27 Sep 2009

I'm From Other Planet

Perhaps you’ve already read on my earlier posts about my resentment at human beings. Well..., of course, unfortunately I’m also one of this specimen and I can do nothing to change it.
Ok, let’s keep in this way and thank God for allowing me to be one human.

I was observing two more human behaviours:

1) hypocrite
2) hazardous

The first one is, for sure, that kind of all of us “use” almost all days.

We pretend we are puritans to others but inside a room we show who we actually are; we say to stop violence but all films about violence we make the point of watching; we say that alcohol is a bad thing to our brains but at any party if we don’t drink even a “wee” we feel ourselves “out of the circle”; every adults (and nowadays a huge part os teenagers) make sex but no one talk about it and if someone is looking at a “adult picture” , most of people surrounding this one, will feel embarrassed; we are used to saying that love is beautiful but if we see a couple snogging we think “they should do it in another place”.

As you can see above, I have good reasons to think in this way...

As for the number 2, It’s not novelty that we are dangerous not only to our specimen but also to animals and to the entire planet. But, some time ago, I noticed that even without any hatred in our hearts towards a little bird, it’s almost impossible to get close to one, except pigeons.

I see that a small sparrow lay quiet on a wild and ferocious rhino while other kinds of birds enter into a crocodile mouth to eat from their teeth. There’s also so many birds among lions and others beasts! But... why do they run away from us? Even an innocent toddler who is just learning to walk and so it would be almost impossible to harm someone, do not get close enough even to a big egret!

So, I ask: who is wild? We, or animals?

I think WE are wild!

We destroy other humans to superimpose our own interests; we kill animals to use their skins as coats or ornaments; we spend billions of dollars to find a better weapon to destroy our “enemies” and give only a small amount to put an end to starvation in the world; we build wonderful buildings, avenues, motorways and bridges, by destroying all natural resources to construct them; we prefer to believe that our world was made as result of an explosion than to have conceived by creation of Someone - given that I have never seen any good thing coming out of any explosion till now! We may get married to someone for long years and it’s quite possible to do not know who this person is for decades! We have wild behaviours such as making noise to express our feelings (by yelling, clapping, hooting, etc).
We are strangers even to ourselves!

There’s so many accounts that it would be almost impossible to describe here. However I believe that with those few behaviours related above, you may think that I’m right.
Think about it and try to avoid being a human.

Thanks for reading.

J. Falcao, from another planet.

11 Sep 2009

9/11 - Eight years on, and nothing about building #7

It's quite hard to believe that eight years have passed since the deadly 9/11 attacks. It's hard to believe that it's also been eight years since the collapse of WTC building 7 that fell apart without apparent reason in this sad day. What's more interesting is that NO ONE talks about it and we see nothing related to this either on TV or books.

Why does this building collapsed if it was not hit by any airplane?