23 Jun 2009

Paedophilia and the Catholic Church (2)

I’m writing here again, to protest against the Pope and the Catholic Church.

In Rio do Sul, a city localised in the State of Santa Catarina, Brasil, a friar from the Order of Capuchin, was caught red-handed for indecent assault on a 13yo girl.

According to the Police, during the investigations they found thousands of pictures of semi-nude children in his computer. He also gave a mobile to that little girl as a “gift” and talked to her several times a day - but only to give her “spiritual orientation.”

In accordance with friar’s statement, he's never had any sexual relationship with this girl.

Do you believe him? What a tale!

Once more, a case of paedophilia within the Catholic Church and the Pope remains quiet! I wonder myself: WHY?
Is he concealing something? Does he approve of such attitudes? I don’t think so! However, if he does not address to his subordinates to put an end to this, perhaps he doesn’t mind about this issue.

What a shame, Pope!
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