27 Jan 2009

What's happening to BBC ?

Some time ago, I wrote about why I thought BBC tends towards some type of information. At that time, I was talking about the last Gaza conflict.

Now, BBC has been accused of refusing to broadcast a charity appeal for Gaza aid.

I must say that I’m fully disappointed with this. To me, BBC was one of the most reliable information sources in the world and all this came down when I listened to the news talking about this frustrating refusal (apart from my experience a month earlier).
Yesterday, BBC Radio has aired an interview with British politicians who are appealing to BBC to broadcast this ad and even thought its director – Mark Thompson - stands adamantly opposed to it.

As he writes in a blog post on the corporation's Web site:

"We concluded that we could not broadcast a free-standing appeal, no matter how carefully constructed, without running the risk of reducing public confidence in the BBC's impartiality in its wider coverage of the story”

"Inevitably an appeal would use pictures which are the same or similar to those we would be using in our news programs but would do so with the objective of encouraging public donations. The danger for the BBC is that this could be interpreted as taking a political stance on an ongoing story," Thompson said.
"Gaza remains a major ongoing news story, in which humanitarian issues -- the suffering and distress of civilians and combatants on both sides of the conflict, the debate about who is responsible for causing it and what should be done about it -- are both at the heart of the story and contentious," he added.

If you have read the text I posted earlier, you’ll se an interesting experience I’ve had with CNN and BBC. I tested both broadcasting corporations to know if they really were impartial - or not.
CNN showed itself totally impartial even when involving delicate issues such as Iraq war and so forth, very contrary to BBC which is prone to one side only.

It’s disappointing because for long years apart I had BBC as the #1 Broadcasting TV in the world. Now, it’s just confirmed what I had suspected before: such as lots of broadcasting corporations in the world – including Brazilian media – BBC is nothing but a company which is compromised with someone’s interests and not with reality.

I know that there’s always interests behind the scenes, still more when concerning about companies that have the power of using words around the world. Nevertheless, they should never present themselves as prejudiced even if they disagree with some reports.

The truth and reality must be priority, ever. International (and also national) broadcasting TVs, radios and even newspapers, should never be influenced by this kind or paradigm. If they do so, they will undermine its credibility along with its watchers/viewers/readers. They also might realise that to get its confidence back will not be an easy task.
Then, do I consider BBC partial? No, I don’t. But I still believe that this corporation is credible in spite of casting doubts over its preferences. However, I’m sure she only broadcasts what is of its own interest and the altogether compromise with the audience is set aside, unfortunately.

I hope one day the BBC might rethink it and be the same as it was used to be in the past.

Now, in my point of view, CNN International is the most reliable news source in the planet.

25 Jan 2009

Is there life beyond Earth ?

This is a delicate matter: is there life out there?

We should not rule it out nor make fun of UFO experts.
I was observing this NASA's video footage shown below and thought it's very weird to see that "thing" moving around so fast.

What would it be?

An alien flying around?

20 Jan 2009

Barack Obama, President of the US * 20-Jan-2009

Today Barack Obama has sworn in as President of the United States of America.

He vowed to tackle the nation's economic woes forcefully and guaranteed accountability among Americans.

Nice words and it’s also nice to see an African-American leading the most powerful country in the world.

Well, I hope that, better than words, he may be really do something he's been promising.
Talking is easier than making things happen...

Thank God, George Bush has gone away!

Good luck, Obama.
God help our broken world!

18 Jan 2009

TV Globo - always manipulating what you see !

I have written here some time ago, about the power of the press.

Today I was watching our most "reliable" TV channel in Brazil (TV Globo) and could see how unfair this channel is.

They (its journalism) manipulate information and air them as well as they can, without scruples!

It's a pity we do not have a channel like CNN or BBC in Brazil. So, we have to swallow those kinds of manipulated information and separate them to try and find something useful and credible.

Wanna watch TV in Brazil? Rent a film or turn on your satellite TV receptor.

17 Jan 2009

Cesare Battisti is a free man in Brazil !

Our "honorable" Mr. President Lula has granted political asylum to an Italian extremist called Cesare Battisti, who assassinated 04 people in Italy.
Tarso Genro, Minister of Justice, said that Italian Justice was doing nothing but a political persecution to that man.
What an insanity!

This is Brasil!

But, what we could hope from a government made by political “militants” (to do not say left-wing guerrilas)? If you look back, you’ll see that there are lots of politicians in this current government, which took part in guerrillas (see: José Genoino, Palocci, José Dirceu, Dilma Rousseff, etc), so we should not be astonished with this shameful decision of our Brazilian government...

Go, ahead Mr. Lula and partisans, and make our country well-known around the world for your stupidity!

15 Jan 2009

Gaza Strike 2 - Who is right ?

As this ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip still gets our attention, and I realised it’s almost impossible I brush this issue aside, I would like to point out – again – my point of view of this so called “war”.

First of all, I do not think that WAR is the correct word to describe this conflict.

Looking for a meaning to this word, I found on Wikipedia that “War is the reciprocal and violent application of force between hostile political entities aimed at bringing about a desired political end-state via armed conflict.” Then, I can say that what is going on in Gaza is not a war.
Israel has been fighting against a group – and not a real army.
So, what is it?
It’s just a armed conflict; period.

Now, let’s have a UNBIASED view of this conflict.

Thinking calmly, and looking back, we see that Hamas has been hitting Israel for a long time, incessantly, by firing rockets or blowing up themselves into Israeli cities. The reason to do this, as they say, is because they want a free Palestine, a free State.

To blow up themselves and to launch rockets at Israelis towns is absolutely wrong. However, to fight for freedom is absolutely right (you would do it, wouldn’t you?). Nobody likes being subjugated by anyone, moreover by a State – and it is what Israel has been doing to Palestine for years.

But, Israel has a reason to do that (or not?).

Would you live in peace by learning that your neighbour do not accept your existence and would do whichever it could to destroy you? I don’t think so.
Perhaps, we can think that, if Israel recognised Palestine as a sovereign State they – Hamas, Fatah and all the Arab World – would stop those aggression against Israel and all of them would live in peace, right?
Well, it’s hard to believe in it.

Iran, want to wipe Israel out the map.
Syria thinks the same.
Lebanon do not talk freely about this but do not do anything to get rid of Hezbollah – which caused a similar conflict in 2006.
Egypt live in Peace with Israel, but nobody doubts there’s still sorrow for the Six-Day War (nevertheless, I think that Egypt has no intention of attacking Israel and will try and live in Peace as most as possible; Egyptian are clever).
The rest of Arab World, we know, don’t like Israel; it’s not secret. But, due to its politics, they prefer speaking to fighting – and it makes sense.

By contemplating all this, do you still believe that Palestine would live in peace with Israel in case of getting its own autonomy?

Looking to the other side, I’m still trying to understand why Israel has launched this attack on Palestinians.
They say that this is to put an end to Hamas attacks. Do you believe that? I don’t.
If they want to stop Hamas attacks they would use its Secret Service – the Mossad - to kill the men behind the scenes and who are actually heading those strikes. Nonetheless, Israeli army were set to cope with this problem by attacking from sea, land and air. Why? They aren’t fighting against an army!
The answer is: Israel is using its power to show to Iran – or whatever potential enemy could be - what it could expect in case of an aggression. They are using its power to prevent a real war against a real country.
It isn’t a war against Hamas. Israel is just using an excuse (rocket attacks on Israeli soil) to alert its enemies what they might get in case of an strike.
I can see Palestinians as a guinea pig, in this case.

So, is Israel wrong of attacking Gaza?
I don’t have this answer.
If you ask it to a Jew, he would answer “no, by all means!”. However, if you ask an Arab or Palestinian, they will give an opposite answer.

Think about these questions:

1) Would you like to know that one day a rocket could hit your house and kill someone you love?
2) Are Palestinians victims of Hamas or Israel?
3) Who have started it?
4) Why do not to recognise a legitimate country?
5) Why do not accept a peaceful deal?


l) What have got more than 200 children to do with all this?
ll) Why attack by air, land and sea?
lll) Why do not allow international press to cover this conflict from inside the Gaza Strip?
lV) Why never respect the UN?
V) Why use white phosphorous shells to attack an enemy if this sort of weapon was banned by international laws?

Whatever Israel do against Hamas (that’s to say, Palestinians), one thing they will achieve for sure: to bring world’s attention to Palestinian cause; the same is valid to those who fight against Israel, that’s to say, to bring the world’s attention to the Israeli cause.

Quotting Albert Einstein: “The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

I can conclude that PEACE is an unknown word to that people. Since Christ’s era they fight and so, it is not by these days that they will live in peace, together.
This conflict will end and they will get prepared to others still to come. It’s cultural.
Perhaps I do not understand this kind of "blood-culture", but I try. If they enjoy hatred, it’s ok, although I’ll never accept it. Many people around the world also do not understand why we Brazilians enjoy carnival… - and it’s our culture!
But at least we have joy…

PEACE to all!

11 Jan 2009


SEX..., pleasure !

What do you think about that?

I’ve realised that I have been writing through this Blog more about war and conflicts then things that make us happy. Ok... it’s our reality, right? However let’s set it aside and talk of another NICE reality: SEX !

If I can talk freely about WAR - which only kill people and just bring us disgrace - why can I not talk about something that give us pleasure and joy - SEX ?

I’m not turning this Blog in a porn site. I only wanna tell you that if we made more sex, we wouldn’t have too much time to think of hurting someone!

Let’s make sex!! ;-p

10 Jan 2009


I have been receiving some messages from people around the world alleging that this ongoing war (in Gaza) is justified.
I must say that I totally disagree on this matter. There's no excuse for making wars.

War is an insanity; is cruel. Usually who pays for it, are civilian people which has got nothing to do with it. War is the incapacity of human being of understanding another human being.
When there's a war, it means that there's a dialogue failure.

God has created us.

We destroy ourselves.

5 Jan 2009

Gaza Under Attack 1

Guys, I cannot believe!

Hamas militants are still launching rockets into Israel! They are completely crazy!
Why do they not realise that acting in this way they will only bring more troops to bash them? They are killing themselves!
They should stop launching rockets into Israel and rather than bring suffering to its own people, they could think of making PEACE!

Hamas is an insane group! I can see...

3 Jan 2009

Gaza Under Attack

I would rather say nice news on this first text of 2009, but I can't.

Well, I try to keep international politics off my mind but I realised I just can’t. I’m again, going to talk about this last - and still ongoing - Israeli strike on Gaza. Perhaps it’s because it is what I can see when switching on my telly to watch the news almost every day, or it’s just because I enjoy putting into words what I think of all this.

You may know that Israel has been attacking Gaza since 27th December 2008. The excuse for making this war is that Hamas has been launching rockets into South Israel for a long time without stopping.
Ok, that’s a point.

If I were an Israeli, I might would think that the best solution to put an end to those launching is by annihilating Hamas.
That’s right.
However, what I can see is that Israel is not only attacking Hamas (a so called “terrorist group”) but the entire Palestinian people - and it is not right.

I’ve just seen Ehud Barack, Israeli Minister of Defense, saying that this incursion is intending “only” to crush Hamas and not to harm civilians.
Nice words, but altogether hypocritical.
Everybody knows that Israelis hate Palestinian and vice versa! Does anyone believe that the Israeli’s only intention is to kill Hamas militants? Of course not! The most Palestinian they kill the better to them.

Now, let’s have a unbiased look at Hamas.
The world consider Hamas a terrorist group (I also think this). However, have you ever stopped to think “why”? The answer is simple: they wish a real and free State! So, as they do not have an army to fight face-to-face against another army (yes, if your country has an army you can kill other’s country people without being afraid of being called terrorist) , they use terrorist tactics to combat its enemy. That is to say, they kill innocent people in restaurants, on buses, etc. It’s something like IRA in Ireland till some time ago.
Well, this is terrorism!
But what about being besieged by an army for years without permission even to work in peace? What about do not having basic supplies to live (or to survive) in places seemed as ghettoes? Isn’t terrorism as well? By all means!
Hmmm... but killing innocent civilians during an open war is not terrorism!

If we stop and think, we will realise that it depends on the point of view of each one to describe terrorism.

The main problem is that we are used to absorbing everything the press give us without thinking. If they say everyday that something or somebody is a devil, we probably will accept it without objections and will believe it without even looking for the other’s side view (it isn’t necessary to say that It is NOT valid for Al-Qeda, jihad fighters and all sort of terrorist which were born to kill anyone who does not follow its (crazy) teaching!). We are just used to digesting news everyday!

Although I disagree on Hamas’ methods of fighting for a free Palestine, I do understand its struggle to get it. Nevertheless they are so bird-minded that use terrorism to achieve its aims! As you know, they fight among themselves to get the power to... bring its “State” to a chaos! Do you recall when they overthrew Fatah to get in power? Nowadays, Fatah lay on West Bank without support even of its own people.
Palestinians themselves have chosen Hamas to lead them. They were just tired of getting international promises of having a State and so, tried Hamas. Now they are paying a bitter price for its choice.

It is not because this that this strike on Gaza is justified.

Israel has been saying that they will go into this fighting till they clear the area of all rockets.
Hmmm... I have already heard a similar speech in 2006.
Do you remember when Israel invaded Lebanon with the purpose of finding two kidnapped soldiers by Hezbollah? Well, they destroyed Lebanon and didn’t find that poor buggers!
And the world?
Kept in silence, as usual.
At that time, the destruction of a city and the killing of lots of innocents were well-justified by two soldiers. Two Israelis are more valuable than dozens of Lebanese as well as a dozen of Israelis are more valuable than hundreds of Palestinian.

By acting in this way, Israel is losing ground and its reason before the world.
Israel is a powerful country and knows how to tackle this kind of problem. It doesn’t need to use this type of force. Instead, it could use the Mossad (its respectable secret service) to manage this. If they did it but didn’t achieve good results, they should attack Hamas but NOT with this disproportional strength. It’s coward to attack someone which does not have even one airplane to defend itself!

We can figure out the outcome of all this: more deaths on both sides and Israel do not achieving its goal.

War is the most stupidity ever showed by men; dialogue is always the best way. Nevertheless, when one side prefer this “stupidity”, it’s not necessary show it to the letter.

Could someone tell them that PEACE is better than war? They both (Israelis and Palestinians) do not know what it is.

The price of this you can see below..., unfortunately...
What a sad image!