1 Feb 2009

Cesare Battisti - a political refugee in Brazil

Battisti was convicted in Italy for a series of crimes, including bank robberies and assassinations, and now he is a political refugee in Brazil.

First sentenced for 12 years under the charge of participating in an armed group, he fled to France. Later he was tried in absentia and sentenced for four murders.

He was arrested in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 18 March 2007 by Brazilian and French police. Later, our "honorable" Tarso Genro , brazilian Minister of Justice, granted him the status of political refugee, in a controversial decision which was much criticized in Italy, whereas divided Brazilian and international press opinion.

What let me frustrated is to know that our government support those kinds of people. Our own government is originated from guerrilla or, as they like to say, from "revolutionary" people.

I would like to see Italy teaching a lesson to Brazil by showing that its law must be respected.

Unfortunately, my country only supports who is good for nothing. It's shameful.

The only nice think on all this matter is to learn that president Lula and his partisans are showing their faces before the world. A face that, for long time, had been hidden behind a broad and "simple" smile.

Please, do not think all Brazilians are like them! I'm not, for sure.

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