7 Jun 2009

Air France - Flight AF447

Unfortunately last week we have watched more one air disaster. An Airbus A330 went missing when flying from Rio to Paris. The reason to this crash is still unknown.

The missing aircraft, registered under the number F-GZCP, was MSN (Manufacturer Serial Number) 660, delivered to Air France from the production line in April 2005. The aircraft had accumulated approximately 18,800 flight hours in some 2,500 flights. It was powered by CF6-80E1 engines. (This paragraph is a excerpt from Airbus site at http://www.airbus.com/crisis/aircraftdesc.html).

I’ve never trusted in Airbus.
Despite being a very comfortable airplane, I don’t like it because automatic controls used in this brand, have total control of the plane by surpassing pilot’s control. In my point of view, it could never happen! If you look back 20 years, you’ll find out that 19 air disasters happened in reason of technical failures on Airbus. So, I would rather fly other brands like Boeing, Embraer, McDonnell Douglas and so forth. At least all those brands are built by giving the pilot total control over the machine.

I hope all families can have the bodies of their beloved ones. I pray for them.

It’s also praiseworthy the ongoing work our Brazilian Navy and Air Force have been doing on the ocean. I wish them good luck in such hard tasks.

Finally, I wish our Minister of Defence Nelson Jobim, stops saying lots of nonsense in a so critical situation.
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