31 Dec 2009

Al-Qeda: Are Terrorists Winning This War?

Nowadays, looking at what is going on in the world, I’m almost thinking that Osama Bin-Laden is winning this so called “War on Terror” - a rhetorical legacy of former US President George Bush and his British counterpart Tony Blair.

Let’s leave our emotional side aside and think reasonably.

Since 9/11, the world has changed - for the worse, of course. We have no FREEDOM anymore. We live under all sorts of alerts and we are always awaiting for the next attack that “Mr. Osama” will make on us.

Who’s to blame? Osama Bin-Laden and his minions or G. Bush and his sycophants? How it all began? Is this War on Terror worth it? Hmmm... when this war started, it had another aim...; if I’m not mistaken, it’s to find Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq, right? And there was nothing! So, to justify a “non-justified” war before the UN, softly G. Bush and Tony Blair changed theirs speeches and the “new aim” became to overthrow the “perilous” Saddam Hussein from power. They managed it; score to the allies!

One thing I’m totally aware: Islam is ALWAYS behind all those atrocities and because THIS religion that the world is enduring such a mess!

Ok, but my purpose here is not to write about something that everybody knows (though this war based on lies always leaves me annoyed) but to speak WHY I believe Al-Qeda is getting what they want, that’s to say, to turn our peaceful lives in a hell.

This week we could see that another attempt to take an airplane down was made by a Nigerian guy called Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab. His try resulted in a foiled attack because some passengers and crew members managed to act fast and held this insane man. Just as well, at this time, the only injured was the “terrorist” himself.

Thinking carefully about all this, I was led to believe that airplanes ARE NOT the main aim of Al-Qeda as the all the world have been assuming. Looking at this guy, I see nothing but a deceived guy, brainwashed to carry this act out. He isn’t that sort of terrorist we have pictured in ours minds, as being from a organised group. He seems more a puppet used by extremists than a “real” extremist. Now, as he chose this road to trail, he will pay for it.

Well, is exactly this that leaves me worried.

I don’t think terrorists are so stupids that will carry out the same attacks as they did in 2001. I believe what they are doing is just drawing our attention away from theirs real aim! I mean, while every one is concerned about having a safe fly, they are just plotting to do something bad underground or at sea.

But, till now it does not mean they are winning anything! You are right, in parts.
If we look carefully, we will realise we don’t have peace anymore, at least with regards to travel to/from the US. It looks like a paranoia but we are all terrorists till proven innocent! Yeah, it’s just like this! Apart from having to get a long queue at the airports, we are pad-downed, have our lives scrutinised and furthermore, agents will see our full body through scanners!

We cannot forget as well, that we have a limited freedom aboard.
First, carrying a simple bottle of water is not allowed. Second, if someone has a stomach ache and stay at the loo longer than usual, automatically this person is a “suspect”. Third, discussing aboard (even if it’s about a bad provided service) could be interpreted as a riot.

Up to this point, Al-Qeda got what they did: get rid of our ordinaries lives and turning them in a nightmare.

Now, looking economically, they are also succeeding in getting what they want.

Since 9/11, how much has the world been spending on security system and wars? Trillions of dollars! As example, I mention the United States. This country is stuck in two wars with no ending in sight! According to “The National Priorities Project” (http://costofwar.com/) the government has spent, to date, almost 1 trillion dollars! Crazy, isn’t? And we all could watch this very country tumbling economically one year ago! The money used to go to war, could have been used better to AVOID this economic crisis.

Analysing those facts, Osama Bin-Laden is really managing to get what he wants: to hit the US economically!

The US, by being a (very) capitalist State, revolves around money - and Bin-Laden, or his strategists, are aware of it. There’s the likelihood of him doing it (those terrorists attempts), only to destroy the country economically. If so, he is achieving his dream.

Of course, if we study it closely, causing deaths is the best way of bringing world’s attention to him. In reason of this, we must be always alert to do not allow it happen as in the past - and so, our fears are raised again!

Well, one can say, this money must be spent for our own security!
I agree!
However, it isn’t the bottom line. I want to bring your attention to WHY we started to pay for this! All began because those Islamists! And for them, we have been paying with our money, freedom and peace.

Till now, terrorists are achieving what they want, but I hope to have revenge.

I wish you all (except terrorists) a great 2010!

Thanks for supporting me more this year!

See you next year!

27 Dec 2009

Terror Attacks - Again!

This last week we could see one more case of “terrorism” on the air. A Nigerian man called Abdulmutallab, set off firecrackers inside an airplane as it was flying from Amsterdam to Detroit. The man was subdued by passengers and flight crew members and thank to those attitudes he did not manage to get the plane down.

As a result of it, security in the airports is getting tighter than ever, to prevent such things from taking place again.

But I’m talking about it just to bring your attention to one thing: Are the terrorists getting what they want? I think so, and will explain.

Let’s go back to the days before 9/11:

We had no problems traveling abroad by air; we were FREE to carry with us our bottles of water inside airplanes; any passengers with Arab name meant nothing for us; Muslims were nothing but religious people; our lives were not combed before taking visas, and so forth.

Nowadays, everything has changed. We are prisoners of our security system! All of us are potential suspects before embarking a plane and even naive children are frisked at the airports! Crazy, isn’t? We are all terrorists till proven innocent!

Things like that leave me thinking: Are we behaving EXACTLY as the terrorists want? Did they get what they were aiming at, that’s to say, making us LOSE our freedom? Is this “war on terror” created by former President George Bush worth it? Who is actually winning this war? Is this the better way to put an end to Al-Qaeda? How many years will it last? Two, three, decades? Will it have a winner? What’s for the future? More attacks by both sides? Civilians dying in both sides? What good the United Nations if they only watch and do nothing to help?

Yes, the world is changing; is getting worse every day.

I remember Newton’s Third Law: "To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." If he is still right (and I do believe it), this mess will never stop. I mean, if to every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction, Al-Qaeda will attack and the US will fight back and vice versa. It means that to reach peace one day is only a hypothetic thought!

Good lucky to us, survivors.