19 Jul 2009

Captured US Soldier and Taliban

A still "unnamed" American soldier who was captured by Taliban last month finally appeared on a footage released by its captors. The soldier, who went missing on 30 June in Paktika province, eastern Afghanistan, said in the video he was captured as he lagged behind while on a patrol.

US military spokesman in Kabul, Capt Jon Stock, condemned the use of the video, of course. I also think that such an action is deplorable since any group or army using captives as propaganda is one of the most shames of human beings.

He adds that "The use of the soldier for propaganda purposes we view as against international law.”

Well, here lies a trap.
As everybody knows, American themselves do not respect international law. As example, we can see what is going on in Iraq and in Guantanamo Bay. The invasion of Iraq occurred against international law, right? The UN condemned this aggression and notwithstanding the US invaded Iraq to find “weapons of mass destruction”.

As for Guantanamo Bay, besides being a prison thoroughly against any international law, they - American - released lots of images of inmates. So, I wonder, why to condemn Taliban for showing such stupid act if they do the same? Of course I do not support neither what American military still does nor what Taliban has been doing. Both are totally wrong. However it’s easy to realise that this unfortunate American soldier has been used as a revenge for those American attitudes.

I wish this soldier good luck and hope he can come out of this situation alive and return to his family. But we must be aware that what is going on there is just a retribution to American policies towards Guantanamo and so many others injustice they have been doing around the world.

Video Showing Captured American Soldier in Afghanistan
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