23 Feb 2009

Brazilian Carnival

It’s Carnival time in Brazil. Do you know what does it mean? Well, it means that people can play a lot and each state in the whole country has its own party.

The most famous parties take place in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Recife and Salvador.
Some people take part in those parties only to make sex. Yep, Carnival also means SEX and ORGY.

During those days of joy, people take advantage of this to celebrate SEX. Then, ordinary women and men, in the course of celebration, forget its reputation and principles - and sometimes its husbands and spouses - only to make sex. It’s one of the issues because so many foreigners come to Brazil during Carnival, mainly in Rio - It’s a kind of sexual tourism.

If you observe, you’ll see that in the entire parade, the less clothes the performer use, the most attention she/he will get, of course.
Brazil is a sexual country.

Of course I enjoy sex a lot, nevertheless, it should not be our “business card” around the world. In reason of this, Brazilian women are not respected (I lived in London and could see how foreigners threat Brazilian girls). However WE - Brazilians - sell this image to the world! Am I wrong? When you think of Brazil you’ll remember beer, beach and women wearing small bikinis.

Yes..., I enjoy all this. However I’m Brazilian and it is my right.

I hope one day the world can take Brazil seriously (if we show this seriousness to the world).

Let me enjoy my Carnival now...
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