1 Jul 2009


I will start this thread with a question: What is Islam?

I have been following this ongoing manifestations that’s been occurring in Iran after presidential election results. As we all know, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were declared winner of this election and so an outbreak of riots took place in this country. Ok, let’s consider it normal. However, after people clashing with police forces, some prisons and dead have been coming about; this rises concerns, since we know that Iran has Islamic laws and use them to punish any one who disobey their laws.

But, what does Islam mean?

I also could see that a beautiful young girl called Neda Agha-Sultan (pictured above) was killed by a sniper who apparently shot her on a “shoot-to-kill basis”. It was not clear is she was taking part in the protest while accompanied with her father or was just walking and looking what was going on. The case is that her dead brought Iran to the eyes of the world.

Is this the way Iran cope with manifestations?

To make manifestations on the streets, is necessary to get a special permission of the Iranian “Council of Guardians”, a kind of constitutional court that examines all legislation and confirm if it conforms to Islamic rules before passing to people.

Well, all this have got to do with Islam, right? We could see that the country is ruled by Islamic laws. But, let’s go a little bit further.

Neda Agha-Sultan was quick helped by an Iranian doctor, Mr. Arash Hejazi, who tried to give her first aid at the scene of the crime and struggled to save her, without success. The case is that Mr. Hejazi is considered a criminal “for creating confusion, since he was an eyewitness of what occurred. The killing of Neda had nothing to do with the manifestation” as declared General Ismail Ahmadi Moghadam, police chief of Iran.

Who will believe him?

Everybody knows that this doctor has been sought for saying that the girl was shot by Iranian forces. Even worse, he said it when arrived in London! I bet, Iranian Police has issued a writ to Interpol to find this doctor, not because he only “caused confusion” but they deem him as a traitor.

The international press are forbidden of reporting from Iran
to people around the world. By doing it they try to hide the confusion and repression that’s occurring out there. So, imagine how angry they are with this doctor who showed to the world what they are doing to Iranian people! Is this doctor a criminal? No, of course. But to the Islamic eyes of Iran he is.

As you can notice, I have more questions than answers. I still don’t know what a heck Islam means! Ok, it’s a religion. However what type of god do they have? I cannot understand a religion where its god only “punishes” people besides killing so many! In spite of respecting all religions, I’m compelled to believe that this one, in particular, is the most dangerous to humanity.


Rest in Peace, Neda.

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