2 Jul 2009

Air France Fligh AF447 (3)

French investigators say they believe that the Airbus A330, AirFrance Flight 447, broke up on contact with water, not in the air.

As for my view, this is a cool method of shifting the blame onto pilots or to appease Airbus owners and travelers.

It's impossible to determine the cause of this accident in only 30 days, even more if we deem that the "black box" was not found, yet. So, based upon what did they conclude it? Wreckage?

Only a few pieces were recovered from the sea and I do not believe with only those portion they can say that the Airplane didn't explode in the air! It's baseless.

I really hope the French Navy may find the black-box. It will be nice to all people that use this kind of airplane to know the REAL cause of this sad accident.

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