25 Jul 2009

Brazil - a symbol of corruption!

I was just planning to write about my (unfortunately) corrupt country and make a list of the amount of news I have that talk about corruption. I could see that, it is impossible.

Bribery and dishonest advantages are common part of a daily basis in Brasilia, Capital of Brasil. Politicians are nothing but corrupts only thinking of making profits upon the common citizen who pay its taxes and bills to live in a better country.

Mr. President Lula, a man of whom the world learned to respect, is only one more blighter in this endless career of “crookery”. It’s been ages since I stopped thinking he is a good man. Now, it isn’t any surprise, he is supporting Mr. José Sarney, Senate President.

Only to you have an idea, I extracted this excerpt from BBC:

“At the heart of what is only the latest of many controversies has been the revelation of more than 600 "secret acts" which were signed over recent years and which were not officially approved by the Senate. These previously undisclosed measures included providing jobs for family members and friends of senators, as well as paying extra hours and giving pay rises to members of staff.

Some of those hired never turned up to do the work for which they were employed. The federal police have now been asked to carry out an investigation, and the "secret acts" have been annulled.”

“One of the best known names in Brazilian politics has been at the heart of this political storm - the current president of the Senate, Jose Sarney, who despite his position, claimed to know nothing of the "secret acts".

“He has also admitted that he did not declare a large home he owns in Brasilia to the federal electoral authorities, but says it was on his tax statement. He has also been accused of nepotism in relation to unpublished or "secret" appointments.”

You can read more at BBC News, by clicking here.

Look, sometimes I would like to be born in another country. I love Brazil, but I’m tired of so many gold-fathers taking advantages of public power to enrich themselves more and more. We work so much (and hard) to get something good to our lives!

While a Brazilian worker earn the minimum wage of ONLY US$232,50 (yes, it’s a shame but it’s true!) people like José Sarney and other Senators and Congressmen, are withdrawing US$2.000.000,00 dollars in cash, from the bank.

I would be very happy if Talebans blasted out of Brasilia all politicians!

19 Jul 2009

Captured US Soldier and Taliban

A still "unnamed" American soldier who was captured by Taliban last month finally appeared on a footage released by its captors. The soldier, who went missing on 30 June in Paktika province, eastern Afghanistan, said in the video he was captured as he lagged behind while on a patrol.

US military spokesman in Kabul, Capt Jon Stock, condemned the use of the video, of course. I also think that such an action is deplorable since any group or army using captives as propaganda is one of the most shames of human beings.

He adds that "The use of the soldier for propaganda purposes we view as against international law.”

Well, here lies a trap.
As everybody knows, American themselves do not respect international law. As example, we can see what is going on in Iraq and in Guantanamo Bay. The invasion of Iraq occurred against international law, right? The UN condemned this aggression and notwithstanding the US invaded Iraq to find “weapons of mass destruction”.

As for Guantanamo Bay, besides being a prison thoroughly against any international law, they - American - released lots of images of inmates. So, I wonder, why to condemn Taliban for showing such stupid act if they do the same? Of course I do not support neither what American military still does nor what Taliban has been doing. Both are totally wrong. However it’s easy to realise that this unfortunate American soldier has been used as a revenge for those American attitudes.

I wish this soldier good luck and hope he can come out of this situation alive and return to his family. But we must be aware that what is going on there is just a retribution to American policies towards Guantanamo and so many others injustice they have been doing around the world.

Video Showing Captured American Soldier in Afghanistan

12 Jul 2009

Two things

Next year, 2010, I’m waiting for two important events:
  • the creation of a Palestinian State;
  • the earthquake which will play havoc in Los Angeles.
Let’s wait and see if I'm wrong.

2 Jul 2009

Air France Fligh AF447 (3)

French investigators say they believe that the Airbus A330, AirFrance Flight 447, broke up on contact with water, not in the air.

As for my view, this is a cool method of shifting the blame onto pilots or to appease Airbus owners and travelers.

It's impossible to determine the cause of this accident in only 30 days, even more if we deem that the "black box" was not found, yet. So, based upon what did they conclude it? Wreckage?

Only a few pieces were recovered from the sea and I do not believe with only those portion they can say that the Airplane didn't explode in the air! It's baseless.

I really hope the French Navy may find the black-box. It will be nice to all people that use this kind of airplane to know the REAL cause of this sad accident.

1 Jul 2009


I will start this thread with a question: What is Islam?

I have been following this ongoing manifestations that’s been occurring in Iran after presidential election results. As we all know, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were declared winner of this election and so an outbreak of riots took place in this country. Ok, let’s consider it normal. However, after people clashing with police forces, some prisons and dead have been coming about; this rises concerns, since we know that Iran has Islamic laws and use them to punish any one who disobey their laws.

But, what does Islam mean?

I also could see that a beautiful young girl called Neda Agha-Sultan (pictured above) was killed by a sniper who apparently shot her on a “shoot-to-kill basis”. It was not clear is she was taking part in the protest while accompanied with her father or was just walking and looking what was going on. The case is that her dead brought Iran to the eyes of the world.

Is this the way Iran cope with manifestations?

To make manifestations on the streets, is necessary to get a special permission of the Iranian “Council of Guardians”, a kind of constitutional court that examines all legislation and confirm if it conforms to Islamic rules before passing to people.

Well, all this have got to do with Islam, right? We could see that the country is ruled by Islamic laws. But, let’s go a little bit further.

Neda Agha-Sultan was quick helped by an Iranian doctor, Mr. Arash Hejazi, who tried to give her first aid at the scene of the crime and struggled to save her, without success. The case is that Mr. Hejazi is considered a criminal “for creating confusion, since he was an eyewitness of what occurred. The killing of Neda had nothing to do with the manifestation” as declared General Ismail Ahmadi Moghadam, police chief of Iran.

Who will believe him?

Everybody knows that this doctor has been sought for saying that the girl was shot by Iranian forces. Even worse, he said it when arrived in London! I bet, Iranian Police has issued a writ to Interpol to find this doctor, not because he only “caused confusion” but they deem him as a traitor.

The international press are forbidden of reporting from Iran
to people around the world. By doing it they try to hide the confusion and repression that’s occurring out there. So, imagine how angry they are with this doctor who showed to the world what they are doing to Iranian people! Is this doctor a criminal? No, of course. But to the Islamic eyes of Iran he is.

As you can notice, I have more questions than answers. I still don’t know what a heck Islam means! Ok, it’s a religion. However what type of god do they have? I cannot understand a religion where its god only “punishes” people besides killing so many! In spite of respecting all religions, I’m compelled to believe that this one, in particular, is the most dangerous to humanity.


Rest in Peace, Neda.