31 Dec 2010

2011 with LOVE in our hearts!

It’s time to think...; to think about our relationship with our neighbourhood.

Hatred, xenophobia, rage, selfishness, egocentrism, disrespect, disregard, atrocities, corruption, envy and all sorts of malevolence are permeating this world faster than we could ever expect.

Wars are declared in name of a Religion, a god or a belief. Conflicts are made “simply” by disrespect, corruption, greed and desire for power. Money speaks aloud. People sells themselves for a bunch of dough without thinking in consequences. Drugs have been used as a “manner of getting away from problems and to show to others that it is nice to do it - as if it was part of a high society”. God, the Creator, has been put aside as an imaginary Being who never existed and He is nothing but a interesting “tale”.

Lots of money have been spent every day in researches to discover another weapon or a mean to destroy human beings quicker and easier than the ones the countries have nowadays - whilst these money could be used to feed millions of people around the world.

I see “we”, humans, as prisoners of our desires and wishes. We have forgotten that the best things on Earth are FREE. However, we do prefer paying a large amount of money to fulfill our uncontrollable will for consumerism, to enjoying our freedom. Yes... we prefer to pay for our joy...

The wind blowing over our faces, the shadow of a tree, the sunrise and sunset, the sweet sound of the rain hitting on the ground, the flowers and their scents, the sense of freedom and happiness we’ve got as we walk through the meadows, the rivers and their magic-nonstop course, a small stream and its little fishes, the magnificent view of the ocean and its endless sound of waves shocking among themselves, the lakes and their magic mirrors, the mountains appearing in the horizon concealing their secrets, the beauty of the snow, the wild life, the stars and the Moon, the Planets, our health and so many other marvellous things we can enjoy...! All this is FREE! The Creator gave us EVERYTHING and we say we did not receive it from a Creator, but all this was originated from an explosion, instead...!

It's crazy, isn't?

Rather than believing we were created, we are lead to believe that all those beauty and amazing things were sprout up in consequence of a big explosion! It’s really crazy...
I’ve never seen anything good emerge from an explosion! How could it be? When I heard this world - explosion - what comes into my mind is destruction, war, conflicts and all types of bad things..., ending in death.
OK. I respect your view if it is different of mine but I will never believe in this.

Folks, it’s so good to go to the bed with my mind in peace...! No anger, no hatred, no selfishness... but only PEACE and LOVE!
LOVE..., is it a magic world? What does it mean? We were born to love...

In my point of view, LOVE is a word that means ALL real nice things in our lives- in only four letters (in Portuguese, it’s four letters as well; we say “AMOR”). Love is magic. Love transforms people. Love changes minds and brings relaxation and pleasure. Love is the fuel of life. Without love it is almost impossible to live.
We were born to love and to be beloved.

In this coming year - 2011 - all I wish is LOVE!

This little word is capable of changing minds and hearts as well as bringing PEACE to our minds.

Say ‘YES’ to LOVE and ‘NO’ to wars.

God bless us!

See you next year (tomorrow! :-) and thanks for reading my Blog through this year of 2010!

24 Dec 2010

President's Lula last speech - and last lies

In his last and longest speech on national television, President of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said goodbye to Brazilian people by ranking a series of inflated data on his administration.

The speech of 11 minutes, was aired yesterday at 20 o'clock. In it, the PT said that the minimum wage in his government had a real gain of 67%, a more modest figure than the 74% quoted by Dilma Rousseff, elected president during the campaign for the Brazilian "Planalto" (Presidential Palace), but also a deceptive remark.

From 2003 to 2010, the minimum wage had eight readjustment, which in total reached 53.5% over inflation.

In the 2002 campaign, Lula promised to double the purchasing power of the minimum wage in four years.

When talking about education, the President also cited skewed data on the Budget, saying the area has tripled in expense. In reaching this result, the president ignored the accumulated inflation over the period.

The president also repeated speech heralded by the Ministry of Education according to which 14 federal universities were created during his administration. Of these, only five are in fact new. The others are the result of expansion, merger or break-up of educational institutions that already existed.

When talking about poverty, the president said he had promoted "greater social mobility of all time."

There are no statistics that cover periods more remote, but Sonia Rocha study published in 2000 by IPEA (Institute of Applied Economic Research) estimated that the proportion of poor in the 1970s was nearly halved, from 68.3% to 35.3%.

Using another methodology, the researcher Marcelo Neri of FGV, estimated the drop in the participation of Class D and E in the population of 55% in 2003 to 39% in 2009.

In addition to list of deeds of the government, Lula said the Brazilian managed to chase away "the wave of failure that hung over the country."

"If we governed well, was mainly because we've got rid of the trend that made elitist political leaders of this great country to rule for only a third of the population," he said, criticising his predecessors.

Lula also urged Brazilians to support Dilma as they supported him and to do not ask him about his future. In an emotional tone, says he will live "the life of the streets."

The speech was recorded on Monday in the library of the presidential palace. The speech was written by publicist John Santana, who campaigned for Dilma, revised by Minister Franklin Martins (Communication) and Lula himself, who also gave some suggestions.

Good riddance.

22 Nov 2010

A Surprise Called Marina Silva

Maria Osmarina Marina Silva Vaz de Lima (her full name sounds weird even in Portuguese!) was born on February 8, 1958 in a small community called Breu Velho in Seringal Bagaço in the State of Acre. Her parents had 11 children, of whom three died. Her mother died when she was 15. Life was difficult on the plantation. "I always woke up at 4am, cut some sticks, lit the fire, made coffee and a banana salad with egg. That was our breakfast," she says.

Her dream was to become a nun. "My grandmother said, 'My daughter, a nun can not be illiterate,'" she recalls. The desire to learn to read then began to accompany her.

At 16, she contracted hepatitis, the first of three. Her health history also includes five malaria and leishmaniasis. These weaknesses led her to the Rio Branco, capital of Acre, in search of medical treatment. Also took the opportunity to devote herself to religious life and at the same time, to study. During this time, obtained permission from her father and left the forest.

In Rio Branco (White River), to sustain herself, she worked as a maid. The progress of the studies were rapid. The period of when she learned to read and write, until her graduation in History took just ten years. Later, Marina completed postgraduate in Educational Psychology.

Member of the PT (Workers Party), Marina played his first public office in 1986, in the House of Representatives. She was among the five ones who had most of votes, but the party did not reach the electoral quotient minimum required by the Brazilian law. The electoral successes of Marina began two years later, to be elected Deputy Mayor. She received the most votes from Rio Branco.

One of its earliest manifestations was voting against the cash bonus, housing allowance and other perks that the other council members received without question.
With acts like this, drew the ire of political opponents at the same time as she received a popular recognition that was manifested in the next election in 1990, when Marina became state representative, again with a record vote.

In 1994, aged 36, arrived in Brasilia as the youngest Senator in the history of the Republic. She was reelected in 2002, with almost three times higher votes than the previous election.
In the Senate, was the first voice to advocate for the importance of taking the government targets for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. In 2009, the “Planalto” (Plateu, as the Congress is known in Brazil) had finally announced the adoption of these goals. It also urged the Federal Executive and Congress to include the Brazilian goal, with the percentages for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases by 2020, the National Plan on Climate Change, which was approved and sanctioned by the President prior to the Conference Climate Change (COP15) in December in Copenhagen.

In the government of President Lula, Marina sought to change the environmental issue in government policy, which would break the traditional isolation of the area. Also based on this guidance, the ministry, through IBAMA ("Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente e dos Recursos Naturais Renováveis"), had priority before the bidding for oil blocks.

On 13 May, 2008, resigned from the Ministry. In a letter to the President Lula, she said was leaving office because of the difficulties she faced in the government. "This difficult decision, Mr. President, due to the difficulties I have faced for some time to continue the federal environmental agenda," said Marina, who returned to the Senate.

On 6th August 2009 left the PT (“Partido dos Trabalhadores” - Workers Party). In a statement to the party, expressed her disagreement with a "conception of development focused on material growth at any cost, with gains for the few and exacerbated perverse outcomes for most, the cost, especially for the poor, destruction of natural resources and quality of life."
Eleven days later she announced his affiliation to PV (“Partido Verde” - Green Party).

The list of awards and recognitions national and international show international recognition achieved by the Senator. In addition to being listed in the newspaper "The Guardian", won the "2007 Champions of the Earth," the UN's top award in the environmental area. In October 2008, received from the hands of Prince Philip of England, in the palace of St. James in London, the Duke of Edinburgh medal, in recognition for her career and struggle to preserve the Brazilian Amazon - the most important prize awarded by WWF. In 2009, was awarded with the Sophie Prize, from the Sophie Foundation, that is awarded to individuals and organisations who excel in the areas of environmental and sustainable development in Oslo, Norway.

Also in 2009, received from the Foundation Prince Albert II of Monaco the Prize on Climate Change (Climate Change Award) in recognition of her contribution to projects in the area of environment, actions and initiatives undertaken from the perspective of sustainable development.

In 2010, while running for Brazil’s Presidency, surprised not only Brazilians as whole but the entire world by achieving an expressive 3rd place, with a total of 19.636.359 votes (19,33%).

So far, she doesn’t speak about running for any other office in a near future, but for sure she will, since Marina is a real politician who gave hopes for millions of Brazilians tired of the same parties and same speeches.

1 Nov 2010

Lula has won this election (or Dilma Rousseff ?)

After the boom of the news, let’s do some analysis.

During her campaign, Dilma promised to continue with President Lula’s growth programme besides imposing her own style of government. This style is unknown and so, we - Brazilians - will know it during her administration.

The main reason Lula has got success in electing her pick, was to announce that she would keep up with the programme called “Bolsa Família”, a sort of financial aid given for people with low income or who do not have any. This money, made Lula very popular, mainly in the North and Northeast of Brazil - regions where Dilma had most of votes (see map below).

At first, Bolsa Família looked very important, since there are some regions where poverty and famine is still a problem and with this money, families could buy basic food. This programme made a huge success and, for sure, reduced starvation almost in all deprived regions. Nonetheless, as it has being part of PT (Workers Party) method of administration, this idea was diverted of its main aim and PT started distributing money even for people who have good incomes! This was viewed as a way of “buying votes”, since all policies towards money distribution were changed months before Lula’s second term.

Based on this, Dilma is elected.

In her victory speech, she said her first priority would be to lift 20 million Brazilians out of poverty.

"I reiterate my fundamental promise: the eradication of poverty," she said. "We must not rest while there are Brazilians going hungry."

As for José Serra, ex-governor of State of São Paulo and her opponent it this run off, it’s up to him to keep taking part in politics. For me, it would not be news if he run again for mayor of São Paulo, in 2012, position that he has already occupied before.

In my point of view, PSDB (Brazilian Social Democratic Party) made a huge mistake by choosing the candidate to be the vice of Serra: the deputy Índio da Costa, 39 years old (seen below alongside José Serra).

With experience of only one term, Índio started attacking harshly Lula and Dilma, and since them, Serra who at the beginning of the campaign was leading the polls, was not able to keep there. Rather than choose an experienced politician, like the ex-governor of State of Paraná Álvaro Dias, PSDB tried a young and inexperienced guy and this formula was proven a failure.
I compare this choice as McCain and Sarah Palin during US Presidential elections in 2008. A competitive and experienced politician who pick as running mate an inexperienced chatterbox!

With this in mind, the President of PSDB Party, Senator Sérgio Guerra, has announced today that the next candidate to the Presidential election, in 2014, will be chosen by mid of 2012, already. This is to avoid making the mistake of choosing a candidate only this year, while PT had announced Dilma more than one year ago!

Dilma Rousseff will be sworn in on 1 January 2011.

31 Oct 2010

Dilma Rousseff is the next Brazilian President!

Dilma Rousseff, an ex-guerrilla and the preferred candidate of the outgoing President Luis Inácio Lula da Silva, has won this Presidential election. She is the first woman who will held such a position in Brazil.
The ballots were closed about 17:30min - Local Time -, and up to now (20:46 LT) more than 95% of total votes were counted. She has around 56% of votes against 44% of his opponent José Serra. More than 135 millions Brazilians went to the polls.

I see no bright future.
She has no experience and has been counting on President Lula to be able to lead the country. Now, my country is covered in red (the colour of PT - Workers Party). PT has an absolute majority in Congress and the Senate.

This race ended up with a divided country and so, she will have to work hard to unite people. I don’t think she has ability enough to do that as well as to manage important things inside and outside Brazil.

Now, some questions come into my mind:
How will she behave towards FARC? Will she do the same as Lula did concerning Iran? What’s her real idea? Up to now, all she did is what her supporters and political advisers told her to do, and now? Will she be able to do something by herself without committing serious mistakes? Will she bring back the “old PT” with its Marxists ideas?

There are so many questions and unfortunately I do not have any answers to them; I have to seat and wait.

Being a Brazilian citizen, I have to cheer her on, after all my country is AT STAKE!

God help and guide us!

The 40º Brazilian President will be chosen today

Today, by early morning, I went to the ballots to cast my vote to choose the next Brazilian President. As usual, everything was calm and organized. I spent only about 10 seconds to sign my name and to press the buttons of the electronic ballot. It’s very positive about Brazilians elections.

Despite voting for José Serra, 68, a former governor of Sao Paulo, Brazil's most populous state, and a former health minister, I’m not sure if he will win this election. President Lula has been campaigning hard for his candidate Dilma Rousseff. Even though Serra is an experienced politician and Dilma has never held any public office, she has the back of the most popular President, so far.

Being Brazilian, I hope my country get the best administration, of course. However, it will be an unknown future, in case Dilma win this run off. She already said that will need President Lula’s advices to lead this country. But, what if he (Lula) was unable to do that? It is very worrying! Brazil would walk aimless!

As Brazil uses an electronic voting system, and final results are expected within hours of the polls closing, by the end of this day we will know who was chosen to be the 40º Brazilian President.

Let’s wait and see.

24 Oct 2010

An excuse to do NOTHING!

Since the beginning of this Presidential race, President Lula has been campaigning for his candidate Dilma Rousseff. It makes sense! After all, she is his pupil. The problem is that HE HAS NOT BEEN WORKING all those days!

Well... it’s OK. He never worked but, how can a President of a country leave its post temporarily to campaign for its candidate? Are the internal (an external) matters less important?

Through his acts, we can see how serious he takes his office!

11 Oct 2010

10 Oct 2010

Tiririca - A Clown for Brazil!

A controversial professional clown, known in Brazil as Tiririca, was elected to occupy a seat at Brazilian Congress as federal deputy. Tiririca, whose real name is Francisco Everardo Oliveira Filho, has won with more than 1.3 million votes, for São Paulo State, the most of any deputy nationwide.

Francisco Oliveira, a 45 year-old television comedian, had as slogan "It couldn't get any worse. Vote for me."
During his campaign he also used in his ads "What does a federal deputy do? I have no idea -- but vote for me and I'll let you know," or “"Vote for me as federal deputy so I can help the needy -- especially my family." He was running for PR (Partido da República) or , in English, Republic Party.

In the spots, he is seen dancing around with a cheesy grin, in a colourful outfit, blond wig and undersize hat, making fun of everything related to politics. Now, he will be part of it.

The big problem is that there’s a suspicious of Tiririca being illiterate! The judge for electoral zone of São Paulo Aloisio Sergio Rezende Silveira, demanded that the clown must prove to the law he is able to read and write since for Brazilian law, this is the minimum required for anyone interested in occupying a public office. If he does not pass the exam, he will lose his office.

In my view, people have cast their votes on him, in a kind of protest. I did not cast my vote on him but I cannot say he will not make a good job, just in case he is proved literate to the justice and go to the Congress. But it is really a risk.

Brazilian people are tired of being “clown” of the government, then have elected a professional one to have a seat at the highest degree of power in Brazil. Corruption, embezzlement, disregard for the people, briberies, prostitution, paedophilia and so forth are part of the news about Brazilian politicians.

If all this is “allowed” why does not have a CLOWN?

Once again, let’s wait and see what will happen to my country!

4 Oct 2010

"Demonising" Dilma Rousseff

I received some comments from readers of France, Brasil and Spain, that say I'm "demonising" Dilma Rousseff. That's not true. I have only been describing a clear view about what we can expect from her (possible) government.

When I say that she is a ex-guerrilla I'm not lying; she was actually a guerrilla in the early 70's. However It doesn't mean she is a rebel. Nevertheless her approach or ideas towards the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) let me in alert. She is prone to think that the President of Colombia should dialogue with this terrorist group instead of fighting them. As there's a stain in her past due to her participation in kidnappings and robbery and other crimes (although she denies it), so it really makes me think if she is the best option to rule this country.

Another question that worries me, is the fact that she never held any elective office. In my view, a person who applies for such a position of responsibility, should at least know by itself how to lead a county, a state or - as it is the actual reality - a country. All her positioning, up to now, is based on President Lula. The President is behind all strategies used to garner votes for her. If it was not for him, for sure she would not have so many votes (the voters cast their ballots on Dilma because President Lula asked for).

Let's imagine (in a very hypothetical situation) that President Lula was not instructing Dilma how to campaign on this election. I may assure you that she would not get the votes she obtained. That's to say, President Lula is doing exactly as the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin did (and still does) to President Dimitri Medvedev. The real governor is in the shadow.

Another issue that led me to believe she is not the best option to my country, is the fact that corruption hovered all over PT government since when President Luis Inácio Lula da Silva, took on power. Lying behind his populist mean of governing there's always a looming darkness of corruption. The most famous among so many cases is dubbed "Mensalão" - a scheme of buying votes of legislators, that swept the country into a political crisis.

During the "Mensalão", PT party was seen as fully entangled into this mess and in the throes of this scheme, almost all allies, supporters and main advisers of Lula were involved in vote buying, bribery, embezzlement and so forth (only to give you a clue of the extent of such scandal, José Dirceu - ex-President of PT and ex-Chief of Staff, at that moment - and the closest friend of Lula, had his political rights revoked for 08 years. Lula, as usual, always denied any wrongdoing and still affirms he knew nothing about it.

Nowadays, all the "gang" who took part in this scandal, is still allied of the President Lula and, Dilma Rousseff took over the office from José Dirceu! So, what could I think about that? It is impossible to have faith in something that went so wrong!

Now, to the world, President Lula is a hero as well as for some parts of Brasil. However, any one who keeps updated about what really happens here knows that I'm absolutely right. I cannot stand having such a woman from "rebel" roots and dirty party (PT), ruling my country for more 04 years.

That's the reason I have been saying that I do not support Dilma Rousseff.

I hope you understand my view but you are always free to say what you think about it.

3 Oct 2010

Who will be the next Brazilian President?

Before crawling into my bed, I will leave here the "almost" final result of the election that happened today, after 99,47% of votes counted so far:

Dilma Rousseff (PT) - 46,82%
José Serra (PSDB) - 32,65%

The run-off will occur on 31 October 2010. Let's see what will happen!

Countdown - Brazilian Election 2010

With 94,58% of votes counted so far, Dilma Rousseff has 46,28% of votes against his contestant José Serra with 32,88%. It means that there will be a run-off - AS I HAD PREDICTED HERE! (see next post below).

All voting intention polls were wrong!

03 October 2010 - The future is in our hands

I have just cast my vote today, by early morning. As usual, everything was calm.

People here, in São Paulo, are going to the ballots in this cold and drizzling morning to choose who will rule this country for more four years.

In Brazil, there are over 22.000 candidates running for state and federal offices and more than 130 million voters who will decide how will be the next steps of this giant country.

Brazilian media has been appointing that Dilma Rousseff will win already in the first round. However I believe that there’s a chance of a run-off between José Serra and and Dilma (although I guess she will win the run-off).

Let’s see what will happen.

Being Brazilian, I just want to, - whoever win this election - have people able to manage so many problems and solve them. I hope to do not have to pay my taxes to see my money going down the drain amidst so many scandals of corruption as it’s been happening in the Lula’s government.

Yeah. I’m a dreamer.

2 Oct 2010

What can we expect from Dilma Rousseff?

It is a question that is coming into the minds of millions of Brazilians and foreigners.

For eight years long, we have been ruled by a centre-leftist leader who took as priority to tackle famine in Brazil. To do that, President Lula, created the "Bolsa Família" - a kind of programme where the Federal Government pays a value, monthly, to "poor families", that is supposed to be used by those families to buy vital provisions. The idea of such a programme is very positive and all the world gave kudos to the President Lula, for such an initiative.

However, the main objective of this plan was diverted from its original idea. Little by little, it was changed to a sort of political mean of buying votes. We could realise that, rather than give people job, they prefer to distribute money to them!

That’s the the ‘flag’ that Partido dos Trabalhadores - PT (Labor Party) has been using to win this next election. It is why Dilma Rousseff is far ahead in surveys of voting intentions!

So, what can we expect from this government?
Dilma Rousseff has no experience in anything but as a ministry of Lula’s government! She had never held a position as a Congresswoman, a Mayor, a Governor, a Senator or anything concerning an elective office. Then, who will govern us in case she assumes Presidency? Lula, for sure!

Like in Russia - where Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is the shadow behind President Dimitri Medvedev - if Dilma win the election tomorrow (03 Oct), I believe that Lula will govern for more 04 years - in the shadows. As it is a leftist government (who adores Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez), we can expect a Marxist government coming up (perhaps, Communism as well...).

It’s time to the world wake up.

26 Sep 2010

PT - President Lula's Party and FARC

Elections in Brazil - José Serra's profile

José Serra was born in the traditional neighbourhood of Mooca in São Paulo (SP) on March 19, 1942. He is the son of Italian immigrant Fracesco Serra and Brazilian Serafina Chirico Serra. Raised in a lower middle class family - his father paid for his studies selling fruits at the Municipal Market. In 1960, Serra entered the civil engineering course at USP (Universidade de Sao Paulo), where he would start his political activism in the student movement.

In 1962 he was elected president of the UNE (National Union of Students) and the same year, founded the AP (Popular Action), left-wing organisation tied to the Catholic Church. With the military coup of 1964, had to flee the country, following first to Bolivia and then to France.

He left the engineering course, but managed to return to Brazil in 1965. However, he was again persecuted by the regime and decided to go into exile in Chile, where he got master's degree in economics and would met your wife, the ballerina Monica Allende, the mother of his two children, Veronica and Luciano.

In Chile, completed his studies. He was professor of ECLAC (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean) and worked in academic life until the overthrow of President Salvador Allende in 1973. From there, he embarked for the United States, where he earned a doctorate in economics at Cornell University.

He returned to Brazil in 1977, two years before the promulgation of the Amnesty Law, and had a seat as deputy for the MDB (Brazilian Democratic Movement) contested by the regime in the following year. Also taught at Unicamp (Universidade de Campinas).

In the 1980s, he coordinated the government program of Franco Montoro (PMDB) for governor of São Paulo; elected, Montoro put Sierra in charge of the State Secretariat of Planning. He left office in 1986 to compete - and win - a seat in the National Constituent Assembly for the PMDB.

In 1988, he founded the PSDB (Brazilian Social Democratic Party) and in the same year, was one of the defeated candidates in elections for mayor of Sao Paulo. In 1990, he returned to the Chamber of Deputies and in 1994 he was elected senator. The following year he took over the Ministry of Planning. Left office in 1996 to play for the second time the mayor of Sao Paulo. He came in 3rd place.

Serra took over again in a ministry in 1998 to the ex-President Fernando Henrique Cardoso government (1995-2002), this time as Ministry of Health, where he gained enormous popularity due to the implementation of generic drugs and creating a program to combat AIDS - an internationally recognised programme.

Left office in early 2002 to run for presidency. He reached the second round, but lost to Lula (PT) by 61.27% to 38.73%.

In November 2003, Serra was elected national president of the PSDB. He left office in 2005, the year he assumed the mayor of Sao Paulo after defeating the PT candidate Marta Suplicy. A year later, left the post to run for governor of São Paulo.

Elected remained governor until May this year (2010) when he was launched for the second time as a candidate for the presidency.

Who is Dilma Rousseff?

Daughter of Bulgarian businessman and poet Petar Russév (naturalized in Brazil as Pedro Rousseff) and the Brazilian professor Jane Dilma Silva, Dilma Vana Rousseff was born on December 14, 1947 in Belo Horizonte, in the state of Minas Gerais.
Descending from middle-class family, studied in the traditional College Sion, the Catholic orientation.

In 1964, while studying at Central State College (now State School Governor Milton Campos), began her militancy in Polop (Marxist Revolutionary Organisation - Policy Worker). That same year, the military coup occurred, already in 1967. In this meantime she married the journalist Cláudio Linhares Galen.
After Polop, joined “Colina” (Command of National Liberation) movement supporter of armed struggle. In 1969, she began living in hiding and was forced out of the economics classes at UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais), which had begun two years earlier.

Shortly thereafter, she split up from Galen and started living in Porto Alegre (RS) with the militant left-wing lawyer Carlos Araujo, who later would become a state representative. With him, Dilma had his only daughter, Paula Araújo Rousseff.
In July 1969, “Colina” and VPR (Popular Revolutionary Vanguard) joined together, creating the Armed Revolutionary Vanguard Palmares (Palmares-VAR). Despite having received guerrilla training, Dilma denies having participated in armed actions, while in hiding, she used several aliases, as “Estela”, “Luiza”, “Maria Lucia”, “Marina”, “Patricia” and “Wanda”.

In January 1970, was arrested in Sao Paulo and was held in Oban (Operation Bandeirantes), where she was tortured. In total, was sentenced to six years and one month in jail and had political rights revoked for ten years. However, she managed to reduce the sentence by the STM (Superior Military Court) and was released from prison in late 1972.

After living in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Dilma settled in Porto Alegre, where she began working in 1975, for the FEE (Foundation for Economics and Statistics), an agency of state government. Two years later, she graduated in economics from the UFRGS (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul), after being dismissed from the FEE to have your name included on a list of "subversives."

In the 1980s and 1990s, she served as governor of Rio Grande do Sul, the secretaries of Treasury and Energy, Mines and Communications, and the governments of Alceu Collares (PDT) and Dutra (PT). In 1989, she campaigned for the deceased Leonel Brizola (PDT), a presidential candidate; in the second round, supported Lula (PT). PDT was angered in 2001 when she joined the PT.

In 2003, she assumed the post of Minister of Mines and Energy of the Lula government. Dilma advocated a model that does not concentrate the entire industry in state hands, while the government sought to approach the market. The dialogue with the capital and the command of “Light for All” program were decisive for Dilma to become, in 2005, chief minister of the Civil House in place of Jose Dirceu - a friend of Lula and execrated by scandals of corruption.

Ahead of both ministries, has become known for having had a profile as centralising and technical as well as for its strong way of demanding services from ministers and advisers. For some of them, she is deemed as arrogant and authoritarian.
During his tenure, also gained popularity by being nominated by President Lula as manager of the PAC (Growth Acceleration Program).

In early 2009, was stricken with cancer of the lymphatic system and subjected to treatment. She was considered cured by the medical team in September of last year.

25 Sep 2010

Dilma Roussef is coming...

I’m trying to prepare myself psychologically to have Dilma Rousseff (PT - Partido dos Trabalhadores) from Labours Party as the next Brazilian President, but it isn’t easy. My mind just cannot afford such an absurd! How could it be different? How can I accept a woman who is accused of killing two police officers in the earlier 70’s besides taking part in robberies and other kinds of crimes as being President? I am assured that she will destroy my country politically and economically.

A woman who has as friends, Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, scares me, and she supports the FARC (the revolutionary army of Colombia)!
In the presidential debate with José Serra (PSDB contestant) and other candidates she said that Colombia should negotiate with the FARC rather than struggling them! (I liked when José Serra argued that it is the same to say to Barack Obama to negotiate with Osama Bin Laden rather than fighting him).

President Lula, for sure, has been laughing aloud! He is behind all this! With his populist way of being, he has got support of the entire North and Northeast of Brazil - the poorest and most underdeveloped region in this country.
Instead of creating jobs for those people, he formulated a shrewd plan to give money for them. So, automatically he “bought” votes for him and all his minions - and it is the main reason for Dilma to have such a boom of voting intentions.
If people receive money for doing nothing, why should they work?

The state of São Paulo, lying in the southeast of Brazil, is the richest state. The capital, also called São Paulo, is the largest city in South America and the state as whole is dubbed as “locomotive of Brazil”, since it is responsible, alone, for more than 34% of Brazilian GDP.

This state has been led by PSDB (Partido da Social Democracia do Brasil) or Social Democratic Party of Brazil for 16 years long and will lead it for more 04 years (I’m predicting that the PSDB candidate Geraldo Alckmin will win this polls with a comfortable victory).
Do you understand what I mean?

São Paulo grows because it is not in PT hands and people from North and Northeast do not realise it! São Paulo “works” nonstop 365 days a year to be what is today, while the people there rest in the splendour of their laziness just awaiting for the money they get from the “father Lula” - as some call him. The result of all this is: São Paulo gets overpopulated because people from all those areas come here to look for a job or better condition for a living!

OK, it isn’t wrong!

São Paulo is always open for every one! We receive everybody from all corners of the world! However, what people from poorest parts of Brazil do not see, is that they also could have a rich state if they looked for work - and not only easy money! But, to change it, they should have a better education and so, to learn how to choose a candidate (and it is exactly what some politicians do no expect they have).

Of course, Im not generalising! It doesn’t mean the entire region (North and Northeast) are just after easy money! It refers only to the majority in the country who do not have education. The government take advantage of this to keep in control of the country!
Those people are only hostages of their own ignorance - but I will pay a high price for that!

18 Sep 2010

Benicio Del Toro and Dilma Rousseff - get out here!

The Puerto Rican actor Benicio Del Toro met with the PT candidate for president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, early on this Saturday in Campinas, São Paulo.

Del Toro came to Brazil to collect information for his new film, which tells the story of the MST - "Movimento dos Trabalhadores Sem Terra" (Movement of Landless Workers). This "Movement" is well known in Brazil for its acts of invading private properties and fighting police with axes and sickles. The actual government - of president Lula - supports this kind of struggling and consider it as "necessary" to combat riches that have land but do not use them.

The breakfast took place at the Victoria Hotel and was attended also the PT President Jose Eduardo Dutra. This man, was also accused of buying votes in 2005 during the "mensalão" scandal. This scandal - of the PT party - is one of the most known in Brazil during Lula's government!

So, Dilma and Benicio: GET OUT OF BRAZIL! We do not need any ex-guerrila fighter or an actor who plays it in our country!

28 Aug 2010


This woman (Dilma Rousseff), probably will be the next Brazilian President.

Dilma Rousseff, Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Fidel Castro, the FARC, etc. Yeah, it might be the beginning of the end! Perhaps the world will be wiped out in 2012, actually!

What a hell has been happening to Latin America? A Marxist revolution? Is it because Bush administration did not care about what was going on within its "backyard"?

HELP ME, PLEASE! I do not want this woman representing my country!
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17 Aug 2010

IDF - Stupidity inside the Army

Dear Readers,

Everybody knows that I support Israel and think that it has to do harsh things sometimes to keep on existing. It’s also well known that I’m sceptical of Israelis and Palestinian living together in peace. Nonetheless, what amazes me, is how quick Israel goes on air by bringing to itself news that could be avoided! Rather than get attention for its continuous fighting against terrorists, Israel has been getting attention for allowing that stupid things take place inside its Army.

You remember when Israeli Army attacked a flotilla that was supposed to be carrying aid for Palestine. Well, at that time, it was said that the Army was attacked first by a vessel an so the troops had to fire back.

Ok. Let’s consider that they were covered of reason. In such a case, even though they were exchanging fire with ‘enemies’, they should be aware that not all had the same intent, that’s to say, to kill Israelis. But, rather than kill only who was attacking them, Israelis soldiers shot indiscriminately at any one who was in front of them (a big mistake)!

Now, by reading the news, I could see that in a different case, an ex-soldier of IDF called Eden Abergil, 22 years old, posted pictures of herself on Facebook posing with blindfolded Palestinian prisoners - and see nothing wrong in doing it!

Man, is that girl crazy? I don’t believe she is so stupid to think that what she did is ‘normal’! Hasn’t she learnt anything about posing with prisoners even after the world seeing the American soldiers doing something alike in Abu Ghraib prison, in Iraq?

This girl put IDF on a bad situation before the world!

In my point of view, she wanted to bring attention to herself and has got it - but by the wrong way.

Now, all world media is - again - looking at Israel carefully to see if Palestinians for them are nothing but objects. Israeli army must rethink its way of treating its foes and have to show, at least, a minimum of respect for them. If they don’t, for sure, even its allies will think twice prior to help Israel if it need.

Israeli commander must work on the Army mentality. He should tell its personnel that inmates and detainees are not trophies. He ought to say to them that they are soldiers and NOT competitors avid for a head to be shown.

As for that dumb soldier, she should pay for its stupidity.

13 Aug 2010

Sex Tourism in Brazil

A research conducted in the major capitals of the Northeast of Brazil drew the profile of tourists visiting the country with the primary aim of making sex: European, middle class, aged between 20 and 40 years.

Among the nations, the Italians lead the queue, followed by Portuguese, Dutch, American and to a lesser extent, British, German and Latin Americans.

The study, sponsored by UNWTO (World Tourism Organization), was conducted by researchers from several universities in Brazil and had the support of NGOs to combat sex tourism.

It's a shame that this sort of people come to my country to satisfy their will for something that they do not find in their own countries.

8 Aug 2010

I'm afraid of...

...having an ex-guerrila as the next Brazilian President!


Dilma Roussef was a combatant in the 70's and now is President Lula's candidate for the next election.

Is there anyone interested in selling a passport?

Friends! (he doesn't represent Brazilian mentality)

I just have a question:

How can President Lula consider Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a friend? This man is anything but an human! He is about to let a woman be killed by stoning!

Well, perhaps it makes sense... Lula has been killing our society and so we may be prone to accept his friendship with that mad guy. Err..., no, we are not prepared to accept him; the matter is that we do not have any mean to avoid it. We have no choice.

Great President we have! He is friend of Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez (Venezuela), Correa (Equador), Fidel Castro (Cuba) and all kinds of those specimen we still find on earth.

Why does TIME Magazine consider President Lula an icon? It’s crazy!

I just can't wait to say “good riddance” to him!

26 Jun 2010

Respect; that's it!

Hello folks,

Till some time ago, I was a well active member of BBC Global Minds (a great place to discuss all kinds of matters and news of BBC on the internet) and little by little I was getting displeased with this Forum.

A reason?

Well, despite being a space for discussion I could realise that people do not respect other cultures and thoughts. Some of the members (not all of them, of course) just try to ‘impose‘ their views and comments as the solely truth in the world. They forget that it was nothing but a room for exchanging of experiences and respectable discussions. But, unfortunately, that’s it: people do not respect each other everywhere in the world.

Such an experience, has let me thinking: It’s exactly because the lack of respect that the world lives in such a chaos!

We do not respect laws, rules and policies, we do not respect cultures, and so, there’s racism and wars; we do not respect our bodies, so that we inhale smoke and ingest alcohol; we do not respect animals, then we kill than for a pleasure; we do not respect nature itself by destroying it gradually, etc. There are so many ‘disrespect’ that is impossible to describe all of them here. But, think about it; think in what you may do to help the world be, at least, more ‘liveable’.

You, that now are spending your precious time by reading this post, can do a better world. Let’s try to respect our neighbours; let’s try to respect nature and all cultures. Yes, I said ‘try’. I know it’s hard to human beings to do not be selfish and think only in ourselves, so that, if we at least TRY to do that, we can deem as very positive idea.

Going back to BBC Global Minds, for sure I will still take part in this Forum, but for the time being, I’will be only an observer.

Thanks for reading.

23 May 2010

Looking for... what?

Mr. President Lula, has declared that his talks with President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, were a success and the UN should respect the deal that was agreed between him, plus Mr. Erdogan, President of Turkey and Mr. Ahmadinejad itself. All this, as him himself says, should be celebrated by the UN!

Well, Mr. Lula, how could the UN celebrates this deal if Iran says that will continue to pursue its wishes for enriching uranium? How to trust in you if you are an ally of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro?

It leaves me thinking... What a hell are you looking for? Trouble?

I know you have put into your mind you are important to the world! But do not believe it! It’s a joke!

Are trying to have an important position in the UN after ending your term around here? Yes, it is! However, I hope the heads of the UN do not give a damn at you! If so, let’s close down this institution.

14 May 2010

It isn't a joke.. but it's hard to believe!

A woman had her purse stolen by two men last Thursday, inside the 1st Police District of Salto, 105 km from São Paulo. The victim declined to be identified for fear for their safety.

After withdrawing about U.S. $ 6 500, the merchant, whose phone had been cloned, decided to pass the police station, located in the Garden of Nations, to register with the police the cloning of the device. Without knowing that she had been followed, she was approached by two men while waiting to be heard by the officers in the Police Station.


She said everything was witnessed by two officers who were on the other side of the balcony, where her during a battle with the bandits, still threw the bag in an attempt to prevent theft. One of the robbers had no doubt: jumped the counter, grabbed the purse and, in turn, was retained by the woman, who again went into battle with the thief.

The moment she heard of a criminal order to another bandit to shoot her, the woman gave up and left the pair flee with the purse, which was later found abandoned in the street without money.

With one arm injuries, the woman, upset at the total omission of two policemen, said he also heard them that nothing was done because they thought it was a “couple fighting”.


The Public Security Secretariat (SSP) reported that the director of the Department of Judiciary Police of São Paulo Interior (DEINTER 7), Weldon Carlos da Costa, conduct investigations to arrest suspects in the robbery.

Do you believe this?

I know it may sounds absolutely surreal, but, unfortunately it is REAL!

Thanks for reading.

21 Apr 2010

Crime Legal (Legal Crime)

Você, brasileiro, não pode deixar de ler este artigo escrito pelo colunista Lúcio Flávio Pinto, do Yahoo!. Artigo muito bem escrito, traz à nossa consciência, o valor de nosso patrimônio chamado Amazonas.

Leiam, reflitam e repassem para seus amigos! Vale a pena.

At this time, I've written specifically for Brazilians about our Amazon. Sorry.

18 Apr 2010

Crazy Traffic!

I thought São Paulo had a crazy traffic but after seeing this video, SP is not so bad!


I suppose it's in India.

17 Apr 2010

Catholic Father in a Orgy

Attention: Viewer discretion is advised!!

By following this link, you can see a video of the Catholic priest Duarte, from Paraíba State, Brazil, taking part in an sex orgy.

It's only one more sex scandal among so many others inside the Catholic Church!

What a hell has been happening to Catholicism?

A Decadent Rio de Janeiro

Well known by its nickname - "Marvellous City" - Rio De Janeiro has been seeming a "Perilous City".

Worse is to learn that Olympics Games will take place there!

Yes, I'm Brazilian but the truth must be known by the world.

Have a look at this video:

27 Mar 2010

Brazil in Silence

The world’s most Catholic country is in silence.

A country where news media are always pointing out to Evangelicals for financial scandals, now closes an eye to Vatican. News here about sexual abuses of children committed for fathers, bishops and all kinds of priests of Catholic Church, now stay quite.

Rede Globo, the main Brazilian TV, which has been attacking protestants for a while, now turn a blind eye to all those horrible sex scandals. It lets me thinking what’s behind it if the whole word it wondering about the role of Catholic Church nowadays...

I really would like to see an impartial media in Brazil like BBC in the UK and MSNBC in the US. However - and unfortunately - not only religious groups are behind news media but also politicians.

Brazil keeps in silence for those sex scandals but at least the rest of the world speak!

So, I can follow the truth and listen to unbiased news through BBC, CNN, MSNBC, France 24hs and few others.

6 Mar 2010

Vatican hit by gay sex scandal - again!

I'm just imagining if it had occurred with other religions than Catholicism... (perhaps all media in the world would condemn them, right ?)

I'm just transcribing this text from guardian.co.uk (it's worth reading):

Vatican hit by gay sex scandal

Vatican chorister sacked for allegedly procuring male prostitutes for papal gentleman-in-waiting

The Vatican was today rocked by a sex scandal reaching into Pope Benedict's household after a chorister was sacked for allegedly procuring male prostitutes for a papal gentleman-in-waiting.

Angelo Balducci, a Gentleman of His Holiness, was caught by police on a wiretap allegedly negotiating with Thomas Chinedu Ehiem, a 29-year-old Vatican chorister, over the specific physical details of men he wanted brought to him. Transcripts in the possession of the Guardian suggest that numerous men may have been procured for Balducci, at least one of whom was studying for the priesthood.
The explosive claims about Balducci's private life have caused grave embarrassment to the Vatican, which has yet to publicly comment on the affair.
While Catholicism does not condemn homosexuality outright, its teaching is that homosexual acts "are intrinsically disordered". The Catechism of the Catholic church states unequivocally: "Under no circumstances can they be approved."

Balducci was arrested on 10 February, suspected of involvement in widespread corruption. A senior Italian government official, he is alleged to have to steered public works contracts towards favoured bidders. He has not been charged.
It was during this investigation into corruption that wiretaps revealed his alleged sexual activity. In one conversation, Ehiem tells Balducci: "I saw your call when I was in the Vatican, because I was doing rehearsals … in the choir … in St Peter's." He then suggests Balducci meet a man who he describes is "two metres tall … 97 kilos … aged 33, completely active."

Balducci is also a senior adviser to the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples, the department that oversees the Roman Catholic church's worldwide missionary activities.
Since 1995, he has been a member of one of the world's most exclusive fraternities – the Gentlemen of His Holiness, or Papal Gentlemen, the ceremonial ushers of the papal household. In the words of a 1968 ordinance, they are expected to "distinguish themselves for the good of souls and the glory of the name of the Lord".

According to a report by the Carabinieri for prosecutors in Florence investigating the corruption scandal, there was a hidden side to Balducci's life. "In order to organise casual encounters of a sexual nature, he availed himself of the intercession of two individuals who, it is maintained, may form part of an organised network, especially active in [Rome], of exploiters or at least facilitators of male prostitution."
It named one as Ehiem, a professional chorister born in Nigeria. According to Italian press reports, Ehiem, a member of the choir that sings in St Peters when the pope is not officiating, lost his job on Wednesday after details of the Florence investigation became known to the Vatican.

In an interview to be published tomorrow by the news magazine Panorama, Ehiem said he had been introduced to Balducci more than 10 years ago. He claims: "He asked me if I could procure other men for him. He told me he was married and that I had to do it in great secrecy."
There were conflicting accounts of how the Vatican might respond. According to one source, there was no provision for the dismissal of a Gentleman of His Holiness. Another said: "We shall wait for the judiciary's definitive verdict."

The transcripts imply that over a period of around five months in 2008, Ehiem procured for Balducci at least 10 contacts with, among others, "two black Cuban lads", a former male model from Naples, and a rugby player from Rome.
Balducci's lawyer, Franco Coppi, said tonight: "I have no comment. First, because we have more serious questions to tackle. Second, if these claims are correct, they regard his private life. It is disgraceful that these transcripts, which have nothing to do with the case, should have been spread about."

In January this year, the Carabinieri recorded an exchange in which Balducci and Ehiem discuss a seminarian, or student for the priesthood. Balducci is said to have asked: "Listen, have you spoken with the seminarian by any chance?" Ehiem says he is "probably at mass or something". On 11 January, Ehiem calls again to recommend "a colleague, a friend" of the seminarian because the latter is unavailable. He says the colleague is "better, taller, a bit taller than you". Later, Ehiem asks: "Can I send [him] around straight away?"

He asks where Balducci is. The adviser says: "Up at the seminary … where the cardinal lives." Ehiem replies: "He could get there within half an hour … the time it takes to catch a taxi and get there."

So, I wonder, what's the good of Catholic Church?

And the Pope says he represents Jesus Christ on Earth! (what a nonsense!)