15 Jan 2009

Gaza Strike 2 - Who is right ?

As this ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip still gets our attention, and I realised it’s almost impossible I brush this issue aside, I would like to point out – again – my point of view of this so called “war”.

First of all, I do not think that WAR is the correct word to describe this conflict.

Looking for a meaning to this word, I found on Wikipedia that “War is the reciprocal and violent application of force between hostile political entities aimed at bringing about a desired political end-state via armed conflict.” Then, I can say that what is going on in Gaza is not a war.
Israel has been fighting against a group – and not a real army.
So, what is it?
It’s just a armed conflict; period.

Now, let’s have a UNBIASED view of this conflict.

Thinking calmly, and looking back, we see that Hamas has been hitting Israel for a long time, incessantly, by firing rockets or blowing up themselves into Israeli cities. The reason to do this, as they say, is because they want a free Palestine, a free State.

To blow up themselves and to launch rockets at Israelis towns is absolutely wrong. However, to fight for freedom is absolutely right (you would do it, wouldn’t you?). Nobody likes being subjugated by anyone, moreover by a State – and it is what Israel has been doing to Palestine for years.

But, Israel has a reason to do that (or not?).

Would you live in peace by learning that your neighbour do not accept your existence and would do whichever it could to destroy you? I don’t think so.
Perhaps, we can think that, if Israel recognised Palestine as a sovereign State they – Hamas, Fatah and all the Arab World – would stop those aggression against Israel and all of them would live in peace, right?
Well, it’s hard to believe in it.

Iran, want to wipe Israel out the map.
Syria thinks the same.
Lebanon do not talk freely about this but do not do anything to get rid of Hezbollah – which caused a similar conflict in 2006.
Egypt live in Peace with Israel, but nobody doubts there’s still sorrow for the Six-Day War (nevertheless, I think that Egypt has no intention of attacking Israel and will try and live in Peace as most as possible; Egyptian are clever).
The rest of Arab World, we know, don’t like Israel; it’s not secret. But, due to its politics, they prefer speaking to fighting – and it makes sense.

By contemplating all this, do you still believe that Palestine would live in peace with Israel in case of getting its own autonomy?

Looking to the other side, I’m still trying to understand why Israel has launched this attack on Palestinians.
They say that this is to put an end to Hamas attacks. Do you believe that? I don’t.
If they want to stop Hamas attacks they would use its Secret Service – the Mossad - to kill the men behind the scenes and who are actually heading those strikes. Nonetheless, Israeli army were set to cope with this problem by attacking from sea, land and air. Why? They aren’t fighting against an army!
The answer is: Israel is using its power to show to Iran – or whatever potential enemy could be - what it could expect in case of an aggression. They are using its power to prevent a real war against a real country.
It isn’t a war against Hamas. Israel is just using an excuse (rocket attacks on Israeli soil) to alert its enemies what they might get in case of an strike.
I can see Palestinians as a guinea pig, in this case.

So, is Israel wrong of attacking Gaza?
I don’t have this answer.
If you ask it to a Jew, he would answer “no, by all means!”. However, if you ask an Arab or Palestinian, they will give an opposite answer.

Think about these questions:

1) Would you like to know that one day a rocket could hit your house and kill someone you love?
2) Are Palestinians victims of Hamas or Israel?
3) Who have started it?
4) Why do not to recognise a legitimate country?
5) Why do not accept a peaceful deal?


l) What have got more than 200 children to do with all this?
ll) Why attack by air, land and sea?
lll) Why do not allow international press to cover this conflict from inside the Gaza Strip?
lV) Why never respect the UN?
V) Why use white phosphorous shells to attack an enemy if this sort of weapon was banned by international laws?

Whatever Israel do against Hamas (that’s to say, Palestinians), one thing they will achieve for sure: to bring world’s attention to Palestinian cause; the same is valid to those who fight against Israel, that’s to say, to bring the world’s attention to the Israeli cause.

Quotting Albert Einstein: “The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

I can conclude that PEACE is an unknown word to that people. Since Christ’s era they fight and so, it is not by these days that they will live in peace, together.
This conflict will end and they will get prepared to others still to come. It’s cultural.
Perhaps I do not understand this kind of "blood-culture", but I try. If they enjoy hatred, it’s ok, although I’ll never accept it. Many people around the world also do not understand why we Brazilians enjoy carnival… - and it’s our culture!
But at least we have joy…

PEACE to all!

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