24 Jun 2009

Iraq to Iraqis, finally!

In the next 30 June 2009, American troops deployed in Iraq will withdrawal from that country gradually till mid of 2011. They are prepared to hand over Iraq to Iraqis.

The coalition, at that time - the US and the UK - “invaded” that country on March, 2003, by alleging that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and posed as a threat to their security and their allies. United Nations weapons inspectors found no evidence of WMD and the coalition criticised UN for being ‘bamboozled’ by Saddam Hussein. So, besides accusing Saddam of having WMD they also suggested that this dictator was looking for Al-Qeda’s support to combat the US. Thus, the coalition forged documents (I believe you remember this) to justify a war on Iraq.

We cannot forget that ex-President George W. Bush had to show to its country (and to the world) a real response to September, 11 attacks. A war was “needed” at that time, and he chose his father’s old enemy to struggle against. We also must recall that Mr. Bush had a strong public opinion of its American citizens in favour of this war.

Nowadays the Iraq war is still in progress but words like “weapons of mass destruction” were substituted for “war on terror” - a way of making people forget the reason of this war. There's also expression such as “insurgency” to shift blame to “Al-Qeda in Iraq” and not to Iraqis themselves, hostile to coalition.

According to Iraq Body Count (IBC) almost 100,000 Iraqis have lost their lives since 2003 due to this conflict, however, Opinion Research Business (ORB) an independent polling agency located in London, estimates that the total war casualties in Iraq are over 1 million deaths and it's still growing. As for the coalition, they have lost almost 5,000 personnel up to now, according to Iraq Coalition Casualty Count (http://icasualties.org/Iraq/index.aspx). And I’m not talking about thousands of wounded people.

Looking at all this I wonder if this endless conflict was worthwhile. This war has commenced with lies and there’s no justification when one uses lies to achieve an aim.

But this is MY opinion.
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