28 Jun 2009

Ahmadinejad and Michael Jackson

Well, the President of Iran, Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has got nothing to do with Michael Jackson. However, I suppose, he is very happy with all this coverage on Michael's death. The reason? The international media stopped covering the Iranian protests for almost two days and, in this meantime, he can beat, arrest and coerce demonstrators freely!

Wake up media!

24 Jun 2009

Iraq to Iraqis, finally!

In the next 30 June 2009, American troops deployed in Iraq will withdrawal from that country gradually till mid of 2011. They are prepared to hand over Iraq to Iraqis.

The coalition, at that time - the US and the UK - “invaded” that country on March, 2003, by alleging that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and posed as a threat to their security and their allies. United Nations weapons inspectors found no evidence of WMD and the coalition criticised UN for being ‘bamboozled’ by Saddam Hussein. So, besides accusing Saddam of having WMD they also suggested that this dictator was looking for Al-Qeda’s support to combat the US. Thus, the coalition forged documents (I believe you remember this) to justify a war on Iraq.

We cannot forget that ex-President George W. Bush had to show to its country (and to the world) a real response to September, 11 attacks. A war was “needed” at that time, and he chose his father’s old enemy to struggle against. We also must recall that Mr. Bush had a strong public opinion of its American citizens in favour of this war.

Nowadays the Iraq war is still in progress but words like “weapons of mass destruction” were substituted for “war on terror” - a way of making people forget the reason of this war. There's also expression such as “insurgency” to shift blame to “Al-Qeda in Iraq” and not to Iraqis themselves, hostile to coalition.

According to Iraq Body Count (IBC) almost 100,000 Iraqis have lost their lives since 2003 due to this conflict, however, Opinion Research Business (ORB) an independent polling agency located in London, estimates that the total war casualties in Iraq are over 1 million deaths and it's still growing. As for the coalition, they have lost almost 5,000 personnel up to now, according to Iraq Coalition Casualty Count (http://icasualties.org/Iraq/index.aspx). And I’m not talking about thousands of wounded people.

Looking at all this I wonder if this endless conflict was worthwhile. This war has commenced with lies and there’s no justification when one uses lies to achieve an aim.

But this is MY opinion.

23 Jun 2009

Paedophilia and the Catholic Church (2)

I’m writing here again, to protest against the Pope and the Catholic Church.

In Rio do Sul, a city localised in the State of Santa Catarina, Brasil, a friar from the Order of Capuchin, was caught red-handed for indecent assault on a 13yo girl.

According to the Police, during the investigations they found thousands of pictures of semi-nude children in his computer. He also gave a mobile to that little girl as a “gift” and talked to her several times a day - but only to give her “spiritual orientation.”

In accordance with friar’s statement, he's never had any sexual relationship with this girl.

Do you believe him? What a tale!

Once more, a case of paedophilia within the Catholic Church and the Pope remains quiet! I wonder myself: WHY?
Is he concealing something? Does he approve of such attitudes? I don’t think so! However, if he does not address to his subordinates to put an end to this, perhaps he doesn’t mind about this issue.

What a shame, Pope!

15 Jun 2009

Presidents of Iran and Brazil

I have been following Iranian presidential elections and and actually found some kind of similarities with Brazilian presidential elections which took place some years ago. Not for those rallies we have been watching in Iran but for the presidents themselves.

President of Iran, Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, resembles a lot Mr. Lula, the Brazilian President, with regards to its ideology. Both of them, talk about what most of people want to hear, or to be more specific, they are that ones called “populists”.
Perhaps this is the chief association between them.

Mr. Lula as well as Mr. Ahmadinejad, promise everything to that ones called poor or to that ones shunned by society. They vow to struggle against nations that subjugate other countries (of course when they talk about this they are referring to ONE country - the US) and make alliances with countries potentially seen as partners. They also give the impression that they are the only solution to solve all problems.

Well, they are shrewd politicians.

Mr. Lula, despite his government having been implicated in all kinds of corruption, was able to win a second term due to his ability of managing difficult matters such as economy. He also succeed in getting a huge numbers of votes in reason of being wise and knowing how to hide corruption from voters. Rather than talk about embezzlement he only talked about the growth of economy. As well as Mr. Lula, the President of Iran, Mr. Ahmadinejad, utilised the same rhetoric. In their points of view, economy is more important than corruption, so, why speak about it?

Now, Mr. Ahmadinejad won another term to run his country. His opponent, Mr. Mousavi, has been telling that this election was a fraud. However, I don’t think so.
That ones who voted for Mr. Ahmadinejad are the sorts of people who see in him a representative of the Iranian people. As a whole, Iranians love when he says he want to see Israel wiped out of the map or when he confronts the US. This kind of defiance is seen as a relief by its people. The same occurred when Mr. Lula said that he would take from the rich and give to the poor. When the masses listen to this type of speech, they feel themselves delighted for having a leader who "really" cares about them. Nonetheless, it’s nothing but only a speech because what actually interest them is the power.

Next year we will have presidential elections. The group of Mr. President Lula, has been managing to find a way to allow him to run a third term. However he says that he is not intending to run one more term (I don’t believe that) and pointed out his Ministry of Civil House, Mrs. Dilma Rousseff, as his potential candidate to 2010. Likewise, she is also populist and - what’s worse - she was a left-wing guerrilla who took part in armed fighting in earlier 60’s! She described herself as a subversive person engaged in subversives activities.

What a future holds me!

12 Jun 2009

Air France - Flight AF447 (2)

Browsing through a wide range of news media sites, I noticed that all of them talk about “pitot tube” as the main suspect of bringing the Airbus A330 down. Nevertheless, this simple (and important) device, in my opinion, isn’t the culprit of this sad event.

It’s too early to say that, I know, but I still believe that an explosion took place on board
of that doomed flight or the plane just disintegrated in mid-ar . In my humble view, I guess that the petrol pump inside the wing suffered a short circuit, and as a result, did send everything out to the air.

Let’s wait for the outcome of investigation.

7 Jun 2009

Air France - Flight AF447

Unfortunately last week we have watched more one air disaster. An Airbus A330 went missing when flying from Rio to Paris. The reason to this crash is still unknown.

The missing aircraft, registered under the number F-GZCP, was MSN (Manufacturer Serial Number) 660, delivered to Air France from the production line in April 2005. The aircraft had accumulated approximately 18,800 flight hours in some 2,500 flights. It was powered by CF6-80E1 engines. (This paragraph is a excerpt from Airbus site at http://www.airbus.com/crisis/aircraftdesc.html).

I’ve never trusted in Airbus.
Despite being a very comfortable airplane, I don’t like it because automatic controls used in this brand, have total control of the plane by surpassing pilot’s control. In my point of view, it could never happen! If you look back 20 years, you’ll find out that 19 air disasters happened in reason of technical failures on Airbus. So, I would rather fly other brands like Boeing, Embraer, McDonnell Douglas and so forth. At least all those brands are built by giving the pilot total control over the machine.

I hope all families can have the bodies of their beloved ones. I pray for them.

It’s also praiseworthy the ongoing work our Brazilian Navy and Air Force have been doing on the ocean. I wish them good luck in such hard tasks.

Finally, I wish our Minister of Defence Nelson Jobim, stops saying lots of nonsense in a so critical situation.