5 Apr 2009

G20 - Silvio Berlusconi vs. Angela Merkel

We all had followed the G20 summit that had taken place in London. As you know, this meeting was a try to cope with this ongoing financial crisis that has been devastating our globe.

However have you thought about how serious this meeting was? I bet you know (but not Mr. Silvio Berlusconi, who preferred to talk on his mobile than to greet Mrs. Angela Merkel).

Looking at his behaviour we can imagine how serious the leader of Italy was on this meeting. Thank God, it was not our president - Mr. Lula - who did it. I just can figure out what the world press would say if a president of a called "3rd World" had ignored a Prime Minister of a "1st World"!!
At least our president - whom I do not support for his politics in Brasil - did well his role in this summit.

Look at the video below; it's funny!

Mr. Silvio Berluconi ignoring Mrs. Angela Merkel
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