17 Jan 2009

Cesare Battisti is a free man in Brazil !

Our "honorable" Mr. President Lula has granted political asylum to an Italian extremist called Cesare Battisti, who assassinated 04 people in Italy.
Tarso Genro, Minister of Justice, said that Italian Justice was doing nothing but a political persecution to that man.
What an insanity!

This is Brasil!

But, what we could hope from a government made by political “militants” (to do not say left-wing guerrilas)? If you look back, you’ll see that there are lots of politicians in this current government, which took part in guerrillas (see: José Genoino, Palocci, José Dirceu, Dilma Rousseff, etc), so we should not be astonished with this shameful decision of our Brazilian government...

Go, ahead Mr. Lula and partisans, and make our country well-known around the world for your stupidity!
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