21 Apr 2010

Crime Legal (Legal Crime)

Você, brasileiro, não pode deixar de ler este artigo escrito pelo colunista Lúcio Flávio Pinto, do Yahoo!. Artigo muito bem escrito, traz à nossa consciência, o valor de nosso patrimônio chamado Amazonas.

Leiam, reflitam e repassem para seus amigos! Vale a pena.

At this time, I've written specifically for Brazilians about our Amazon. Sorry.

18 Apr 2010

Crazy Traffic!

I thought São Paulo had a crazy traffic but after seeing this video, SP is not so bad!


I suppose it's in India.

17 Apr 2010

Catholic Father in a Orgy

Attention: Viewer discretion is advised!!

By following this link, you can see a video of the Catholic priest Duarte, from Paraíba State, Brazil, taking part in an sex orgy.

It's only one more sex scandal among so many others inside the Catholic Church!

What a hell has been happening to Catholicism?

A Decadent Rio de Janeiro

Well known by its nickname - "Marvellous City" - Rio De Janeiro has been seeming a "Perilous City".

Worse is to learn that Olympics Games will take place there!

Yes, I'm Brazilian but the truth must be known by the world.

Have a look at this video: