21 Apr 2009

Nuclear Weapons - Russia and the US

I just want to point out an issue that the global media has been pursuing more than ever about bilateral conversation of Russia and the US over nuclear disarmament.

This subject has been taking attention from the entire globe, since they both are the most powerful on Earth (militarily speaking). The ongoing speech says that those countries are dealing with the aim of ‘reducing’ their nuclear arsenal, including warheads, submarines and vessels.
Well, since the discovery of atomic bomb, military forces of the globe have been pursuing this kind of technology whichever to defend themselves against a potential enemy or to subjugate other nations. We cannot deny that the countries which own a nuclear weapon is more respected than the ones which do not have this artefact. So, thinking in this way, do you really believe that Mr. Barack Obama and Mr. Dmitri Medvedev are really keen on getting rid of those devices? I don’t think so. If we think about the money they invested along decades to get those weapons working, I feel myself compelled to believe that this is nothing but a nice speech of both presidents.

Hmmm... we also must consider that they are not talking about ‘put an end’ to those ‘weapons of mass destruction’ (WMD); they are talking about ‘reducing’ them.

So, what does it mean? What does reducing 3.000 warheads to 500 mean? Nothing!

Only to give you an idea, during the Second World War, the atomic bombs dropped over Hiroshima e Nagasaki - “Little Boy and Fat Man” (were the bombs’ name), had about ‘only’ 15 kilotons and 21 Kilotons respectively. Nowadays ‘kilotons’ is a joke! The countries which have those armaments talk about megatons!

Can you see? If in 1945 the US dropped two ‘weak’ bombs and played so many havoc, what’s more if they launched an attack by using ‘onlyONE missile with ONE megaton!

In reason of those facts I’m very sceptic over those bilateral conversation. REDUCE is not the world they should talk but WIPE OUT those weapons should be used, instead.

11 Apr 2009

Lucky drunk guy !

Hi folks,

Do you know what does "luck" mean? No? So, have a look at this video!

What a drunk-lucky guy ! It's actually impressive !

Lucky guy !

5 Apr 2009

G20 - Silvio Berlusconi vs. Angela Merkel

We all had followed the G20 summit that had taken place in London. As you know, this meeting was a try to cope with this ongoing financial crisis that has been devastating our globe.

However have you thought about how serious this meeting was? I bet you know (but not Mr. Silvio Berlusconi, who preferred to talk on his mobile than to greet Mrs. Angela Merkel).

Looking at his behaviour we can imagine how serious the leader of Italy was on this meeting. Thank God, it was not our president - Mr. Lula - who did it. I just can figure out what the world press would say if a president of a called "3rd World" had ignored a Prime Minister of a "1st World"!!
At least our president - whom I do not support for his politics in Brasil - did well his role in this summit.

Look at the video below; it's funny!

Mr. Silvio Berluconi ignoring Mrs. Angela Merkel