3 May 2009

Let's Cry - Atomic Tests

Look at this excerpt of Radiochemistry Society website (http://www.radiochemistry.org):

“Between 16 July 1945 and 23 September 1992 the United States of America conducted (by official count) 1054 nuclear tests, and two nuclear attacks. The number of actual nuclear devices (aka "bombs") tested, and nuclear explosions is larger than this, but harder to establish precisely. Some devices that were tested failed to produce any noticeable explosion (some by design, some not), other "tests" (by official definition) were actually multiple device detonations. It is not clear whether all multiple device tests have yet been identified, and enumerated.”

According to Farlex Encyclopaedia:

“France conducted the first of eight planned underground tests in September 1995 at the Mururoa atoll in French Polynesia. However, after carrying out six of these tests, it announced a ‘definitive end’ to its nuclear-testing programme in January 1996; the head of the programme admitted that radioactive iodine had leaked into the sea around the Mururoa atoll, but in ‘insignificant amounts’.

During the second half of May 1998 India and Pakistan conducted a combined total of 11 nuclear tests (five by India followed by six by Pakistan), provoking widespread international outrage, led by the ‘Big Five’ nuclear powers – Britain, China, France, Russia, and the USA. A campaign by the Group of Eight industrial powers, launched by forceful US sanctions against India and Pakistan, claimed some success with the announcement in early June by both Delhi and Islamabad of test moratoria. On 12 June the G-8 countries announced a freeze on all non-humanitarian loans to the two countries in protest at their recent tests. The freeze was largely symbolic given the halt to all International Monetary Fund and World Bank lending imposed late May.”

My conclusion:

Nowadays we have been told that this global warming is regarded to industrial pollution, carbon dioxide emitted by cars and airplanes, methane, deforestation and a handful of others ‘causes’ related to this.

But, I have some questions:

1) Have you ever imagined how harmful those atomic tests are to the globe?
2) Don’t you think that this tests are more hazardous then all those mentioned ‘causes’ above?
3) Do you really believe that the rapid melting of the Polar Caps are regarded to the ‘announced causes’?

I believe that the cause of all this global warming has its roots in atomic tests around the world.
If we consider that we do not know exactly how many tests are made annually, we can realise that those horrible devices - made to destroy our planet - are the real cause of so many damaging to our Earth.

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