3 Jan 2009

Gaza Under Attack

I would rather say nice news on this first text of 2009, but I can't.

Well, I try to keep international politics off my mind but I realised I just can’t. I’m again, going to talk about this last - and still ongoing - Israeli strike on Gaza. Perhaps it’s because it is what I can see when switching on my telly to watch the news almost every day, or it’s just because I enjoy putting into words what I think of all this.

You may know that Israel has been attacking Gaza since 27th December 2008. The excuse for making this war is that Hamas has been launching rockets into South Israel for a long time without stopping.
Ok, that’s a point.

If I were an Israeli, I might would think that the best solution to put an end to those launching is by annihilating Hamas.
That’s right.
However, what I can see is that Israel is not only attacking Hamas (a so called “terrorist group”) but the entire Palestinian people - and it is not right.

I’ve just seen Ehud Barack, Israeli Minister of Defense, saying that this incursion is intending “only” to crush Hamas and not to harm civilians.
Nice words, but altogether hypocritical.
Everybody knows that Israelis hate Palestinian and vice versa! Does anyone believe that the Israeli’s only intention is to kill Hamas militants? Of course not! The most Palestinian they kill the better to them.

Now, let’s have a unbiased look at Hamas.
The world consider Hamas a terrorist group (I also think this). However, have you ever stopped to think “why”? The answer is simple: they wish a real and free State! So, as they do not have an army to fight face-to-face against another army (yes, if your country has an army you can kill other’s country people without being afraid of being called terrorist) , they use terrorist tactics to combat its enemy. That is to say, they kill innocent people in restaurants, on buses, etc. It’s something like IRA in Ireland till some time ago.
Well, this is terrorism!
But what about being besieged by an army for years without permission even to work in peace? What about do not having basic supplies to live (or to survive) in places seemed as ghettoes? Isn’t terrorism as well? By all means!
Hmmm... but killing innocent civilians during an open war is not terrorism!

If we stop and think, we will realise that it depends on the point of view of each one to describe terrorism.

The main problem is that we are used to absorbing everything the press give us without thinking. If they say everyday that something or somebody is a devil, we probably will accept it without objections and will believe it without even looking for the other’s side view (it isn’t necessary to say that It is NOT valid for Al-Qeda, jihad fighters and all sort of terrorist which were born to kill anyone who does not follow its (crazy) teaching!). We are just used to digesting news everyday!

Although I disagree on Hamas’ methods of fighting for a free Palestine, I do understand its struggle to get it. Nevertheless they are so bird-minded that use terrorism to achieve its aims! As you know, they fight among themselves to get the power to... bring its “State” to a chaos! Do you recall when they overthrew Fatah to get in power? Nowadays, Fatah lay on West Bank without support even of its own people.
Palestinians themselves have chosen Hamas to lead them. They were just tired of getting international promises of having a State and so, tried Hamas. Now they are paying a bitter price for its choice.

It is not because this that this strike on Gaza is justified.

Israel has been saying that they will go into this fighting till they clear the area of all rockets.
Hmmm... I have already heard a similar speech in 2006.
Do you remember when Israel invaded Lebanon with the purpose of finding two kidnapped soldiers by Hezbollah? Well, they destroyed Lebanon and didn’t find that poor buggers!
And the world?
Kept in silence, as usual.
At that time, the destruction of a city and the killing of lots of innocents were well-justified by two soldiers. Two Israelis are more valuable than dozens of Lebanese as well as a dozen of Israelis are more valuable than hundreds of Palestinian.

By acting in this way, Israel is losing ground and its reason before the world.
Israel is a powerful country and knows how to tackle this kind of problem. It doesn’t need to use this type of force. Instead, it could use the Mossad (its respectable secret service) to manage this. If they did it but didn’t achieve good results, they should attack Hamas but NOT with this disproportional strength. It’s coward to attack someone which does not have even one airplane to defend itself!

We can figure out the outcome of all this: more deaths on both sides and Israel do not achieving its goal.

War is the most stupidity ever showed by men; dialogue is always the best way. Nevertheless, when one side prefer this “stupidity”, it’s not necessary show it to the letter.

Could someone tell them that PEACE is better than war? They both (Israelis and Palestinians) do not know what it is.

The price of this you can see below..., unfortunately...
What a sad image!

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