15 Aug 2009

The Empire of Sarneys

The Appeals Court Judge Dácio Vieira, friend of Senator José Sarney, censored one of the most important newspaper of Brazil “O Estado de São Paulo" (The Sao Paulo State), because this one was going to publish information about Mr. Sarney’s son, a well off businessman, and his implication with politics and shady deals.

Mr. José Sarney, a kind of “colonel” from ancient days, has been using his power to conceal dubious methods of illicit enrichment since long time ago.

In 2002, in the firm of Mr. Sarney’s daughter,
Roseana Sarney (pictured), the Brazilian Federal Police found out about US$ 740.000,00 in cash in her private safety.
Ok, it’s not forbidden to have money in any house but at that time the Federal Police was investigating Mrs. Sarney for embezzlement.

Mrs. Roseana gave eight versions to police to describe why and where did that money come from. Even so, nothing happened and today she is (again) governor of State of Maranhão.

Looking at those few examples, one can have an idea of Sarney family influence in all spheres of Brazilian “corrupt” government.

They are sheriffs and every politician eat on their hands.

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