7 Feb 2009

Hamas has been attacking Israel, again

Since I have started writing through this Blog, one of the most important matter I have been writing of, concerns about Israeli attacks on Gaza. It has reverberated some important discussions about this issue with some of you, readers, which stuffed my e-mail box with all kinds of (important) messages.

This week, as all of you know, Hamas has attacked Israel again!
Well, up to that point I was peeved about how Israel had responded to Hamas’ strikes, by destroying everything, including women and children - what I still think it’s a cowardice (to kill children should always be a war crime). Nevertheless, let’s see what Hamas has been doing now to Israel: they suffered an ‘almost’ convincing licking and even so, are still provoking Israel by firing rockets!

How could it be possible? Are they so bird-minded to do not be able to understand that Israel will respond with ‘disproportionate’ force again? Is Hamas thinking that by doing it the world still will see them as victims of a superpower?

Hamas, besides being a military group (or terrorist, as you might wish), is showing to the globe that is a band of stupid! Now, I can realise, Hamas deserves it!
Palestinians should be strong enough to get rid of a group which has been destroying its own dignity. Do they want get a land? Do they want be respected around the world? So, first of all, they must accept Israel as a country and choose a reliable leader to lead them. Then they will be able to live respectably, such any country on Earth.

For the time being, Israel must continue its ‘disproportionate’ attack on Gaza; it looks like Palestinians are asking for it. But, if it's possible, Israel should avoid, at least, to kill children...

Hamas' victims

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