18 Oct 2009

Olympic Games 2016: No. We Are Not Prepared!

In the last post, I was asking ourselves if we were prepared to receive such an event. But, after looking at what has been occurring in Rio, for sure, I can affirm that Rio de Janeiro is not ready to host such important event.

Have a look at this:

Twelve people, including two police officers, were killed Saturday in a gun battle between two rival drug gangs in a slum in northern Rio de Janeiro.

The officers died when their helicopter was shot down over the neighborhood known as "Morro dos Macacos" (Monkeys' Hill). Residents set eight buses on fire during the clashes in an attempt to divert the attention of police. Usually, drug traffickers oblige them to do it or sometimes they do it by their own, to show support to drug gangs.

The violence comes two weeks after Rio, Brazil's second largest city, celebrated winning the 2016 Olympic Games.

Tarso Genro, a spokesman for the Ministry of Justice Nelson Jobim, told Record TV that the government would make resources available to "continue this fight."

Sergio Cabral, governor of Rio de Janeiro state, where Rio is located, told the network he was "very sad" over the deaths of the police officers.

So, how can a city surrounded by shantytowns and killing more people annually than Iraq War host an event such an Olympic Games?

I'm afraid of the result of all this!

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