15 Nov 2009

Making a Wish - there are still great people in the world!

You, that usually visit and read my Blog, knows that I’m of the mind that human beings are more prone to bad things than to make nice ones. As usual, I still think like this.

However, last week, I could see that there are wonderful people with great hearts doing everything they can, to help others.

Perhaps you have already heard about “Make a Wish Foundation” (If not, it is a Organisation that do everything possible to make children wishes who have some kind of terminal (or very serious) diseases, come true).

This Foundation, contacted the company I work for, to ask for help to make a boy’s wish come true. This boy, called Vinicius, 11yo., has a dream of becoming airplane’s pilot (by the way, I work for “GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes”) and after everything adjusted, it was agreed that GOL would do all possible to make this boy happy.

I was just impressed by all team who worked a lot to make this boy pleased!
Starting with the two girls who are volunteers to Make a Wish Foundation, passing by the Captain who contacted the headship of the company to get authorisation to put it forward and finishing with the special chosen Flight Attendant who rendered all assistance and kindness to Vinicius and his parents, besides all people involved in this task, it was actually, a lesson of compassion!

For sure, this boy will never forget the gifts he received from GOL, the visit to Congonhas’ Tower Control (with support of all Air Force staff), the flight to Rio de Janeiro with Captain Corano, Co-Pilot Migueis and Flight Attendant Sandra, as well as his relatives and Make a Wish personnel.

Those actions, just show us that despite our world looking upside down, there are still terrific people doing amazing things for another human being, without thinking in taking advantage of, or getting something in exchange.

It must be registered.

Congratulations to all!
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