25 Jul 2009

Brazil - a symbol of corruption!

I was just planning to write about my (unfortunately) corrupt country and make a list of the amount of news I have that talk about corruption. I could see that, it is impossible.

Bribery and dishonest advantages are common part of a daily basis in Brasilia, Capital of Brasil. Politicians are nothing but corrupts only thinking of making profits upon the common citizen who pay its taxes and bills to live in a better country.

Mr. President Lula, a man of whom the world learned to respect, is only one more blighter in this endless career of “crookery”. It’s been ages since I stopped thinking he is a good man. Now, it isn’t any surprise, he is supporting Mr. José Sarney, Senate President.

Only to you have an idea, I extracted this excerpt from BBC:

“At the heart of what is only the latest of many controversies has been the revelation of more than 600 "secret acts" which were signed over recent years and which were not officially approved by the Senate. These previously undisclosed measures included providing jobs for family members and friends of senators, as well as paying extra hours and giving pay rises to members of staff.

Some of those hired never turned up to do the work for which they were employed. The federal police have now been asked to carry out an investigation, and the "secret acts" have been annulled.”

“One of the best known names in Brazilian politics has been at the heart of this political storm - the current president of the Senate, Jose Sarney, who despite his position, claimed to know nothing of the "secret acts".

“He has also admitted that he did not declare a large home he owns in Brasilia to the federal electoral authorities, but says it was on his tax statement. He has also been accused of nepotism in relation to unpublished or "secret" appointments.”

You can read more at BBC News, by clicking here.

Look, sometimes I would like to be born in another country. I love Brazil, but I’m tired of so many gold-fathers taking advantages of public power to enrich themselves more and more. We work so much (and hard) to get something good to our lives!

While a Brazilian worker earn the minimum wage of ONLY US$232,50 (yes, it’s a shame but it’s true!) people like José Sarney and other Senators and Congressmen, are withdrawing US$2.000.000,00 dollars in cash, from the bank.

I would be very happy if Talebans blasted out of Brasilia all politicians!

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