30 Jan 2010

The Nobel Prize Winner Will Sell Weapons to Taiwan !

The man who won the Nobel Peace Prize, has been proposing $6.4bn weapons sale to Taiwan!

Yes! Ironic, isn’t?

Mr. President Barack Obama, little by little, has been showing who he really is and what the world may get from him.

At the beginning, when he took charge as President, all the world thought he was the man who would bring peace back, after the former President George W. Bush turning the globe less safe and in a mess with a paranoia called “war on terror” and two endless wars. But, as we have been realising, he is nothing but all mouth.

I’m still trying to understand why he won the Nobel Peace Prize; he did nothing to deserve it! Has he won this Prize only because he is a freemason? Perhaps it is. The Fraternity always protect themselves and honour their distinguished members (It is the only “plausible” answer I found to assimilate it).

Yeah..., he promised to shut down Guantanamo till end of 2009 (promise broken), he set the date for withdrawal of most of troops from Iraq by August 2010 (let’s see what will happen), etc. However, the most important, in my point of view, is leaving the world in peace - and do not poke his nose in a way that may harm some countries’ sovereignty like China.

Well, talking about China, I hope he is intelligent enough to know that this country is not Iraq! China is a potency and have a well equipped armed forces!
If the US start a conflict with China by selling weapons to Taiwan, is better we be prepared to the end of the world.

Great Nobel Prize Winner!
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