26 Jun 2010

Respect; that's it!

Hello folks,

Till some time ago, I was a well active member of BBC Global Minds (a great place to discuss all kinds of matters and news of BBC on the internet) and little by little I was getting displeased with this Forum.

A reason?

Well, despite being a space for discussion I could realise that people do not respect other cultures and thoughts. Some of the members (not all of them, of course) just try to ‘impose‘ their views and comments as the solely truth in the world. They forget that it was nothing but a room for exchanging of experiences and respectable discussions. But, unfortunately, that’s it: people do not respect each other everywhere in the world.

Such an experience, has let me thinking: It’s exactly because the lack of respect that the world lives in such a chaos!

We do not respect laws, rules and policies, we do not respect cultures, and so, there’s racism and wars; we do not respect our bodies, so that we inhale smoke and ingest alcohol; we do not respect animals, then we kill than for a pleasure; we do not respect nature itself by destroying it gradually, etc. There are so many ‘disrespect’ that is impossible to describe all of them here. But, think about it; think in what you may do to help the world be, at least, more ‘liveable’.

You, that now are spending your precious time by reading this post, can do a better world. Let’s try to respect our neighbours; let’s try to respect nature and all cultures. Yes, I said ‘try’. I know it’s hard to human beings to do not be selfish and think only in ourselves, so that, if we at least TRY to do that, we can deem as very positive idea.

Going back to BBC Global Minds, for sure I will still take part in this Forum, but for the time being, I’will be only an observer.

Thanks for reading.