27 Dec 2009

Terror Attacks - Again!

This last week we could see one more case of “terrorism” on the air. A Nigerian man called Abdulmutallab, set off firecrackers inside an airplane as it was flying from Amsterdam to Detroit. The man was subdued by passengers and flight crew members and thank to those attitudes he did not manage to get the plane down.

As a result of it, security in the airports is getting tighter than ever, to prevent such things from taking place again.

But I’m talking about it just to bring your attention to one thing: Are the terrorists getting what they want? I think so, and will explain.

Let’s go back to the days before 9/11:

We had no problems traveling abroad by air; we were FREE to carry with us our bottles of water inside airplanes; any passengers with Arab name meant nothing for us; Muslims were nothing but religious people; our lives were not combed before taking visas, and so forth.

Nowadays, everything has changed. We are prisoners of our security system! All of us are potential suspects before embarking a plane and even naive children are frisked at the airports! Crazy, isn’t? We are all terrorists till proven innocent!

Things like that leave me thinking: Are we behaving EXACTLY as the terrorists want? Did they get what they were aiming at, that’s to say, making us LOSE our freedom? Is this “war on terror” created by former President George Bush worth it? Who is actually winning this war? Is this the better way to put an end to Al-Qaeda? How many years will it last? Two, three, decades? Will it have a winner? What’s for the future? More attacks by both sides? Civilians dying in both sides? What good the United Nations if they only watch and do nothing to help?

Yes, the world is changing; is getting worse every day.

I remember Newton’s Third Law: "To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." If he is still right (and I do believe it), this mess will never stop. I mean, if to every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction, Al-Qaeda will attack and the US will fight back and vice versa. It means that to reach peace one day is only a hypothetic thought!

Good lucky to us, survivors.
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