14 May 2010

It isn't a joke.. but it's hard to believe!

A woman had her purse stolen by two men last Thursday, inside the 1st Police District of Salto, 105 km from São Paulo. The victim declined to be identified for fear for their safety.

After withdrawing about U.S. $ 6 500, the merchant, whose phone had been cloned, decided to pass the police station, located in the Garden of Nations, to register with the police the cloning of the device. Without knowing that she had been followed, she was approached by two men while waiting to be heard by the officers in the Police Station.


She said everything was witnessed by two officers who were on the other side of the balcony, where her during a battle with the bandits, still threw the bag in an attempt to prevent theft. One of the robbers had no doubt: jumped the counter, grabbed the purse and, in turn, was retained by the woman, who again went into battle with the thief.

The moment she heard of a criminal order to another bandit to shoot her, the woman gave up and left the pair flee with the purse, which was later found abandoned in the street without money.

With one arm injuries, the woman, upset at the total omission of two policemen, said he also heard them that nothing was done because they thought it was a “couple fighting”.


The Public Security Secretariat (SSP) reported that the director of the Department of Judiciary Police of São Paulo Interior (DEINTER 7), Weldon Carlos da Costa, conduct investigations to arrest suspects in the robbery.

Do you believe this?

I know it may sounds absolutely surreal, but, unfortunately it is REAL!

Thanks for reading.

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