27 Mar 2010

Brazil in Silence

The world’s most Catholic country is in silence.

A country where news media are always pointing out to Evangelicals for financial scandals, now closes an eye to Vatican. News here about sexual abuses of children committed for fathers, bishops and all kinds of priests of Catholic Church, now stay quite.

Rede Globo, the main Brazilian TV, which has been attacking protestants for a while, now turn a blind eye to all those horrible sex scandals. It lets me thinking what’s behind it if the whole word it wondering about the role of Catholic Church nowadays...

I really would like to see an impartial media in Brazil like BBC in the UK and MSNBC in the US. However - and unfortunately - not only religious groups are behind news media but also politicians.

Brazil keeps in silence for those sex scandals but at least the rest of the world speak!

So, I can follow the truth and listen to unbiased news through BBC, CNN, MSNBC, France 24hs and few others.
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