23 May 2009

The Pope remains in silence about child abuse

I cannot admit the Pope to remain in silence before so many cases of child abuse inside the Catholic Church! Why? Is he concealing it? Does he agree with it? I don't think so! So, why do not say anything about those lots of paedophilia cases within the Church?

Have a look at this text I extracted from CNN.com :

"Thousands of children suffered sexual abuse, beatings, malnutrition and emotional abuse for decades in the Irish institutions where they were raised, an Irish government commission said Wednesday.
Sean Ryan, chairman of the commission appointed by the Irish government, announces his findings Wednesday.

Sean Ryan, chairman of the commission appointed by the Irish government, announces his findings Wednesday.

Catholic clergy ran the vast majority of the reformatories and orphanages where the abuse allegedly took place, it said.

There were institutions where sexual abuse was a "chronic problem" and where "floggings" that "should not have been tolerated in any institution" were "inflicted for even minor transgressions," the commission's wide-ranging report says.

The report details the case of one "serial sexual and physical abuser" who "physically terrorized and sexually abused children in his classroom" in six schools over a period of 40 years -- and was "persistently protected" by church and educational authorities. The man, identified only by a pseudonym, was finally convicted of sexual abuse in the 1980s, the report says.

Adults were not the only ones inflicting abuse, the report charges -- in some schools older boys harmed younger ones.

Children with special needs were among the victims, the report says.

Boys were far more likely to be sexually abused than girls, the report says. About half of all witnesses who testified to the commission's confidential committee said they were sexually abused. More than nine out of 10 said they were physically abused. Video Watch abuse survivor speak about what happened »

The Irish Catholic Bishops' Conference declined to comment on the report. The report will not lead to prosecutions, which has prompted anger from some people who say they were victims of abuse.

The five-volume report is the result of a nine-year inquiry into allegations of child abuse at the institutions from 1936 to the present. Most testimony focused on the years between 1936 and 1970.
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The institutions included reformatories, hospitals, orphanages, children's homes and industrial schools. Industrial schools were homes to orphans, children accused of petty crimes and teenage mothers, and existed in Ireland until the 1980s.

Tens of thousands of Irish youngsters went through these institutions, with some of them later saying they suffered horrible abuse. The issue was known in Ireland for decades but little was said publicly because many of the schools were linked to religious orders through the Roman Catholic Church.

The report concluded that sexual abuse of boys at one of the Christian Brothers' schools, in Artane, was a "chronic problem."

"Complaints were not handled properly and the steps taken by the congregation to avoid scandal and publicity protected perpetrators of abuse," the report says. "The safety of children was not a priority at any time during the relevant period."

Another of the order's schools, in Letterfrack, was an "inhospitable, bleak, isolated institution" where sexual abuse also was a chronic problem, the report says. Video Watch how commission has reported on abuse »

"Physical punishment was severe, excessive and pervasive and, by being administered in public or within earshot of other children, it was used as a means of engendering fear and ensuring control," the report said.

The Department of Education comes under harsh criticism in the report, which calls the government agency "deferential and submissive" toward the religious orders that ran the institutions. Its inspection system "was fundamentally flawed and incapable of being effective."

Police and parish priests, the Department of Education and the schools themselves fielded complaints about the abuse, with mixed results, the report says.

The turning point came in 1996, when state broadcaster RTE aired a documentary detailing abuse suffered by former pupils at St. Vincent's Industrial School in Dublin. RTE followed that up with a documentary series three years later looking at the abuse suffered by children throughout the entire care system.

That prompted then-Prime Minister Bertie Ahern to issue a formal apology on behalf of the state to victims of child abuse. Soon afterward, he established the commission.

While the report may be a catharsis for many victims of abuse, it has come under criticism because the commission is not allowed to "name and shame" perpetrators.

The names of the schools and institutions may be made public -- and many of them are already well known -- but names of alleged abusers will be kept secret unless they have already been convicted.

Children's charities welcomed the report.

"It is very important that the full extent of the horrendous abuse experienced by thousands of young people for over half a century in institutions and at the hands of religious orders in Ireland is exposed," said Melanie Verwoerd, executive director of the United Nations Children's Fund Ireland.

"The extent and systematic nature of the abuse is indicated as far more widespread than even previously thought," she said. "The publishing of the report is not only to be welcomed, but also represents a brave and courageous attitude on behalf of the Irish government to face up to the extent of these crimes against children."

The commission was ordered to inquire into allegations of abuse in institutions and to determine the nature, causes, circumstances and extent of the abuse. It also looked at the role of the institutions and their supervision.

The total cost of the investigation was €60.8 million ($83.7 million), the commission announced Wednesday."

10 May 2009

Amazon owns to us - Brazilians!

Below, I transcript the answer that the ex-governor of Distrito Federal, Cristóvão Buarque, told to students of an American University (sorry if you find many mistakes, it isn't easy to translate from Portuguese to English):

"In fact, as a Brazilian, I simply would speak against internationalisation of Amazon. Even our governments do not caring of this patrimony with the due solicitude, it owns to us. Being a humanist, and feeling the risk of environmental degradation that Amazon has been suffering, I can imagine its internationalisation, as well as everything that is important to mankind.

If the Amazon, from an ethic and humanist perspective, should be internationalised, we also should internationalise all reserves of oil in the whole planet. The oil is so important to the welfare of mankind as the Amazon to our future. Nevertheless, the owners of those reserves, feel that they have the right of increasing or decreasing oil extraction as well as its price.

In the same way, the financial assets of world’s richest countries should be internationalised. If the Amazon is a reservoir for humanity, she cannot be burnt by an owner’s wishes or a country.

Buning the Amazon is so serious as unemployment provoked by arbitrary decision of global speculators. We cannot admit that financial reserves are used to burning whole countries in the thirst for money by those speculators.
Before internationalising Amazon, I would like to see all museums in the world undergoing an internationalisation. The Louvre should not own only to France. Each museum in the world is a guardian of the most beautiful pieces produced by human geniality.
We cannot allow that this patrimony, like the natural patrimony of Amazon, to be manipulated by an owner’s wishes or one country.
Sometime ago, a Japanese millionaire, decided he would be buried with a painting made by an important master of arts. Why did nobody have internationalised this painting before?

During this meeting, the United Nation is realizing the Millennium Forum Assembly, but, authorities of some countries had difficulties of taking part in this Forum due to the embarrassing they would face in the US customs. Than, I think that New York, being the headquarters of the UN should be internationalised. At least Manhattan should own to all mankind. As well as Paris, Venice, Rome, London, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Recife, each city, with its specific beauty, its history, should own to the whole globe.

If the US (or whichever*) want to internationalise the Amazon, for the risk of leave it on Brazilian hands, let’s internationalise all nuclear arsenals of the US (and of the rest of the world**). After all, they have shown they are capable of using those weapons against humanity, provoking destruction millions times more devastating that those regrettable forests fires that have been happening in Brazil.

"In those ongoing debates, the current candidates for the presidency of the US, have been defending the idea of internationalising the Amazon in exchange for our external debts. Let’s start using this money to ensure that each child in the world will have food and go to school.
Let’s internationalise all children, by taking care of all of them, without minding which country they come from; they deserve to be cared by the entire world. Still more than what Amazon deserves.

When the leaders of the world, cherish poor children of the world as a patrimony of humankind, they would not allow those children work when they should be studying, they would not allow they die when they should be enjoying theirs lives. Being a humanist, I accept the internationalisation of the globe...

However, whilst the world address to me by calling me a Brazilian, I will fight for the Amazon to be only ours!

* and ** - my notes.

3 May 2009

Let's Cry - Atomic Tests

Look at this excerpt of Radiochemistry Society website (http://www.radiochemistry.org):

“Between 16 July 1945 and 23 September 1992 the United States of America conducted (by official count) 1054 nuclear tests, and two nuclear attacks. The number of actual nuclear devices (aka "bombs") tested, and nuclear explosions is larger than this, but harder to establish precisely. Some devices that were tested failed to produce any noticeable explosion (some by design, some not), other "tests" (by official definition) were actually multiple device detonations. It is not clear whether all multiple device tests have yet been identified, and enumerated.”

According to Farlex Encyclopaedia:

“France conducted the first of eight planned underground tests in September 1995 at the Mururoa atoll in French Polynesia. However, after carrying out six of these tests, it announced a ‘definitive end’ to its nuclear-testing programme in January 1996; the head of the programme admitted that radioactive iodine had leaked into the sea around the Mururoa atoll, but in ‘insignificant amounts’.

During the second half of May 1998 India and Pakistan conducted a combined total of 11 nuclear tests (five by India followed by six by Pakistan), provoking widespread international outrage, led by the ‘Big Five’ nuclear powers – Britain, China, France, Russia, and the USA. A campaign by the Group of Eight industrial powers, launched by forceful US sanctions against India and Pakistan, claimed some success with the announcement in early June by both Delhi and Islamabad of test moratoria. On 12 June the G-8 countries announced a freeze on all non-humanitarian loans to the two countries in protest at their recent tests. The freeze was largely symbolic given the halt to all International Monetary Fund and World Bank lending imposed late May.”

My conclusion:

Nowadays we have been told that this global warming is regarded to industrial pollution, carbon dioxide emitted by cars and airplanes, methane, deforestation and a handful of others ‘causes’ related to this.

But, I have some questions:

1) Have you ever imagined how harmful those atomic tests are to the globe?
2) Don’t you think that this tests are more hazardous then all those mentioned ‘causes’ above?
3) Do you really believe that the rapid melting of the Polar Caps are regarded to the ‘announced causes’?

I believe that the cause of all this global warming has its roots in atomic tests around the world.
If we consider that we do not know exactly how many tests are made annually, we can realise that those horrible devices - made to destroy our planet - are the real cause of so many damaging to our Earth.

2 May 2009

Let's laugh!

Guys, It's a pity we have no ITV in Brazil! This is one of the best shows I've ever seen!

Let's have a look at this video! Its hilarious! :-p