17 Aug 2010

IDF - Stupidity inside the Army

Dear Readers,

Everybody knows that I support Israel and think that it has to do harsh things sometimes to keep on existing. It’s also well known that I’m sceptical of Israelis and Palestinian living together in peace. Nonetheless, what amazes me, is how quick Israel goes on air by bringing to itself news that could be avoided! Rather than get attention for its continuous fighting against terrorists, Israel has been getting attention for allowing that stupid things take place inside its Army.

You remember when Israeli Army attacked a flotilla that was supposed to be carrying aid for Palestine. Well, at that time, it was said that the Army was attacked first by a vessel an so the troops had to fire back.

Ok. Let’s consider that they were covered of reason. In such a case, even though they were exchanging fire with ‘enemies’, they should be aware that not all had the same intent, that’s to say, to kill Israelis. But, rather than kill only who was attacking them, Israelis soldiers shot indiscriminately at any one who was in front of them (a big mistake)!

Now, by reading the news, I could see that in a different case, an ex-soldier of IDF called Eden Abergil, 22 years old, posted pictures of herself on Facebook posing with blindfolded Palestinian prisoners - and see nothing wrong in doing it!

Man, is that girl crazy? I don’t believe she is so stupid to think that what she did is ‘normal’! Hasn’t she learnt anything about posing with prisoners even after the world seeing the American soldiers doing something alike in Abu Ghraib prison, in Iraq?

This girl put IDF on a bad situation before the world!

In my point of view, she wanted to bring attention to herself and has got it - but by the wrong way.

Now, all world media is - again - looking at Israel carefully to see if Palestinians for them are nothing but objects. Israeli army must rethink its way of treating its foes and have to show, at least, a minimum of respect for them. If they don’t, for sure, even its allies will think twice prior to help Israel if it need.

Israeli commander must work on the Army mentality. He should tell its personnel that inmates and detainees are not trophies. He ought to say to them that they are soldiers and NOT competitors avid for a head to be shown.

As for that dumb soldier, she should pay for its stupidity.
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