential and submissive" toward the religious orders that ran the institutions. Its inspection system "was fundamentally flawed and incapable of being effective."

Police and parish priests, the Department of Education and the schools themselves fielded complaints about the abuse, with mixed results, the report says.

The turning point came in 1996, when state broadcaster RTE aired a documentary detailing abuse suffered by former pupils at St. Vincent's Industrial School in Dublin. RTE followed that up with a documentary series three years later looking at the abuse suffered by children throughout the entire care system.

That prompted then-Prime Minister Bertie Ahern to issue a formal apology on behalf of the state to victims of child abuse. Soon afterward, he established the commission.

While the report may be a catharsis for many victims of abuse, it has come under criticism because the commission is not allowed to "name and shame" perpetrators.

The names of the schools and institutions may be made public -- and many of them are already well known -- but names of alleged abusers will be kept secret unless they have already been convicted.

Children's charities welcomed the report.

"It is very important that the full extent of the horrendous abuse experienced by thousands of young people for over half a century in institutions and at the hands of religious orders in Ireland is exposed," said Melanie Verwoerd, executive director of the United Nations Children's Fund Ireland.

"The extent and systematic nature of the abuse is indicated as far more widespread than even previously thought," she said. "The publishing of the report is not only to be welcomed, but also represents a brave and courageous attitude on behalf of the Irish government to face up to the extent of these crimes against children."

The commission was ordered to inquire into allegations of abuse in institutions and to determine the nature, causes, circumstances and extent of the abuse. It also looked at the role of the institutions and their supervision.

The total cost of the investigation was €60.8 million ($83.7 million), the commission announced Wednesday."

10 May 2009

Amazon owns to us - Brazilians!

Below, I transcript the answer that the ex-governor of Distrito Federal, Cristóvão Buarque, told to students of an American University (sorry if you find many mistakes, it isn't easy to translate from Portuguese to English):

"In fact, as a Brazilian, I simply would speak against internationalisation of Amazon. Even our governments do not caring of this patrimony with the due solicitude, it owns to us. Being a humanist, and feeling the risk of environmental degradation that Amazon has been suffering, I can imagine its internationalisation, as well as everything that is important to mankind.

If the Amazon, from an ethic and humanist perspective, should be internationalised, we also should internationalise all reserves of oil in the whole planet. The oil is so important to the welfare of mankind as the Amazon to our future. Nevertheless, the owners of those reserves, feel that they have the right of increasing or decreasing oil extraction as well as its price.

In the same way, the financial assets of world’s richest countries should be internationalised. If the Amazon is a reservoir for humanity, she cannot be burnt by an owner’s wishes or a country.

Buning the Amazon is so serious as unemployment provoked by arbitrary decision of global speculators. We cannot admit that financial reserves are used to burning whole countries in the thirst for money by those speculators.
Before internationalising Amazon, I would like to see all museums in the world undergoing an internationalisation. The Louvre should not own only to France. Each museum in the world is a guardian of the most beautiful pieces produced by human geniality.
We cannot allow that this patrimony, like the natural patrimony of Amazon, to be manipulated by an owner’s wishes or one country.
Sometime ago, a Japanese millionaire, decided he would be buried with a painting made by an important master of arts. Why did nobody have internationalised this painting before?

During this meeting, the United Nation is realizing the Millennium Forum Assembly, but, authorities of some countries had difficulties of taking part in this Forum due to the embarrassing they would face in the US customs. Than, I think that New York, being the headquarters of the UN should be internationalised. At least Manhattan should own to all mankind. As well as Paris, Venice, Rome, London, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Recife, each city, with its specific beauty, its history, should own to the whole globe.

If the US (or whichever*) want to internationalise the Amazon, for the risk of leave it on Brazilian hands, let’s internationalise all nuclear arsenals of the US (and of the rest of the world**). After all, they have shown they are capable of using those weapons against humanity, provoking destruction millions times more devastating that those regrettable forests fires that have been happening in Brazil.

"In those ongoing debates, the current candidates for the presidency of the US, have been defending the idea of internationalising the Amazon in exchange for our external debts. Let’s start using this money to ensure that each child in the world will have food and go to school.
Let’s internationalise all children, by taking care of all of them, without minding which country they come from; they deserve to be cared by the entire world. Still more than what Amazon deserves.

When the leaders of the world, cherish poor children of the world as a patrimony of humankind, they would not allow those children work when they should be studying, they would not allow they die when they should be enjoying theirs lives. Being a humanist, I accept the internationalisation of the globe...

However, whilst the world address to me by calling me a Brazilian, I will fight for the Amazon to be only ours!

* and ** - my notes.

3 May 2009

Let's Cry - Atomic Tests

Look at this excerpt of Radiochemistry Society website (http://www.radiochemistry.org):

“Between 16 July 1945 and 23 September 1992 the United States of America conducted (by official count) 1054 nuclear tests, and two nuclear attacks. The number of actual nuclear devices (aka "bombs") tested, and nuclear explosions is larger than this, but harder to establish precisely. Some devices that were tested failed to produce any noticeable explosion (some by design, some not), other "tests" (by official definition) were actually multiple device detonations. It is not clear whether all multiple device tests have yet been identified, and enumerated.”

According to Farlex Encyclopaedia:

“France conducted the first of eight planned underground tests in September 1995 at the Mururoa atoll in French Polynesia. However, after carrying out six of these tests, it announced a ‘definitive end’ to its nuclear-testing programme in January 1996; the head of the programme admitted that radioactive iodine had leaked into the sea around the Mururoa atoll, but in ‘insignificant amounts’.

During the second half of May 1998 India and Pakistan conducted a combined total of 11 nuclear tests (five by India followed by six by Pakistan), provoking widespread international outrage, led by the ‘Big Five’ nuclear powers – Britain, China, France, Russia, and the USA. A campaign by the Group of Eight industrial powers, launched by forceful US sanctions against India and Pakistan, claimed some success with the announcement in early June by both Delhi and Islamabad of test moratoria. On 12 June the G-8 countries announced a freeze on all non-humanitarian loans to the two countries in protest at their recent tests. The freeze was largely symbolic given the halt to all International Monetary Fund and World Bank lending imposed late May.”

My conclusion:

Nowadays we have been told that this global warming is regarded to industrial pollution, carbon dioxide emitted by cars and airplanes, methane, deforestation and a handful of others ‘causes’ related to this.

But, I have some questions:

1) Have you ever imagined how harmful those atomic tests are to the globe?
2) Don’t you think that this tests are more hazardous then all those mentioned ‘causes’ above?
3) Do you really believe that the rapid melting of the Polar Caps are regarded to the ‘announced causes’?

I believe that the cause of all this global warming has its roots in atomic tests around the world.
If we consider that we do not know exactly how many tests are made annually, we can realise that those horrible devices - made to destroy our planet - are the real cause of so many damaging to our Earth.

2 May 2009

Let's laugh!

Guys, It's a pity we have no ITV in Brazil! This is one of the best shows I've ever seen!

Let's have a look at this video! Its hilarious! :-p

21 Apr 2009

Nuclear Weapons - Russia and the US

I just want to point out an issue that the global media has been pursuing more than ever about bilateral conversation of Russia and the US over nuclear disarmament.

This subject has been taking attention from the entire globe, since they both are the most powerful on Earth (militarily speaking). The ongoing speech says that those countries are dealing with the aim of ‘reducing’ their nuclear arsenal, including warheads, submarines and vessels.
Well, since the discovery of atomic bomb, military forces of the globe have been pursuing this kind of technology whichever to defend themselves against a potential enemy or to subjugate other nations. We cannot deny that the countries which own a nuclear weapon is more respected than the ones which do not have this artefact. So, thinking in this way, do you really believe that Mr. Barack Obama and Mr. Dmitri Medvedev are really keen on getting rid of those devices? I don’t think so. If we think about the money they invested along decades to get those weapons working, I feel myself compelled to believe that this is nothing but a nice speech of both presidents.

Hmmm... we also must consider that they are not talking about ‘put an end’ to those ‘weapons of mass destruction’ (WMD); they are talking about ‘reducing’ them.

So, what does it mean? What does reducing 3.000 warheads to 500 mean? Nothing!

Only to give you an idea, during the Second World War, the atomic bombs dropped over Hiroshima e Nagasaki - “Little Boy and Fat Man” (were the bombs’ name), had about ‘only’ 15 kilotons and 21 Kilotons respectively. Nowadays ‘kilotons’ is a joke! The countries which have those armaments talk about megatons!

Can you see? If in 1945 the US dropped two ‘weak’ bombs and played so many havoc, what’s more if they launched an attack by using ‘onlyONE missile with ONE megaton!

In reason of those facts I’m very sceptic over those bilateral conversation. REDUCE is not the world they should talk but WIPE OUT those weapons should be used, instead.

11 Apr 2009

Lucky drunk guy !

Hi folks,

Do you know what does "luck" mean? No? So, have a look at this video!

What a drunk-lucky guy ! It's actually impressive !

Lucky guy !

5 Apr 2009

G20 - Silvio Berlusconi vs. Angela Merkel

We all had followed the G20 summit that had taken place in London. As you know, this meeting was a try to cope with this ongoing financial crisis that has been devastating our globe.

However have you thought about how serious this meeting was? I bet you know (but not Mr. Silvio Berlusconi, who preferred to talk on his mobile than to greet Mrs. Angela Merkel).

Looking at his behaviour we can imagine how serious the leader of Italy was on this meeting. Thank God, it was not our president - Mr. Lula - who did it. I just can figure out what the world press would say if a president of a called "3rd World" had ignored a Prime Minister of a "1st World"!!
At least our president - whom I do not support for his politics in Brasil - did well his role in this summit.

Look at the video below; it's funny!

Mr. Silvio Berluconi ignoring Mrs. Angela Merkel

22 Mar 2009


I still cannot figure out why we are so hypocrites when talking about sex! Why?
It should be a ordinary matter and not a taboo! It gives us pleasure and serenity! Murdering and robbery is forbidden but not SEX!

It's hard to believe that our society still thinks of sex as a taboo!

What is important to you?

Which is better:
To know how the global economy is going on or who will be eliminated from Big Brother?
To learn about a new way of making profits by managing your business or to watch a soap opera?
To study or to watch MTV?
To go out with your friends or stay at home with your parents?
To play sports or to chat on internet?

What are you doing on Earth? What are your hopes?

15 Mar 2009

A little girl is rapped; the hypocrites speak.

I’m here again to put into words my indignation over an event which took place here, in Brazil, and moved the whole country.

A man, 23 years old, rapped a little 09 years old girl. This is absolutely terrible!

This little girl got pregnant and was expecting twins babies and as the case was brought in to the police (and the News) was a general consent that this poor girl should suffer an abortion; It makes sense!

As the days was passing by, this little girl had the abortion made by specialized doctors. Everything was going on nice till the Catholic Church make a disgusting pronunciation: the Archbishop of Olinda, Recife, Dom José Cardoso Sobrinho (seen above) said that he had decided excommunicate the doctors who made the abortion and the mother of the little girl who allowed this abortion take place because as his viewing of the case, “the human law contradicts the God’s law”.

What a bird-minded bishop!

Worst than ever is figure out that Catholic Church supported this bishop and adamantly said that this little girl should not have an abortion!

They are completely crazy!
So, do they think that a child should raise a baby in name of Catholic principles? Crazies!

The Archbishop also said: “We, of Catholic Church, are obligated to enunciate God’s laws. The ends don’t justify the means and the human law contradicts God’s law, Who is contrary to the death.”

What a hypocrite!

If they followed God’s law, they should demonstrate love and compassion in a case like that! They also should get married since the Bible says:

" 1 Timothy 3 (New King James Version)

Qualifications of Overseers

1 This is a faithful saying: If a man desires the position of a bishop, he desires a good work. 2 A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, temperate, sober-minded, of good behaviour, hospitable, able to teach; 3 not given to wine, not violent, not greedy for money, but gentle, not quarrelsome, not covetous; 4 one who rules his own house well, having his children in submission with all reverence 5 (for if a man does not know how to rule his own house, how will he take care of the church of God?); 6 not a novice, lest being puffed up with pride he fall into the same condemnation as the devil. 7 Moreover he must have a good testimony among those who are outside, lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil. "

So, how could Catholic Church say that they follow God’s law? Even the Pope is not married! If he does not follow Bible’s commandments why are they attacking doctors and a mother who is trying to bring dignity to her little girl ?

It’s disgusting!

There are so many cases in the entire world about Catholic Priests paedophiles and now that a girl needs help what they do is just to excommunicate the doctors who saved her life!


Thank God I have no religion - but I try and follow God’s commandments by myself - and not a reign, like Catholic Church.